Best Greenshot Alternatives

Recording your screen and turning the images into great-looking content isn’t too hard if you are using the right tool. The features of the software limit what you can accomplish, so you need to choose a tool that is optimal for the task you intend to complete.

Greenshot is a very popular app that is commonly used in this role, and for some people, it works perfectly. However, it’s good to be aware that plentiful Greenshot alternatives for all platforms can be found online, making it very simple to switch if you are unhappy for any reason.

Before you can decide which screenshot maker is ideal for you, it’s wise to learn as much as you possibly can about the entire field of competitors. This comprehensive review will enable you to do that while directly comparing features and prices across different products.

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What Is Greenshot?

Greenshot is a simple but capable screenshot tool that is well-known to PC users and represents an upgrade over the built-in commands. Not only it can capture any part of the screen, but it also offers the possibility to make a video recording that includes audio. This is free software, so there is no obstacle to trying it out if you don’t already have it installed on your Windows-based computer. It also works on a Mac computer, but it comes at a symbolic price of $1.99.

Greenshot App Interface

Greenshot App Interface

Greenshot Main features:

Of course, Greenshot is far from perfect and in fact it may not be suitable for every situation. That’s why it may be worth exploring some of the currently popular Greenshot alternatives for Mac and Windows.

23 Greenshot Alternatives

In this part, we’ll introduce 23 alternatives to Greenshot.

1. Gemoo Snap

Platform Supported: Windows and MacOS

To take a quick snapchat, you should give Gemoo Snap a try. With the help of Gemoo Snap, you can take a screenshot of the whole page or select a portion of the page to capture. It works well to make screenshot-based guides, create blog images, capture highlights on your screen and etc. After taking the screenshots in batches, they will be uploaded to the cloud, which is convenient for you to collect information and materials anytime and anywhere.

To figure out more features of Gemoo Snap, free install it and give it a try.

Quick Screenshot on Your Computer

Quick Screenshot on Your Computer

Gemoo Snap Main Features

Gemoo Snap Price Plan

Gemoo Snap Customer Ratings

2. ShareX

Platform Supported: Windows and MacOS

There are many reasons to try using ShareX as your primary screenshot tool. This screen recorder has a lot of different options worth exploring, and they can all be used for free. It may take some time and effort to install and set up this software, but once you finish the preparations, making screenshots or recordings will be fast and intuitive.

Open Source Screen Recorder - ShareX

Open Source Screen Recorder – ShareX

ShareX Main Features

ShareX Price Plan

ShareX Customer Ratings

3. OBS Studio

Platform Supported: Windows, MacOS and Linux

Few tools can compare with OBS when it comes to capturing content from your screen and turning it into eye-catching multimedia. This free software enables user to control the settings down to minute detail, but still allows beginners to create decent-looking content snips within minutes. OBS Studio should at the very least be on your shortlist of Greenshot alternatives.

Open Source Screen Recorder - OBS Studio

Open Source Screen Recorder – OBS Studio

OBS Main Features

OBS Price Plan

OBS Customer Ratings

4. Lightshot

    Platform Supported: Windows and MacOS

    This software is frequently compared to Greenshot, as they share almost all of the most important functionalities. With a simple interface and a toolbox full of well-designed features, Greenshot is perfect for people who don’t expect professional quality and would just like to have a reliable snipping app on their computers.

    Lightshot App Interface

    Lightshot App Interface

    Lightshot Main Features

    Lightshot Pricing Plan

    Lightshot Customer Ratings

    5. Skitch

      Platform Supported: MacOS

      A versatile and reliable app that’s been in the market for a long time, Skitch is a solid choice in the role of a screenshot tool. It’s very simple to use, and it effectively captures content from your desktop, webcam, or any other source. Overall, it’s a useful tool if your expectations are reasonable and you don’t intend to create high-end stuff.

      Skitch Interface

      Skitch Interface

      Skitch Main Features:

      Skitch Price Plan

      Skitch Customer Ratings

      6. Flameshot

        Platform Supported: Windows, MacOS and Linux

        A nice combination of simplicity and performance sets Flameshot aside from numerous competing screenshot tools. It can be used on practically any computer, and it handles screen capturing duties pretty well considering how lightweight and fast this software tool is. You won’t go wrong if you give it a test run to see how it works.

        Flameshot Interface

        Flameshot Interface

        Flameshot Main Features

        Flameshot Price Plan

        Flameshot Customer Ratings

        7. Evernote Web Clipper

        Platform Supported: Windows and MacOS

        This is an extension for a web browser that is primarily intended for capturing content from the internet. Installing and using it requires no technical knowledge, while the quality of screenshots you can get with this tool is impressive. It is fully integrated with the popular Evernote software suite, making it even more useful.

