All video content creators have ideal target audiences they’re trying to reach with their content, but controlling who can watch or download the videos you share online can be difficult if you can’t restrict access to them.

The best private video uploading and hosting platforms deliver a host of security features that enable you to generate password-protected video links, watermark the content to prevent piracy, and even take videos off search engines.

In addition, these services allow individuals and businesses to store their content on secure servers, manage their video content, and decide where and how that content will be distributed. We’ve shortlisted some of the best private video hosting services for 2023 you can seamlessly integrate with your current video creation workflow and use to curate your audience.

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What is Private Video Hosting?

Monetizing the videos you produce while building an e-learning platform or an OTT service is difficult if anyone can watch and download the content you share without any restrictions. Hence, to prevent viewers from sharing your content with people who didn’t pay for the service you’re offering, you must upload it to a private video hosting platform.

It’s also worth adding that uploading your content to a private video hosting platform means that you get to retain all ownership rights over each video you add to your video database.

Top Ten Private Video Hosting Platforms

Gemoo Video Hosting Online

An up-and-coming private video hosting service, such as Gemoo Video Hosting Online, could be the ideal platform for uploading, hosting, and sharing your video content, especially if you have a large number of videos that need to be efficiently managed. This versatile web-based tool offers features that streamline video content production, making it easy to upload and host videos online.

Gemoo's Video Hosting Online

Gemoo’s Video Hosting Online

Besides keeping your videos safe, the platform gives you access to tools you can use to capture screen recordings or edit videos before embedding the link on your website or sharing it on social media.

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – Free, Basic plan – $4.99 per month, Pro plan – $5.99 monthly


Don’t miss out on what Vdocipher has to offer if you’re searching for a robust private hosting solution. The platform has a broad spectrum of safety features that ensure your content cannot be screen-grabbed while streaming. Moreover, you can watermark all videos you upload to Vdocipher and disable the download option.

Vdocipher WordPress plugin allows seamless integration of the videos you host on this platform into your website’s content distribution pipeline.

Private Video Hosting Platform - Vdocipher

Private Video Hosting Platform – VdoCipher

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – 30-day free trial; Monthly subscription ranges from $99 to $4999 per year


As one of the most reliable private hosting platforms on the market, SproutVideo is an obvious choice for e-learning sites, companies of all sizes, and all other content creators who want to ensure their videos are delivered safely to their viewers.

Aside from effortless password protection setup, the platform also lets you request login credentials from viewers or use dynamic watermarks to prevent unauthorized distribution of your content.

Private Video Hosting Platform - SproutVideo

Private Video Hosting Platform – SproutVideo

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – Free trial, Seed – $10 monthly, Sprout – $35 monthly, Tree – $75 monthly, Forest – $295 monthly


A robust private video hosting service like Dacast is aimed primarily at organizations in need of advanced video privacy features. Aside from standard safety options like password protection or AES video encryption, the platform offers Dynamic Token video protection that lets you curate your audience based on their geographic location. Moreover, the platform helps you monetize your content through integrated paywalls.

Private Video Hosting Platform - Dacast

Private Video Hosting Platform – Dacast

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – 14-day free trial, Starter – $39 monthly, Event – $63 monthly, Scale – $165 monthly. All plans are billed annually.


Uploading your content to the Panopto video cloud will ensure its safety and simplify its management. The platform can accommodate your video storage and broadcasting needs as your content production level increases by boosting the encoding to match the viewing load.

Its security features are impressive, as you can count on Single Sign-On, two-factor authentication, session timeout, and other safety features to protect your content against unauthorized usage.

Private Video Hosting Platform - Panopto

Private Video Hosting Platform – Panopto

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – The cost of Panopto’s private hosting service isn’t available to the public


Secure private video hosting, versatile video creation tools, and seamless integration with major sales, email marketing, and analytics platforms are among the reasons Vidyard is among the most popular video hosting platforms for businesses.

Protecting a video with a password or managing a video library on your Vidyard account is a breeze, and you can easily share content with your clients or social media followers.

Best Video Hosting Sites - Vidyard

Private Video Hosting Sites – Vidyard

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – Free, Pro – $19 monthly, Plus – $59 monthly, Business – Only available upon request


After nearly two decades in the industry, Wowza is widely regarded as one of the top private video hosting platforms. Its security features include AES-128 encryption, token authorization, domain requests, and location-based viewer restrictions.

Moreover, Wowza’s state-of-the-art streaming engine is optimized for scalability, enabling you to expand your content production without any restrictions. The platform’s video CMS gives you full control over the management of your video libraries.

Private Video Hosting Platform - Wowza

Private Video Hosting Platform – Wowza

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – Pay-as-you-go – $25 monthly, One month of streaming -$149 as a one-time purchase


Although it’s primarily a live streaming platform, JWPlayer can also be a reliable private hosting solution for all sizes of video content libraries. Its content delivery and privacy features put you in charge of how the videos are distributed and who can watch them.

JWPlayer offers a broad spectrum of monetization options, so setting up monthly subscriptions or pay-per-view video access requires minimum effort.

Private Video Hosting Platform - JWoPlayer

Private Video Hosting Platform – JWoPlayer

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – 30-day free trial, custom pricing available upon request


Vidizmo offers several products companies can use to store digital files, redact unwanted information from their videos, or distribute their content. Its EnterpriseTube video content management system is famous for its safety as it keeps your data in secure AWS and Azure data centers.

Moreover, the video CMS’s encoding tools ensure that your content can only be watched with Vidizmo’s media player.

Private Video Hosting Platform - Vidizmo

Private Video Hosting Platform – Vidizmo

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price – Free trial, EnterpriseTube 50- $89 monthly billed annually, EnterpriseTube 100 – $139 monthly billed annually, EnterpriseTube 250 – $349 monthly billed annually


The long list of features Publitio offers makes it one of the best private hosting services on the market. The platform’s video security features include limiting video playback to your domain, HLS video encryption, video watermarking, and the option to disable downloads.

All content playback is smooth regardless of the file’s size or resolution, but keep in mind that you must opt for one of Publitio’s paid plans to gain access to all of its features.

Publitio Interface

Publitio Interface

Essential Features

Notable Downsides

Video Specifications

Price- Free, Premium – $9 monthly flat fee, Business – $90 monthly flat fee

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Content Management Systems

Can I Distribute Content Globally with Private Video Hosting Platforms?

Most private video hosting services feature global CDNs, but this doesn’t mean you can deliver content to audiences in all countries.

Is Integrating a Private Video Hosting Platform Into an Existing Infrastructure Difficult?

Adding a private video hosting platform to a company’s existing infrastructure isn’t an overly complex task. Still, you’ll still need some technical knowledge and coding skills to set up landing pages for individual pages or embed videos on multiple websites.

How Much Private Video Storage Is Enough?

Calculating how much storage you need for the content you produce can be difficult. Hence, you should opt for a scalable platform that will allow you to get more storage space as your video content strategy expands.

Final Thoughts

Data protection is essential for all businesses since the last thing you want is to put company secrets on public display. Using private hosting services eliminates the need to worry about data safety because these platforms ensure no one can assess your content without your permission.

Moreover, you can use these platforms to manage your content, optimize it for playback on different devices, monetize each video in your library, and much more. Which of the best private video hosting platforms we mentioned in this article do you like the most? Let us know in the comments.


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