Software tools for editing images or videos often leave a watermark embedded into your work, ensuring their own brand visibility and limiting how you can use your creation in public. While watermarks are commonly encountered in this industry, many content creators hate them and try in every way to eliminate them from the final version.

If you are using CapCut for media creation, you might be in luck since this editor allows you to remove the watermark without too much effort or a need to use external tools. Learning how to take advantage of this possibility is very important, as even the best-composed video can be ruined by an untimely appearance of the CapCut logo. With this in mind, we will show you two different mechanisms that allow you to get rid of the watermark and finalize your video the way you originally intended.

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What is CapCut and What Is It Used For?

CapCut is free editing software that brings advanced functionalities in a format that can be readily used by relatively inexperienced users. The app works great on a mobile device or a PC, which is why it is massively popular among online content creators, especially those who choose TikTok as their primary outlet for presenting creative work. Since CapCut is made by ByteDance, the same Chinese company that owns TikTok, it’s only logical that the latter will be used as a companion app whenever short videos need to be produced quickly and with a minimum budget.

Capcut Interface

Capcut Interface

In addition to a wide range of editing tools and ready-made templates, the app also comes with some smart features such as speech-to-text, photo colorization, and image stabilization. With CapCut you can quickly process raw footage made with your smartphone and combine multiple clips into continuous video. It may not have the same features as professional-grade video editors, but it contains all the basics and is so user-friendly there are practically no skill barriers to adoption. It’s most commonly used to edit short clips for social media, but it can do a decent job even if you are working on a longer format that includes material from multiple sources.

Why Does CapCut Add a Watermark to Your Video?

If you tried editing your recordings with CapCut, you probably noticed that finished videos are marked with a CapCut logo embedded at the end of the clip. Watermarking is a standard procedure aimed at protecting videos from unauthorized copying and also to ensure that the editor software brand is as visible as possible. In particular, CapCut utilizes watermarks in two distinct ways, at the end of the video and inside all video templates you can find in its online library.

Export with CapCut Watermark

Export with CapCut Watermark

The videos created with CapCut are often shared online, so the watermark tells everyone which software was used for the editing phase. The viewers will be reminded about CapCut, and possibly motivated to download and try it. This applies to all videos (unless a watermark is manually removed), so the cumulative impact of this feature on the app’s popularity is significant. Since the purpose of the watermark is primarily promotional rather than intended to prevent public use of videos, they are essentially optional. They can be taken off the video without having to pay extra.

How to Remove Watermark at the End of the Video?

While the fact that CapCut adds watermarks at the end of each edited video may sound like a bothersome issue, at least it’s possible to remove them for free and without the need for specialized watermark removal software. Basically, this software gives you the choice of whether to keep the end scene with the watermark or eliminate it and remove any hint that CapCut was used for editing. Here is how to quickly delete the part of your video that contains the watermark.

Step 1. Find your project in CapCut and open the video that you want to edit

Step 2. Click on the Ending scene that contains the watermark

Click on the Ending scene

Click on the Ending scene

Step 3. Tao on the Delete button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen

Step 4. Save or share the video without a watermark

How to Remove Watermark in CapCut Template?

CapCut offers you a convenient option to use an existing template as the starting point for your video, but if you go this route you should know that templates include watermarks by default. That’s not a huge problem, since there is an easy way to eliminate the watermark if you don’t want it to be present in the final cut. Just like watermarks at the end of videos, those found in templates can be removed without any external tools. Here is what you need to do to get a clean template for your video.

Step 1. Run CapCut on your phone and click on the Templates tab

Click on the Templates Tab

Click on the Templates Tab

Step 2. Pick a template you would like to use

Step 3. Insert your video clips and make basic edits to them

Step 4. When a rough version of the video is ready, click on Export and then choose the Export without watermark option

Step 5. After your video is exported to TikTok, open it there and continue editing

FAQs about Eliminating Watermark in CapCut

Are there any negative consequences of not removing watermarks from my videos?

Aside from the aesthetic impact, watermarks won’t really affect your videos in any way. They are positioned discreetly and generally don’t interfere with the content of your videos. On the other hand, if you leave a watermark the viewers will know which software you used for editing.

Do I have to purchase the premium version of CapCut to remove watermarks?

While there is a Pro version of CapCut that brings numerous additional features in exchange for a monthly subscription, you don’t need it in order to remove watermarks from your videos. This feature is available to all CapCut users without any charge.

Can I replace the CapCut watermark in my videos with my own logo?

Yes, that’s very easy to do and you won’t need any software tool other than CapCut. First, you should use the procedure for watermark removal described above, after which you can import your logo and place it anywhere in the video where you think it fits well.

Final Thoughts

Unlike many other software tools that use watermarks to force users to pay for the service, CapCut has a different philosophy and allows anyone to easily remove the watermark. That pretty much eliminates any need for watermark removal software, since CapCut has internal mechanisms that let you get rid of the watermark with a few simple actions. As we demonstrated above, you can easily accomplish this and legally publish your videos with no watermark at all. Let us know in the comments a bit more about your experiences with CapCut and whether you prefer to remove the company watermark from your videos or leave it visible.


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