CapUp Guide

Learn how to auto-generate captions with AI using CapUp to help your videos go viral.

Get Started with CapUp

With CapUp, it becomes effortless to generate captivating captions for short videos using AI. Here, you will learn how to use CapUp.

Upload & Generate Captions

Learn how to automatically generate captions with CapUp by following the detailed steps.

Create a Custom Template

With CapUp, you can not only use influencer templates, but also adjust template parameters and save them as custom templates for future use.

Customize Your Captions

Here, you will learn how to customize your captions by adjusting font colors, adding emojis, effects, and more.

Customize Your Effects

CapUp offers a variety of sound effects and animations for you to choose from, which helps enhance your video.

Export & Share Your Video

Learn about the process of exporting a video and customize your video cover by uploading an image or selecting the most satisfying frame from your video.


CapUp Dashboard is a virtual workspace where you can organize and manage your video projects. It serves as a centralized hub to keep your video editing organized and efficient.