The live broadcast has been more accessible in the previous decade due to streaming software improvements. As a result of advancements in streaming technology, amateurs, and seasoned pros, By 2025, the projected value of the corporate audio-visual global market is $25.6 billion. Using simple arithmetic works out to an annual expansion rate of almost 20%.

Live Streaming Software

Live Streaming Software

Now is the perfect moment to start using internet video in your company’s daily operations. Live upload and transmission tools are required for this. Unfortunately, finding streaming software that works well enough with your specific setup and field of interest is not easy. We’ve compiled a list of the best streaming programs to help you achieve your objectives. Here is a summary of the top streaming services and programs of 2023.

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What Is Live Streaming Software?

The term “live streaming software” refers to any application or program which can take live stream input and output a digital medium appropriate for streaming live. Encoding refers to transforming one format into another, which is a necessary component of any streaming video program. There are two main types of streaming software: client-side applications that must be downloaded and installed on the user’s computer and browser-based alternatives that bypass the need for any such installations.

What Might Types of Streaming Software Do You Need?

The following are some of the features you need to consider when choosing the best type of streaming software:

Browser-Based or Desktop Program – Some streaming applications, like OBS Studio or OBS Studio alternatives, are downloadable programs that must be installed on your computer before they can be used. These apps need access to your computer’s hardware and software for their operation. Some streaming applications are browser-based, allowing users to broadcast live without installing custom firmware. To function, browser-based streamed software doesn’t rely on your user’s hardware or software but on the firm’s servers.

Pricing Plan – There is free streaming software available. In reality, the most well-liked answers might be obtained at no cost at all. However, occasionally upgrading to a paid version of a live-streaming application to receive enhancements and additional features can boost the performance of your shows and make them more enticing to spectators.

Compatibility Actions – Most live streaming applications are compatible with video-sharing and social media platforms. Verify compliance if you utilize a different video hosting service, such as Vimeo, Panopto, etc.

Additional Features – There are many tiers of streaming video software, each with capabilities and degrees of sophistication. For example, you can use a multi-streaming solution to send the same video to many channels in one go, or you can use more storage capacity to record and save your live broadcasts. Before settling on a piece of software, it’s a good idea to check out these options.

9 Best Streaming Software Available in 2023

In this part, we’ll introduce 9 best streaming software available in 2023.

Gemoo Recorder

Recording live stream on your computer can be easy as long as you use the right screen recording tool. As a professional screen recording tool, Gemoo Recorder is designed to record your screen with audio or microphone. It performs well with various different apps and finish the recording with simple clicks. After recording, your works will be uploaded to the cloud, where you can preview, store and choose to share with others via 1 click. Free install Gemoo Recorder and take a closer look at its key features.

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Gemoo Recorder Interface

The Interface of Gemoo Recorder

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Web

Price Plans: free to use

OBS Studio

The professional gaming community relies on the free and open-source OBS Studio for broadcasting on Twitch. Those familiar with streaming software should have no trouble using it. Capturing video from a computer screen, a camera, gameplay, or any other source is only the beginning. With OBS, you can record your gameplay without interrupting your game, making it perfect for a walkthrough. Studio Mode allows you to test your scenarios and resources before going public.

Best Streaming Software - OBS Studio

Best Streaming Software – OBS Studio

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price Plans: free to use


With Riverside, you can easily record high-quality video and audio conversations and broadcasts from a distant location, as if you were both in the identical place the whole time. To my knowledge, Riverside is the first (video) blogging program that allows for offline production of uncompressed sound and 4K video recordings. It has a simple layout that is straightforward to navigate. It does what it sets out to do—record synchronized audio and video with no effort from the presenter or the interviewee—and does it well.

Best Streaming Software - Riverside

Best Streaming Software – Riverside

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac

Price Plans: free to $15 per month


Livestorm paves the way for effective, frictionless, and massive video interactions. The comprehensive video interaction platform simplifies the management of video interactions for businesses of all sizes. Livestorm can be used directly in the browser without any prior installation or download. Livestorm can be used for any event or meeting, whether live, prepared, or on-demand. Landing pages and registration are just some of the processes Livestorm facilitates for video interaction. Audience engagement can be tracked and measured using potent end-to-end statistics.

