Steps to Add Text to Photo Online


1. Upload Photos

Upload, drag and drop, or copy and paste a single or batch of photos from your computer.


2. Add Text to Photos

Utilize the text tool to add text to your photos. You have the option to modify the font size, adjust the position or change the text color of your image.


3. Export and Share

Download the photo to a computer, copy it to a clipboard, or share the image with a shareable link.

Why Use Gemoo's Image Text Editor?


Add Text to Multiple Images

You can efficiently process multiple images online at the same time, and preview them in a slide view, which is beneficial for you to organize and manage while editing. That accelerates your workflow and saves time greatly as you will be able to add text to a batch of photos in minutes, particularly when dealing with a considerable quantity of images.


Customize Text on Images

With the image text editor, you can enhance the quality of an image by inserting text onto it the way you like. The text can be words, lines, arrows, rectangles, etc. You have the flexibility to adjust the size, and color of your text with just a few clicks. Then, to effectively convey a message to your audience, you can put elements on Images - consider incorporating arrows, splashes, stars, lines, or icons into your images.


Add Notes to Images

Not for just adding single text, but also you can add notes to the image, which can streamline your learning process, speed up your workflow and enhance the learning material accessibility and organization. Then, you can export or download your images in PNG, JPG, or PDF format with the notes.

FAQs About Gemoo's Image Text Editor

Does Gemoo's image text editor secure?

Yes, the tool is 100% clean and safe. Gemoo uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers for hosting and all your data is private and secure. In addition, after you clear your browser cache and cookie, the image history will be deleted too.

How can I insert text into a picture?

By using Gemoo's add text to image tool you can easily insert text into a single image or a batch of them.

You just follow the simple steps:

• Upload, drag and drop, or copy and paste an image from your computer.

• To insert text into your image, simply click on the “Add Text” option on the top toolbar. Once the text has been added, you can then customize the text to your preferences, like modifying the size, adjusting the position, or changing the text color.

• After finishing the editing, you can export or download the image to a computer, copy it to a clipboard, or share the image link with others.

Can I add notes to images?

Yes. With Gemoo's add text to photo tool, just tap the note button on the top toolbar, then select the part you want to note and click it, you can add notes on the image.

How do I add text to screenshot online?

With our online tool, you can easily add text to any image, even screenshots. The process is quick and simple, taking only a few minutes to complete. First, upload your screenshot to our tool, and then add your desired text. Once finished, you can save the image to your computer, mobile phone, cloud storage or even share it with others via a link.

How do I change text color?

To adjust text colors for your design with Gemoo's image text editor. Here's how:

• Select the text you wish to modify.

• Click on the font selector and below it there will be sizing options and different color blocks.

• Choose the desired color to apply to the text.

What formats the text images can be exported in?

With Gemoo's online photo text editor, you can download your text image in PNG, JPG, or PDF. If you add some notes to the image, they will be downloaded along with the image either.

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