AI-Driven Magic Tailored to Your Every Visual Need

Remove Subtitles

Reimagine your videos without the clutter of subtitles. Quickly select and remove any caption area using Wipit, saving you time and resources for slick content repurposing.

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Reshape Your Brand

Refresh your brand's look to attract a new audience easily with Wipit. Simply erase your old logo and stamp your content with a new one, giving your brand a fresh visual identity.

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Erase Text

Erase text overlays without compromising on beauty. No editing skills required, just a tap for more captivating imagery.

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Eliminate Unwanted Objects

Clear away any unwanted items in your photos or videos, from pesky power lines to unexpected photobombers. Wipit declutters your perfect shots in a snap.

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Remove People

Capture your ideal scene without uninvited guests. With the power of AI, you can seamlessly remove bystanders from photos or videos, retaining full image integrity.

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Enhance Photos

Upload a photo and polish it instantly by erasing blemishes. Wipit transforms your photographs to portray the best version of yourself.

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Wipit is designed to remove watermarks and other elements from content owned or legally authorized by the user. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others when using Wipit. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material is against the law, and Wipit and Gemoo condemn and do not condone such use of its software.

Discover the Magic Power of Wipit

Adjustable Brush
Accurate Erasing
Bulk Removal
Batch Import
Custom Watermarks
Adjustable Brush
Accurate Erasing
Bulk Removal
Batch Import
Custom Watermarks

AI-Powered Removal, Zero Quality Loss

Wipit doesn't just erase. It artistically reconstructs your content, making it look as if disruptions were never there.

Highly Customizable for Optimal Removal

Tailor your edits with adjustable brush sizes and erasing tools to perfect your visuals with precision.

Segment-by-segment Processing for Accuracy

Pinpoint edit your videos down to the millisecond to remove only what’s necessary—nothing more, nothing less.

One-Click Bulk Removal

Select as many unwanted elements as you need, and bid them farewell in one fell swoop.

Time-Saving Batch Import of Videos and Images

Streamline your workflow with batch import. Simply upload multiple videos and images in one go, and edit them individually, saving you precious time and energy.

Add Watermarks as You Wish

Stamp your brand’s mark with custom sizes and placement. Own your content unequivocally.

How to Quickly Remove Objects from Videos and Images with Wipit?


Step 1: Upload Your Video or Image

Choose the video or image you want to process, and import it by clicking or dragging.


Step 2: Select the Object to Remove

Select and adjust the areas you wish to clear according to your needs.


Step 3: Eliminate the Element

Wipit quickly removes marked items. Preview the clean content before exporting.

Users Love Wipit for A Reason

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wipit free to use?

You can try Wipit to remove unwanted objects from videos and images with a limited amount of files. Free users export one video up to 3 minutes in length and 3 images with no size restrictions on each device.

Can Wipit perform batch removals in 1 video or image?

Yes, Wipit allows you to select all the unwanted objects across the video or image, and remove them all at once, saving you a significant amount of time!

What kind of objects can Wipit remove?

Wipit can eliminate any unwanted object, including subtitles, outdated logos, unnecessary items, pesky watermarks, unnecessary text, and blemishes on faces. Just select the object you wish to remove, and Wipit will efficiently take care of the rest.

Is there a limit to the video length that Wipit can process?

No, there is no limit to the length of the video you can process with Wipit. As long as your computer meets the necessary performance requirements, you can work with videos of any duration.

What file formats are supported for removing objects?

Wipit supports a wide range of image and video file formats. You can remove objects from PNG and JPEG images, as well as from MP4 and MOV videos.


Get Rid of Unwanted Elements in Videos and Images with AI-Powered Wipit Now