Best Streaming Software - Livestorm

Best Streaming Software – Livestorm

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac

Price Plans: Free to $10 per month


Ministries, schools, event studios, media outlets, and online marketing firms can all benefit from Wirecast since it provides a cloud-based or on-premises live-streaming answer for their televised match broadcasting needs. Playlist making, online conferences, screen recording, and audio input/output mixing are all possible. Using this software, event planners can record audio, video, and still photographs in real-time, edit them into polished productions and customize the audio for various outputs and streams. Workers can use various video content thanks to Wirecast’s built-in stock media library.

Best Streaming Software - Wirecast

Best Streaming Software – Wirecast

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac

Price Plans: free to $599 for a one-time fee


You can go live on various social sites with a personalized broadcast when you use the live streaming application Restream, which is hosted in the cloud. You can add your symbol, customized images, and backdrops, request a maximum of nine people to participate in your broadcast, and sometimes even schedule pre-recorded recordings to be played live later. You can record your live broadcasts, upload them to the internet, and keep them there so they can be accessed and downloaded later.

Best Streaming Software - Restream

Best Streaming Software – Restream

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac

Price Plans: free to $19 per month


vMix is a webcasting application that can be used on the internet or on-premises to capture, produce, and broadcast live performances while including web feeds, chroma-key, photos, and more. The software provides filmmaking and broadcasting capabilities that content makers can use to create webcasts of various events, including sports games, church services, concerts, and even smaller webcasts. Using vMix, individuals can create their television station by combining many video sources with animated headlines, transitions, and sound files. Alongside the vMix desktop program, it offers NDI facilities that allow pros to receive multiple audio and video channels simultaneously.

Best Streaming Software - vMix

Best Streaming Software – vMix

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac

Price Plans: free to $60 for one feature


For those with no streaming experience, Gamecaster is an excellent choice as a streaming application for YouTube and Twitter. You can interact with other players during gameplay, see statistics, and chat. If you want your game live broadcast to differentiate itself from the crowd, you should use Gamecaster. Following subscriptions, plaudits, comments, and more are all updated in real-time and shown on the present status. This live-streaming app for Vimeo allows you to manage your sound, video, and conversation from your mobile device.

Best Streaming Software - Gamecaster

Best Streaming Software – Gamecaster

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows

Price Plans: $3.95/month

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs is a live broadcasting technology hosted in the cloud that allows companies to share customized content across several channels on social media Instantly. It has an interface that lets managers choose from a pre-loaded selection of dashboard styles and stream overlays. Streamlabs provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android, letting businesses broadcast events and interact with attendees from afar. When administrators utilize the Alert Box widget, notifications of new subscribers, users, followers, or contributions will appear as pop-ups inside active streams.

Best Streaming Software - Streamlabs OBS

Best Streaming Software – Streamlabs OBS

Key Features

Supported Live Stream Platforms: Windows, Mac

Price Plans: free to $17 per month

FAQs About Best Streaming Software

In this part, we collect a list of frequently asked questions about the best streaming software.

Do streamers still use OBS?

Its ability to record and capture numerous sights (or screens) simultaneously has made it a favorite among many video broadcasters. If you’re doing a conference or instructional gaming live on Twitch, or a combination of the three, OBS studio allows you to choose numerous windows, apps, or screen regions for recording simultaneously.

Is OBS free forever?

Open Broadcaster Software (abbreviated as OBS) is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) free and open-source software application for capturing and transmitting live video.

What is the cheapest way to stream?

Sling is the most cost-effective provider of local channels available via streaming services. You can get NBC and FOX for $40 per month in some areas. Paramount+ is the finest alternative since it includes CBS-affiliated networks. You must contact each provider individually to see what is available in your region.

Final Thought

As you’ve been made aware that streaming live video has become a popular trend nowadays. The live streaming answer is at your fingertips with social streaming media tools like Facebook Live and Insta Live. However, their capabilities are typically restricted, which can be challenging to use, particularly for new content producers who want to expand their audience. With the help of these solutions that we have provided above, you can rest assured stream is stress-free. Start today.


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