You can create compelling video compilations, video tutorials, presentations, lectures, and more by combining multiple videos onto a single screen for these and other purposes. Combining multiple films into one offers a wealth of opportunities for expression, whether you’re using a desktop computer or an iPhone. This article will discuss how to play numerous videos on a single PC or iPhone screen. We’ll give you detailed instructions and pointers to help you combine your videos into a unified whole.

Put Multiple Videos in One Screen

Put Multiple Videos in One Screen

We have got you covered whether you want to display several camera views, do side-by-side comparisons of video footage, or make interesting video montages. We’ll teach you how to use the technology and begin producing videos that appear to have been made by a pro. Let’s dig in and learn the tips on how to put several videos on one screen on your PC or iPhone:

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Can you Put a Bunch of Videos Together?

The ability to edit together several videos is crucial for producing a dynamic final product. You can make more compelling tales and add more information by splicing snippets from multiple videos. You may organize many movies side by side, in a grid, or in any other manner into a single presentation. This finding has huge implications for video production and editing.

Can you Put a Bunch of Videos Together

Can you Put a Bunch of Videos Together

In the following sections, we’ll combine videos on a Mac or an iPhone. We’ll give you the guidelines and tools to make compelling videos, whether you’re an experienced editor or just starting. So, let’s dive in and learn how to make multiple videos play simultaneously on the same screen.

How to Make Multiple Videos in One Screen on PC?

There are several different programs out there that can help you make multiple videos at once on your computer. The following are three software options for each technique:

Put 2 Videos Side by Side

Video editing software with extensive editing skills is required to edit two videos side-by-side. Adobe Premiere Pro is a recommended piece of software in this category. You may effortlessly organize and modify films side by side to make a seamless collage using its sophisticated capabilities. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch a new Adobe Premiere Pro project.

Step 2: Import the two videos you want side by side into the project and place them in one timeline one over the other, and make a sequence from the video clips.

Import Videos

Import Videos

Step 3: Use the Effect Controls panel to resize and arrange video clips. Select the 960 to 1920 size if you want both videos to share an equal screen.

Effect Controls

Effect Controls

Step 4: Navigate to Effects>Transform to add the Crop effect to the video timeline. You can go to the settings of crop effect to adjust the crop ratio. Now, do the same for the second video.

Crop Effect

Crop Effect

Step 5: Save the completed video and then export it.

Put 3 Videos in One Frame

DaVinci Resolve is a great option for merging three video clips into one. To create visually appealing compositions, this high-quality editing software provides various options for moving, scaling, rotating, and resizing video clips within the frame. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open DaVinci Resolve and start a new project. Import the three videos into the project. Select the settings 1080p and 60 FPS for all three footage.

Step 2: Select the videos and create timelines.

Step 3: Select any of the imported clips and click on Transform. Here, you can scale and adjust the size of the video on the screen.

Step 4: Apply the same settings to all the imported videos to fit them on the screen.

Three Videos In Davinci Resolve

Three Videos In Davinci Resolve

Step 5: Preview and export the video.

Combine 5 Videos into One

HitFilm Express is highly recommended to merge video clips into a single movie. Five films may be combined with no effort, and their positions and the addition of intriguing effects can be fine-tuned from inside the program’s streamlined user interface. Follow the steps below to learn more:

Step 1: Start a project in HitFilm Express.

Step 2: Import the five videos into the project.

Step 3: Create a new Composite Shot. Arrange the videos on separate tracks in the Composite Shot timeline. Navigate to Effects>Generate and add the PiP effect to the timeline.

Step 4: Resize and reposition each video clip using the Controls panel. Customize the frame with a border or effects (optional). Adjust the Composite Shot duration for simultaneous playback. Preview and fine-tune the composition for desired visual appeal.

Split Screen in Hitfilm

Split Screen in Hitfilm

How to Make Multiple Videos in One Screen on iPhone?

If you prefer to use an iPhone for business and want to combine various films onto one screen, you may choose from a few different methods.

Making numerous movies on an iPhone that all play on the same screen is possible by using video editing applications from the App Store. These kinds of apps make it simple to edit and arrange films in different ways. Because it is capable and easy to use, iMovie is a preferred option for iOS devices.

Using iMovie, you can put together clips from several different videos. The following is one typical tactic:

Step 1: Install iMovie from the App Store if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Launch iMovie and start a new project.

Step 3: Import the videos you want to combine into your project.

Step 4: Order the videos on the timeline by dragging and dropping them.

Step 5: Select the videos and click on the three-dot button. Tap on Split Screen.

Split Screen in iPhone

Split Screen in iPhone

Step 6: Use iMovie’s editing features to add transitions, filters, audio levels, and other improvements.

Step 7: To make sure everything appears right, preview your composition.

Step 8: Export the completed video composition to your Camera Roll or post it immediately to social media once you’re pleased.

Be aware that the iPhone video editing app you use may have slight variations in the specific steps and features. Check out the options on the App Store and play around with their features until you find a multi-video editor for the iPhone that meets your needs.

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Final Thought

Multiple videos on one screen might make your material more interesting. There are several ways and tools to do this on a PC or iPhone. You may construct aesthetically stunning compositions that engage your viewers by placing films side by side or in various frames. Choose the technique that best fits your requirements and your platform. iPhone users can use apps like iMovie, while PC users can use Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie.

To improve the display of your many movies, try alternative layouts, transitions, and effects. Align the videos and retain visual consistency. Explore different editing choices and features to make your composition more dynamic and interesting. Don’t forget to preview and edit your final project before sharing it. Encourage viewers to share and comment to get feedback and enhance future videos. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy the process of arranging various films on one screen to produce fascinating and aesthetically appealing material.


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