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10 Best Sunsama Alternatives & Competitiors


Last Updated: Dec. 06, 2022 | FEATURED IN: Productivity

Planners and non-planners make up half of the population. Planners appreciate a timesheet and a heads-up on upcoming events management. They prefer scheduling their activities and are more at ease when they know what to expect. Whereas non-planners would rather wing it, scheduling might seem too much of a constraint. They don’t like to plan time and would rather take things as they come each day.

Best Sunsama Alternatives & Competitiors

Best Sunsama Alternatives & Competitiors

So, if you are a planner and desire to be effective every day, you need to organize your chores in advance constantly, but how exactly should you go about doing so? Most individuals utilize an app that simplifies this whole procedure, and it’s no wonder why. Using Sunsama, you can better manage your time and get more done since it is a calendar and task manager in one. However, when it comes to time management, Sunsama isn’t the only productivity app on the market. Here are 10 excellent alternatives to Sunsama that you may begin utilizing immediately.

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How Does Sunsama Work?

Why Do You Need Sunsama Alternatives?

Top 10 Sunsama Alternatives in 2022

How Does Sunsama Work?

Sunsama is a calendar hosted in the cloud and helps you arrange your daily work. It assists you in putting your day’s activities and obligations in the proper order of importance. Meeting minutes may be added, and tasks started but not completed will carry over to the next day. Users can organize and manage all tasks using an integrated Kanban board, and work may be prioritized daily.

Sunsama Interface

Sunsama Interface

Managers can keep tabs on each team member’s progress across all of their assignments, allowing them to know precisely what their employees are working on at any given moment. Sunsama synchronizes with Google Calendar to provide teams with enhanced visibility into upcoming event deadlines and completed tasks. Each project channel may be used to arrange the many activities and responsibilities.

Why Do You Need Sunsama Alternatives?

Sunsama is unable to upload or keep files on computer. Even though Sunsama has improved the capacity of users to attach files to jobs, there is still nowhere for users to post and keep the files they attach. Think about how helpful it would be if a tool could help you manage your daily workload and keep files related to your projects in a single location. In addition, it is not appropriate for activities with a broad reach. Sunsama cannot perform jobs well with a broad reach since they do not have a well-organized structure.

Plus, Sunsama cannot produce papers that involve many people working together. It’s a shame since document collaboration has a lot of useful applications, whether in one’s professional or personal life. The fundamental reason is that most individuals feel more comfortable expressing their views, ideas, and thoughts via a screen than face-to-face interaction. Consequently, a session of online brainstorming might generate ideas of a higher calibre.

Top 10 Sunsama Alternatives in 2022

In this part, we will introduce 10 Sunsama alternatives that can are widely used in 2022.

1. Whereby

Whereby is the most dependable and user-friendly video conferencing service available today. There is no need for users to download an app or install any software, and visitors do not need to create an account. All it takes to join the meeting is to follow the link from your browser.

Sunsama Alternative - Whereby

Sunsama Alternative – Whereby

Whereas, capabilities include screen sharing, customizable branding, privacy controls (including the ability to lock and unlock rooms), and interfaces with external services like Discord, Asana, and YouTube. There is no need for guests to create separate logins or passwords to attend video chats; instead, email, chat, or any other platform may provide a unique link. However, users may build private, password-protected rooms with various privacy controls, such as visitor registration and approval and room access restrictions.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to $6.99 per month

2. Toast

Toast is P.O.S. software that reduces operating expenses, and increases employee efficiency. The program only works with Android tablets, not iPads. The program serves dining, coffee shops, bakeries, QSR, pizza businesses, breweries, and pubs.

Sunsama Alternative - Toast

Sunsama Alternative – Toast

Toast P.O.S.’s menu management functions consist of whole menu. For example, it comprises of modifying menus for all types of audiences. The technology streamlines payments for consumers and company owners by allowing ‘pay at the table’ service. The program records the live sales and offers extensive product mix information.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to $165 per month

3. Renoj

The Renoj app is a fast task management app that allows users to achieve ultimate productivity. Renoj is one of the fastest-growing platforms that help you do almost everything. This multi-themed app allows you to shuffle between different tabs and work on different projects simultaneously. With Renoj, you can track and manage everything and keep up with your work deadlines.

Sunsama Alternative - Renoj

Sunsama Alternative – Renoj

Renoj is an all-in-one app developed for workers, regardless of whether they work directly with it. This results in enhancing productivity and employee engagement while fostering a culture of positivity. Using this software, you will be able to communicate constantly with your staff members, bringing them closer to your company.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to use

4. Xoba

Xoba is a productivity application that assists users in searching for information, organizing that knowledge, and sharing it with other teams. Xoba can connect with some of the most popular programs in the office, making the tools you’re already using even more useful. It provides a centralized location that makes it simple to manage and communicate on projects, including several teams, apps, and documents.

