In the age of multimedia we live in now, a majority of regular computer users are producing various types of media content on a regular basis. Whether you record audio from YouTube, make how-to-do tutorials, record guitar music, or simply want to send a short voice message to a dear person, you need to know how to record screen with audio. This is not very hard to do, but it’s important that you have the appropriate sound recording software for the type of computer you are using (PC or Mac).

How to Record Sound on Computer

How to Record Sound on Computer

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Can I Screen Record Sound on My Computer?

You can screen record sound on your computer as long as you choose the right tool. In this article, we’ll present the most convenient methods for recording sound on your computer and provide you with detailed instructions for each one. The task is so simple and routine that no technical expertise is required and you can literally start recording within seconds if you know where to click.

Before reading the hands-on guide, you can take a quick look at each methods applicable for different operating systems. You will be able to record audio on your own, store it on your computer or edit it, and use it to create impressive content for professional or private purposes.

Solutions Operating Systems Quick Steps
Gemoo Recorder Windows/Mac/Web Open Gemoo Recorder > Tap Audio Only > Start to record
Windows Sound Recorder Windows Open the All Programs menu > Choose Accessories > Locate Windows Sound Recorder > Click the Recording icon
QuickTime Player Mac Open QuickTime Player > Select New screen recording > Select the audio source > Tap the Start button
Audio Capture extension Web Find and install Audio Capture extension > Open Chrome > Start to record

Record Sound on Computer

There are several proven ways to record audio on your computer, though, the methods may vary from one operating system to another. If you are looking for a general way to record sound both on Windows and Mac computers, you may need a complete screen recording solution. Among the most popular and user-friendly video recorders for PC, Gemoo Recorder is worth your attention. You are allowed to screen record with audio, record internal audio and even add external audio to the screen recording. Free try Gemoo Recorder now and check its sound recording features below.

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Gemoo Recorder’s Key Features

Steps for Recording Sound on Computer

Step 1. Free get Gemoo Recorder and open it on your computer. Click on the Audio Only mode on the screen.

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Step 2. Select the recording mode and tap on the Start Recording button to initiate the audio recording process.

Start to Record

Start to Record

Step 3. Wait for the countdown for 3 seconds and the recording will begin.

Step 4. Once you have finished recording the sound or audio, you can stop recording by clicking on the red button on the left sidebar, after which the recording will be uploaded to Gemoo automatically.

Finish Recording Audio

Finish Recording Audio

Record Sound on Windows

Windows users can choose between many different sound recording applications for OC, some of which enable advanced editing and mixing possibilities. However, if you are interested simply in recording on your computer, the most logical tool to use could be Windows Sound Recorder. This simple and practical recording tool is already a part of Windows, so you won’t have to download any third-party software or visit any websites. It is very easy to use and you can start recording your voice and ambient sound immediately even if you have no experience in this field.

Here are the steps you need to take to start recording audio on your Windows computer:

Step 1. Click on the Start icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2. Open the All programs menu, then choose Accessories, and finally select the Windows Sound Recorder.

Step 3. Click on the blue microphone icon located right in the middle of the screen to commence capturing your voice.

Step 4. You can stop the recording and save the file to your computer at any time by using the command bar on the bottom of the screen.

Record Audio via Voice Recorder on Windows

Record Audio via Voice Recorder on Windows

Record Sound on Mac

Mac computers also offer a variety of good options for sound recording, including tools that are already installed on the machine and excellent third-party apps that can be downloaded from the web. Most users rely on a single software application for all media creation and playback tasks on a Mac, including audio capturing. This application is called QuickTime Player, and it allows anyone to create excellent-sounding audio clips with just a few clicks. QuickTime comes pre-installed on all Apple desktops and laptops of the latest generation, so you don’t need to worry whether you have it on your computer.

If you intend to record audio on your Mac to go along with the screen capture, just do the following.

Step 1. Open QuickTime Player on your Mac computer

Step 2. Click on the File menu, and select New screen recording from the drop-down window

Step 3. Click on the arrow next to the microphone icon to select the audio source

Step 4. When you are finished customizing the settings, click on the Start button to begin recording

Record Sound from Website

In some cases, there could be audio streams embedded on a certain online platform (i.e. YouTube or Instagram) and you can’t readily record it with the tools described above. If you simply tried to record what you are getting from your speakers, that would result in a very poor quality of sound. Recording sound from a website requires a different type of software application, but once you have the right tool in your hands the rest is pretty easy.

One of the best sound recording apps that can help you with this kind of task is definitely Audio Capture, which is an extension that can be easily plugged into the Chrome browser. You can download this extension from Chrome Web Store and quickly install it on your computer, after which you can capture audio from any website you visit from a Chrome tab.

Here is what you need to do in order to gain the ability to record online audio with Audio Capture:

Step 1. Find the Audio Capture extension in the Chrome Web Store and click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install it on your computer

Step 2. After the installation process is finished, restart your Chrome browser

Step 3. Use Chrome to open any website that you want to record an audio stream from

Step 4. Click on the extension in the upper right corner to start recording

Step 5. Save the audio file locally on your computer when you are done and open it for editing later

Record Audio from Website via Audio Capture

Record Audio from Website via Audio Capture

Faqs About Windows Sound Recorder App

As mentioned, you can use Windows Sound Recorder to record sound on computer. Windows Sound Recorder is a built-in app that comes with Windows operating systems. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows users to record audio on their computers. Here, we will answer some frequently asked questions about Windows Sound Recorder app.

Can I use Windows Sound Recorder to record streaming audio?

No, Windows Sound Recorder cannot be used to record streaming audio. However, there are other third-party apps that can be used to record streaming audio.

Can I save my recordings in different locations?

Yes, you can save your recordings in different locations. When you save your recording, you can choose the location where you want to save it.

What audio formats does Windows Sound Recorder support?

Windows Sound Recorder supports the WAV audio format, which is a lossless audio format that provides high-quality sound.

Can I edit my recordings in Windows Sound Recorder?

Yes, you can edit your recordings in Windows Sound Recorder. The app allows you to trim your recordings, which means you can remove any unwanted parts of the audio.

Final Words

Learning how to record sound on a computer is one of the first lessons that every beginner has to conquer. As you could see from this article, this is not a too demanding task and after you try doing it a few times it comes completely naturally. There are excellent sound recording tools available for both Mac and Windows platforms, and they are so user-friendly and intuitive that no special training is necessary. Just follow the instructions provided in the sections above and you will be able to record every second you spend at your computer with just a few clicks.


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