When you want to record an unmissable speech, a great interview, or an important meeting, etc., you may need to record audio of them. Then, how can I record sound on my pc? You only need to prepare audio recording software and the audio you want to record. And in order to ensure sound quality and effect, an easy-to-use audio recording tool for computers is essential.

Considering the needs of people to record sound on the computer, there are already many audio recorders for people to choose. And many of them are compatible with Windows 10, one of the most widely used computer systems. To save you precious time, in this article, we have tested and summarized several pretty good audio recording tools and will show you how to record audio on pc, including Windows 10.

Record Audio on PC

Record Audio on PC

Record Audio on PC with Gemoo Recorder

As a powerful free screen recorder, Gemoo Recorder can let you record audio coming from the computer system and record screen with audio (system sound, your voice, video sound, etc). It works well on both Windows and macOS.

Get It Free

Please refer to the detailed instructions to begin recording your audio.

Step 1. Free download Gemoo Recorder and install it on your computer. Create a new account if you are a new user, or you can log into it with your Google account.

Step 2. Then, you can see there are 4 recording modes, select “Audio Only” recording mode.

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Step 3. Click on the Start Recording button to initiate recording.

Initiate Recording Process

Initiate Recording Process

Step 4. You can choose the audio you want to record, like video sound, musics, your voice, etc. You can control your recording process by tapping on the control panel in the left sidebar: View recording consuming time, stop/pause/resume recording, restart recording, and delete the recording.

Record and Finish Recording Audio

Record and Finish Recording Audio

Record Audio on PC with Voice Recorder

As we all know, many people may prefer the free software that comes with their computer over third-party software. So, does Windows 10 have an audio recorder? Yes, of course! Windows has already launched Voice Recorder to meet people’s audio recording needs. So let’s see how to record audio on Windows 10 now!

Step 1. Open the Start menu of your Windows computer and type Voice Recorder directly into the search box. When the search result is displayed, just click to launch this software.

Step 2. There is a microphone icon at the bottom of the left panel. Click this icon and you can start recording audio. Besides, pressing the Control and R keys at the same time can also start audio recording.

Record Audio with Voice Recorder

Record Audio with Voice Recorder

Step 3. Now you can start speaking or playing any audio content you want to record. If you need to end the recording, just click the white square button on the right panel.

Step 4. Once the recording is over, your recorded audio will be automatically saved on your computer. Click the triangle button on the right to listen to the recorded audio.

If you can’t search for Voice Recorder on your Windows 10, you need to go to the Microsoft Store to download and install this software for free.

Record Audio on PC with Stereo Mix

In addition to Voice Recorder, Windows computers also come with a special audio recording option called Stereo Mix. And it is also a pretty good solution to how to record voice on Windows 10. However, in the latest Windows version, this feature is generally disabled, so to use Stereo Mix, you must first enable this feature on your computer. Here are the specific steps on internal audio on windows 10 with Stereo Mix.

Check Stereo Mix Status

Step 1. Click the Settings icon in the lower-left corner of the Start menu on Windows. Then click on System and the Sound option in it. On the right side of the new interface, you will see the Sound Control Panel option. Tap on it.

Step 2. A new window will pop up. Select Recording at the top of this window. Check if the status of the Stereo Mix is Disabled.

Step 3. If yes, right-click on the Stereo Mix and select the Enable option in it. Now the Stereo Mix on your computer is ready to use.

Check Stereo Mix Status

Check Stereo Mix Status

Record Audio with Stereo Mix

Step 1. Open a recording software and select Stereo Mix in the audio input position.

Step 2. Click Record to start audio recording. Then click the Record button again to end the recording.

Step 3. You can tap on the Play button to listen to your recorded audio.

Note: When using Stereo Mix, make sure other recording software is muted or disabled.

Record Audio on PC with Audacity

While the Stereo Mix is very handy for recording the internal sound of a computer, not all computers support this feature. Then you need third-party software to help you complete the audio recording. Audacity is a recommended audio recorder. Compared with the recorders that come with Windows, Audacity’s functions are more comprehensive and detailed. What’s more, it is also a free tool. Here is how to record audio on Windows 10 with Audacity.

Step 1. Launch Audacity, click Audio Host at the top, and select Windows WASAPI inside.

Step 2. Then in the Sound menu on the right side of Audio Host, select Microphone.

Step 3. When everything is ready, click the red round button at the top to start recording audio.

Start or Stop Recording

Start Recording Audio

Step 4. When done, click the black square button to end the audio recording.

Step 5. Then find the File option in the upper left corner of the screen and click it. Select Export to export audio as the format you need.

Export Recorded Audio

Export Recorded Audio

Record Audio on PC with Audio Cable

If all the above methods fail, you can also try connecting your headphones to your computer with an audio cable to record the internal sound of Windows 10. All you need is a cable with 3.5mm audio connectors on both ends. Follow the steps below to record audio on Windows 10!

Record Audio with Audio Cable

Record Audio with Audio Cable

Step 1. Connect one end of the audio cable to the computer and the other end to your headphone.

Step 2. Still, open the Sound Control Panel. You can open this window by referring to Step 1 in Part 2.

Step 3. Select Playback at the top of this panel. If your headphone is successfully connected to the computer, there will be a Speakers option. Right-click on Speakers and select Set as Default Device.

Step 4. Then select Recording at the top. Also, right-click on Microphone and choose Set as Default Communication Device.

Step 5. Right-click Microphone again and select Properties. After the new window pops up, check Listen to this device. Finally, click Apply.

Step 6. Now you can use any audio recorder you have to create the internal sound on Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may also encounter other problems while recording audio on your computer. Below we have listed the most frequently encountered problems and their corresponding solutions.

How to record audio on Windows 10 without a microphone?

If you don’t have a microphone, you can use the Stereo Mix to record sound on Windows 10. For detailed steps, you can go to Part 2 of this article.

How to record audio on Windows 11?

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 also has a built-in audio recorder-Voice Recorder. You can search for this software directly in the Windows search bar. Then launch the software and follow the steps in Part 1.

The Bottom Line

The above are several commonly used and efficient methods to record audio on pc. There is always a method that suits you. We hope that with this article, you will no longer have to worry about how to record audio in Windows 10.


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