Sunsama Alternative - Xoba

Sunsama Alternative – Xoba

The features of Xoba include a powerful Universal Search that works across all apps and customizable Cards that allow users to organize information and distribute it in the most effective manner possible. It also allows you to locate what you want when you require it precisely.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to $8.33 per month

5. Turnshift

Users of the TurnShift application for Slack can create shift plans and manage team calendars through the use of the application. Users have the opportunity to work together with other members of the team on a variety of responsibilities, such as tasks, chores, and obligations.

Sunsama Alternative - Turnshift

Sunsama Alternative – Turnshift

TurnShift can link to Slack and synchronize its users, enabling administrators to build teams and assign members to schedules more quickly. It notifies subjects across all channels of upcoming shifts, acts as a reminder, and broadcasts alert to keep them informed.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to $4.20 per month

6. P.A.D.A.

The word processor, Pada Software, supports writing in the Kannada script. The Pada Kannada app includes a Kannada text editor devoted to the language. It supports four distinct keyboard layouts and other features such as looking up the definition of a term in Wiktionary, etc.

Sunsama Alternative - P.A.D.A.

Sunsama Alternative – P.A.D.A.

The text may be shared through Bluetooth or other social networking platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. This is a breeze to do just inside the Pada Kannada app itself. You are now able to convert scripts written in one Indic script to another Indic script. It additionally supports conversion from ANSI (English) to the Indic Unicode character set. Plus, sending a text or email may be done entirely inside the app, as well as sending a message through messaging.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to use

7. DoSheets

Dosheets is a great app that allows users to manage and track projects and record all relevant data in one place. DoSheets organizes your team’s discussions, files, web clips, task lists, meeting notes, and documents in a single location, dramatically increasing your group’s productivity. Dosheets are excellent for people who need a safe place online to keep all their work. To ensure your data stays safe, they promise not to sell data to any third party and minimize running ads.

Sunsama Alternative - DoSheets

Sunsama Alternative – DoSheets

Dosheets allow employers and individuals to get stuff done quickly and keep a tab on due dates. It can run productive meeting schedules and also record important meeting notes. Not only can you remember everything by uploading your files, but you can also stay up to date and see what your team is working on with the help of the activity log feature. Dosheets allow individuals to jot down their thoughts and share the document within the organization to get instant feedback.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to use

8. Clariti

Clariti lets you interact with teammates by grouping emails, chats, calendar events, to-dos, and calls into one conversation. Move away from text-based communication and toward context-based tasks. Clariti may be used as “the app” for many purposes, such as group chat, email, social networking, cloud document management, scheduling, etc.

Sunsama Alternative - Clariti

Sunsama Alternative – Clariti

Clariti users may continue with regular email correspondence, file sharing, team chatting and calling, and scheduling tasks and activities. No longer will employees have to spend time logging in and out of several messaging, inbox, and task management programs. Emails, phone conversations, and meetings may all be sorted into their Workspaces and categorized by a wide variety of topics using Clariti.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to $9 per month

9. Heights

The Heights Platform provides its users with everything they need to create and sell their online programs, including courses, challenges, subscriptions, secret communities, coaching, digital downloads, and content bundles. You may easily host a variety of educational materials, including courses, training programs, webinar recordings, etc., on the Heights Platform and limit access to just the individuals you choose.

Sunsama Alternative - Heights

Sunsama Alternative – Heights

The Heights Platform is geared toward facilitating the development and distribution of user-generated products such as courses, challenges, memberships, private communities, coaching, digital downloads, and content bundles. Heights Platform is an all-in-one platform for creators and their audiences, allowing them to build a successful online knowledge company.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to $29 per month

10. Tendii

Tendii is a platform that facilitates the smooth running of meetings in the workplace and increases participation from all attendees. The software enables users to create an agenda and push it to the meeting calendar event in advance. Facilitates timekeeping and record keeping for online gatherings. Tendii’s meeting room allows participants to pinpoint pressing issues for group discussion. Users may also add audio reminders to their agendas to help keep them on track and limit the amount of time spent on each subject.

Sunsama Alternative - Tendii

Sunsama Alternative – Tendii

The program allows the organizers to take notes, create to-do lists, or delegate these tasks to another participant. Email allows the notes to be distributed to anyone who needs them, and the receivers may reply with queries or clarifications.

Top Features:

Price plans: Free to $4 per month

Final Thought

There is no question in anyone’s mind that Sunsama is one of the most powerful apps for increasing productivity. Nevertheless, we are all aware that no productivity software is a “one size fits all” solution, and it is possible that Sunsama will not function well with the method that you like.

This article provides you with a variety of alternatives to Sunsama so that you can make an informed decision. Because of each program’s unique capabilities, one of them may be a better fit for your organization or business than the others. Think about trying out a few different options to discover the one that works best for you.


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