Best Speech-to-Text Software

Best Speech-to-Text Software

Over the years, the demand for speech-to-text software has risen exponentially, and that’s because of the convenience it brings. With speech-to-text programs, you can conveniently convert speech to written words with minimum stress.

Speech-to-text software is handy in every sector, especially in large-scale businesses where you must take notes during meetings. When you have this program at your disposal, you need not stress about typographical errors or accuracy.

It’s smart enough to capture your speech, process it, translate it, and convert it into the corresponding language, whether English, German, Chinese, etc. This tool is well-known for improving writing efficiency within an organization.

The internet is filled with countless speech-to-text programs. Selecting an efficient one can be challenging. However, this article is structured to bail you out as our team of experts introduces the best ten speech-to-text tools. Continue reading to see what our list entails.

What is Speech-to-Text Software?

Just like text-to-image technology, speech-to-Text software is an advanced tool established to help simultaneously alleviate the stress of listening and writing. It’s built to capture nearby voice/speech, process the sound, and transcribe it into the corresponding text within the shortest possible time.

It converts your speech into text without errors using the built-in AI feature. Speech-to-text software is highly beneficial. Find below some of the key reasons why people or businesses invest in Speech-to-text software:

Speech-to-text software is designed to record sound from a nearby environment and transcribe it into the corresponding text without errors. It accurately converts your speech into text using the smart AI feature, which processes spoken words for grammatical errors before transcribing them into text.

A speech-to-text tool is programmed to capture and transcribe an average of 200 words per minute, which is way better when compared with manual typing.

List of 10 Best Speech-to-Text Software

Here are the best ten (10) speech-to-text software programs to invest your funds into in 2023.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere-Interface

Dragon Anywhere-Interface


    Dragon Anywhere is a great technology developed specifically for transcription purposes. It’s a smart dictation tool that converts speech to text on popular mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

    This Nuance mobile product transcribes with high quality and zero grammatical or typographical errors. It processes speech into text at a remarkably high speed- the ultimate reason why you should invest in it.

    Another reason why you should use this tool is the editing eligibility. Dragon Anywhere permits end-users to manipulate transcripts without difficulty. Also, it allows you to copy and paste texts conveniently.

    Dragon Anywhere is well-organized, so users of all levels can navigate conveniently. It captures speech 0.2 meters away. It supports over 10 languages, including English, German, etc. Other features of the software include easy text sharing, audio recording, and many more.

    Dragon Anywhere Features

    Dragon Anywhere Pros

    Dragon Anywhere Cons




    Otter is another brilliant software program that aids speech-to-text transcription. It’s a powerful tool with outstanding features required to convert speech to text in real time. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to capture and transcribe audio or speech-to-text.

    This cloud-based transcription system is often used for team collaborations such as meetings, interviews, and more. Otter integrates with meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, and more. It’s also helpful in the educational sector as students use it to take lecture notes.

    With Otter, you can convert speech into several languages as it supports more than 20 languages, such as English, Chinese, Russian, Swiss, and more. Because Otter is cloud-based, it connects with mobile and desktops.

    Otter Features

    Otter Pros

    Otter Cons




      Speechmatics is another excellent speech-to-text solution worth considering in 2023. The tool offers quality speech-to-text services to end users. With the built-in machine learning system, you can quickly transcribe speech/audio in real time.

      Should you have an existing audio or video file you want to transcribe, you can employ the services of this program. Speechmatics uses an automatic speech recognition system to process and transcribe existing sound files.

      When compared with other speech-to-text tools, Speechmatics is a better option. Speechmatic captures and recognizes all English accents, including South African, British, USA, Canadian, Jamaican, etc.

      Besides live speech, Speechmatisc is capable of transcribing audio calls. It captures the host and participant’s voices during a phone conversation and transcribes the speech accordingly for each speaker. Transcripts are available in Word documents which can be shared with friends.

      Speechmatics Features

      Speechmatics Pros

      Speechmatics Cons




      Verbit is a powerful transcription program that converts dictations to writing and understandable text. It has an AI system that captions and transcribes your speech at a remarkably high speed. Because of the capability to transcribe without error, Verbit finds applications in industries such as educational institutes and enterprises.

      You can also use it for team collaboration. The program can recognize and differentiate between accents. It’s nicely built with a noise reduction algorithm, a built-in feature that eliminates or reduces surrounding sounds and lets the program focus only on your speech.

      It comes with a human editing feature that allows you to modify transcripts. Verbit offers an intuitive speech-to-text interface that’s easy to operate. It’s a web-based tool that can be accessed via iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac devices.

      Verbit Features

      Verbit Pros

      Verbit Cons

      Braina Pro

      Braina Pro Interface

      Braina Pro Interface

      Braina Pro is an all-around speech-to-text software program you can count on to assist you with any digital task on your computer system. With this simple program, you can instruct your computer to execute a task and get results in no time.

      Also, the software supports live dictation and transcribes the sound into the corresponding text. Braina Pro comes with an impressive voice recognition solution that transcribes over 50 languages. Besides live dictation, it supports the transcription of speech from third-party tools.

