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Welcome to the Gemoo features, this guide will cover all the need-to-know terms to get you using Gemoo efficiently!

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Gemoo Hierarchy Items

The Gemoo Hierarchy is the heart of the platform, and it provides you with an organized way to break work down into easily managed actionable items. The Gemoo Hierarchy is made up of the following:


Space is designed to keep all relevant topics together. It adds an extra level of organization and classification so that you can always find what you’re creating here! Click here to learn more about Space.


Each Space is organized into separate topics. Topic is the general subject of cards and you can add a list of cards in one topic. Click here to learn more about the Topic.


Cards exist within topics, and they are a way to cover a group of messages.


Messages are the fundamental item of Gemoo. They are a minimal unit of the Gemoo Hierarchy. Message can be a video, audio, or image. You can create the messages via Gemoo, or upload them to Gemoo.

Take a look at how items are structured, designed, and organized in Gemoo, including the different levels.

We’ll unpack this for you throughout this guide.

Gemoo Hierarchy

Gemoo Hierarchy



Your recently accessed content will be at the top of the list for easy access. All the viewed, and created Messages, Cards, and, Topics will be displayed in this section.

Gemoo Features - Recent

Gemoo Features – Recent


Starring items in Gemoo allows you to quickly locate important and frequently used messages, topics & Spaces. Everything with a star is accessible with a single click from Starred in the left navigation panel.

Gemoo Features - Starred

Gemoo Features – Starred


A list of your notifications will be displayed under the Notification section. This is where you receive all of the information that’s specifically relevant to you (i.e. something shared with you, comment on you, verification to join, etc.).

Gemoo Features – Notifications

Gemoo Features – Notifications


Archiving is the practice of safely preserving inactive information that you no longer use on a regular basis for long-term retention. Such information is still valuable to you and should be kept for future reference. The primary benefit of archiving data is to better back up and restore performance.

Gemoo Features – Archive

Gemoo Features – Archive


Trash is used for temporary storage files set aside by you for deletion, but not yet permanently erased. You can only restore files that were deleted within the last 30 days.

If you fail to restore a deleted file within the 30-day window, or if you have emptied the trash manually, the files will be permanently deleted from the Trash.

Gemoo Features - Trash

Gemoo Features – Trash


Just open up Quick Search, and type in the name of the message, card, or topic you want to jump to. You will find the desired data easily and quickly.

Gemoo Features - Search

Gemoo Features – Search

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Happy Gemooing!