Customize Your Captions

The subtitles have been generated! Now you can customize them according to your needs, making them more personalized and aligned with your individual style or brand identity.

There are three sections where you can adjust your subtitles. Keep reading below to find out more.

Adjust the Template Setting

After generating subtitles, you can also click to navigate to the Template interface to make customized adjustments to the subtitle settings. Here are the options available for you to modify:


Captions Size & Position: You can adjust the position of subtitles within the video and the size of the subtitles.

CapUp - Captions Size & Position

CapUp – Captions Size & Position

Captions Color: You can customize the font color and the color for highlighted words.

CapUp - Captions Color

CapUp – Captions Color

Emoji: You can enable or disable emojis, toggle animated emojis, and adjust the size of emojis.

CapUp - Emoji

CapUp – Emojis

Fonts: You can choose font styles, adjust font shadows, outlines, capitalization, and more.

CapUp - Fonts

CapUp – Fonts

Caption: You can customize the number of words displayed in a single line of captions, enable or disable caption animations, and more.

CapUp - Captions

CapUp – Captions

Personalize the Captions with Emoji

All your subtitles will be displayed in the “Caption” section, where you can perform editing operations on the subtitles.


Adjusting Single Subtitle Duration: If the automatic subtitles are not synchronized correctly or if you wish to change the display duration of the subtitles, you can easily adjust it by clicking on the duration section.

CapUp - Adjusting Single Subtitle Duration

CapUp – Adjusting Single Subtitle Duration

Emoji Adjustment: Clicking on an emoji will display a dropdown menu where you can choose from a wide range of emoji resources. You can modify or remove the emoji as desired.

CupUp - Emoji Adjustment

CupUp – Emoji Adjustment

Editing Subtitles: Click on the word you want to edit to modify its spelling. You can also adjust the highlight color or delete the word altogether.

CapUp - Editing Subtitles

CapUp – Editing Subtitles

Deleting Subtitles: Clicking the delete button allows you to remove the respective subtitle line.

CapUp - Deleting Subtitles

CapUp – Deleting Subtitles