      Like every other automated speech recognition solution, Braina Pro comes with a preinstalled AI system that converts speech to text. This system is sometimes too rigid as it recognizes a only few accents. To make transcription flexible, the software has a learning algorithm that analyzes your voice deeply for quick recognition.

      Braina Pro Features

      Braina Pro Pros

      Braina Pro Cons

      Microsoft Azure Speech to Text

      Microsoft Azure Speech to Text Interface

      Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text Interface

      With the Microsoft Azure Speech-to-text software program, you can easily create texts from any audio source, including live speech. This advanced speech recognition technology is fully featured to ease audio transcription.

      It’s an industry-leading program with several customizable options. From noise reduction algorithms, speech pattern modifiers, and more. Microsoft Azure is perfectly designed such that it analyzes your speech before transcribing it to the corresponding text. The AI feature scans your speech for possible grammatical errors before converting to text.

      On the basis of pricing, the subscription model is cheaper compared to most professional speech to text software. The free version allows you to transcribe 5 hours of audio/speech which isn’t possible with other tools.

      Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text Features

      Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text Pros

      Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text Cons

      Amazon Transcribe

      Amazon Transcribe Interface

      Amazon Transcribe Interface

      Amazon Transcribe is an automated transcription tool loaded with exceptional features. This tool is built for both novices and professionals to convert speech to text online. With the comprehensive UI, you can transcribe over five (5) languages effortlessly.

      It’s well-known worldwide because of the brilliant results it generates. Amazon Transcribe accurately converts 140 wpm, with necessary punctuation marks. It uses deep machine learning to process audio/speech before producing the corresponding transcripts. This program comes with an advanced search tool that allows you to vocabulary filtering. The feature also eases word replacement

      Amazon Transcribe Features

      Amazon Transcribe Pros

      Amazon Transcribe Cons

      Dragon Professional

      Dragon Professional Interface

      Dragon Professional Interface

      For folks looking for a high-performing speech-to-text solution, Dragon Professional is an amazing tool to use. This simple yet powerful dictation tool transcribes every word you pronounce without mistakes. It lets you convert, and edit transcripts without stress.

      With this software, you can accurately transcribe 160 words every minute. Dragon Professional is regarded as a world leading speech-to-text solution because of the promising features it holds. The tool allows you to navigate your computer using speech. It enables you to surf the internet using your voice.

      Besides creating transcripts in Word documents, you can also have them in spreadsheets. To ease navigation, Dragon Professional is built with a smooth interface. It integrates with all computer devices. The subscription model for this tool is cheaper compared to the sister tool, Dragon Anywhere. One advantage of using this speech-to-text service is the free access to all Dragon tools, including Dragon Anywhere, and Dragon Home.

      Dragon Professional Features

      Dragon Professional Pros

      Dragon Professional Cons

      IBM Watson Speech to Text

      Ibm Watson Speech to Text Interface

      IBM Watson Speech-to-Text Interface

      Powered by AI and machine learning solutions, the IBM Watson Speech-to-Text program is an incredible program suitable for converting audio/speech to text. Due to its cloud-based nature, this tool transcribes without operating system limitations. Thus, you can use it with your Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

      It features countless transcription options. From real-time transcription to the batch conversion of speech to text, support for multiple languages and more. It’s one of the simplest tools on this list. You can use it for team collaboration, as it handles multiple speakers simultaneously.

      So you can quickly recognize the speaker of a particular transcript, IBM Watson Speech text comes with a tag for labeling each transcript. It also has timestamps for recording the time certain speech was recorded. This tool has nearly everything you need from a transcription tool. Users can edit transcripts without limitations.

      IBM Watson Speech-to-Text Features

      IBM Watson Speech-to-Text Pros

      IBM Watson Speech-to-Text Cons


      Speechnotes Interface

      Speechnotes Interface

      Here is another fantastic speech-to-text tool built with impressive features for excellent transcription services. With this tool, you can capture your ideas, convert them from spoken word to text with minimal effort.

      This speech recognition system transcribes accurately at a remarkably high speed, so you can get your results within the shortest possible time. Speechnotes is completely easy to navigate. It works well with Android operating systems.

      Speechnotes Features

      Speechnotes Pros

      Speechnotes Cons

      FAQs of Speech-to-Text Software

      For a better understanding of this topic, find below some popular questions asked by readers and the corresponding answers:

      Q1. What’s the best speech-to-text software?

      The best speech-to-text software depends on the features you want. There are lots of them on the internet, and the best has been listed in the article above. Below are some you can try out:

      Q2. Can I convert speech-to-text on my computer system?

      Yes, you can convert speech to text on your computer. This can be done using the built-in speech-to-text recognition tool or a third-party software program. If you are wondering what third-party tool to use, you can choose from the list provided above.

      Q3. What are the factors to consider when selecting the best speech-to-text software?

      Before investing in speech-to-text software, here are some factors worth considering for you to make the right choice:

      Final Words

      With the ten (10) speech-to-text systems listed above, you can transcribe audio/speech-to-text conveniently. Each tool has been tested and confirmed by experts in the industry. However, before investing, we advise that you consider the necessary factors; user interface, pricing model, and supported languages.

      Having provided our list of software programs, we are also open to suggestions. Kindly use the corresponding section below to share your suggestions.


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