Create Your First Message

If you haven’t used Gemoo before, here is a quick-start guide to help you create your first message in Gemoo. Please refer to the detailed instructions below.

3 min

What is a Message?

A message is the basic building part of Gemoo. You can create your own message in Gemoo to group different types of data into a single view.

How to Create Your Message?

After logging in to your Gemoo Account, please click the blue button to create your first message. Currently, Gemoo supports creating videos, audio, and images.

Create a Video

There are three ways to create a video:

1. Record a video with Gemoo

2. Upload a video from local

Create a Video

Create a Video

Create an Image

There are three ways to create an image:

1. Take a screenshot through Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension or Gemoo Snap

2. Upload an image from local

Create an Image

Create an Image

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Happy Gemooing!