        Evernote Web Clipper Interface

        Evernote Web Clipper Interface

        Evernote Main Features

        Evernote Price Plan

        Evernote Customer Ratings

        8. Snagit

          Platform Supported: Windows and MacOS

          Widely recognized as one of the best screen recorders in the market, Snagit represents a high-end option that will satisfy even the most demanding users. Capturing any type of content with this tool is a walk in the park, while the possibilities for image processing are nearly endless. Any serious content creator should give Snagit a good look.

          Snagit Interface

          Snagit Interface

          Snagit Main Features

          Snagit Price Plan

          Snagit User Ratings

            9. FastStone Capture

            Platform Supported: Windows and MacOS

            It won’t take you too long to learn how you can capture content from your computer using this highly practical tool. Snapping screenshots or recording videos can be done by virtually anyone, while this software will perform above expectations even on a weaker computer.

            FastStone Capture Interface

            FastStone Capture Interface

            FastStone Main Features

            FastStone Price Plans

            FastStone Customer Ratings

              10. CloudApp

              Platform Supported: Desktop, iOS and Chrome

              Some of the advantages of CloudApp can only be fully understood once you try creating actual screenshots with it. This app is also useful for sharing your screen with another person, or broadcasting live on the internet. Most importantly, it is compatible with all major OS versions so there are no limitations as to who can benefit from its qualities.

              What is CloudApp

              What is CloudApp

              CloudApp Main Features

              CloudApp Price Plans

              CloudApp Customer Ratings

                11. Camtasia

                Platform Supported: Windows and MacOS

                Anyone who tried using this screen recorder knows how feature-rich and powerful it is, so it’s not a surprise to find Camtasia among the handful of best Greenshot alternatives. It lets you snap screenshots or capture screen action with ease while enabling you to process the raw material in any way you like.

                Camtasia Interface

                Camtasia Interface

                Camtasia Main Features

                Camtasia Price Plans

                Camtasia Customer Ratings

                  12. PicPick

                  Platform Supported: Windows

                  With this simple screenshot tool you can pick where to capture from and edit the image to fit your intended purpose. The installation process is very simple, and you can immediately start snipping once you complete it. That’s why it’s fair to describe PicPick as a quick and reliable solution that gets the job done every time.

                  PicPick Interface

                  PicPick Interface

                  PicPick Main Features

                  PicPick Price Plans

                  PicPick Customer Ratings

                    13. Ksnip

                    Platform Supported: Windows, MacOS and Linux

                    While it may not be as well-known as some products on this list, Ksnip might surprise you with an abundance of options it provides. All the most important tools are easy to find, while the app can be customized at will. All things considered, this screenshot tool could serve you well for numerous tasks.

                    Ksnip Interface

                    Ksnip Interface

                    Ksnip Main Features

                    Ksnip Price Plan

                    Ksnip Customer Ratings

                      14. Screenshot Captor

                      Platform Supported: Windows

                      Created specifically with the objective to enable easy and flexible screenshot taking, this app has proven to be very successful in practice. As an alternative to PicPick, it brings a surprising number of excellent features to the table and can deliver performance comparable to much more expensive screen recording tools. Unfortunately, only Windows PC owners can use it.

                      Screenshot Captor Interface

                      Screenshot Captor Interface

                      Screenshot Captor Main Features

                      Screenshot Captor Price Plan

                      Screenshot Captor Customer Ratings

                        15. Markup Hero

                        Platform Supported: Web, Desktop

                        You can accomplish some impressive feats with this tool even if your knowledge of graphic design is fairly limited. Taking screenshots is just the beginning with Markup Hero, an app designed to give user a lot of control over the final product. This software can be used to make many different types of professional-looking materials, from tutorials to business presentations.

                        The Markup Hero App Interface

                        The Markup Hero App Interface

                        Markup Hero Main Features

                        Markup Hero Price Plans

                        Markup Hero Customer Ratings

                          16. Screenpresso

                          Platform Supported: Windows

                          According to most reports, Sceenpresso is a nice little app that lets you effortlessly capture snips from your computer. It supports a majority of functions found in other screenshot tools, but it doesn’t burden the user with too much complexity. That’s why this app is a great choice for PC users who enjoy making high-quality content at home.

                          Sceenpresso Interface

                          Sceenpresso Interface

                          Sceenpresso Main Features

                          Sceenpresso Price Plans

                          Sceenpresso Customer Ratings

                            17. CleanShot X

                            Platform Supported: MacOS

                            This practical snipping tool can create stunning screenshots that can immediately be tweaked by adding graphics and text. Precise control over the visuals doesn’t come at the cost of usability, as the commands are very intuitive and can be learned quickly. With this in mind, CleanShot X is definitely an upgrade over the built-in screenshot tool on Mac.

                            CleanShot X Interface

                            CleanShot X Interface

                            CleanShot X Main Features

                            CleanShot X Price Plans

                            CleanShot X Customer Ratings

                            18. Loom

                              Platform Supported: Web, Desktop, Android, and iOS

                              While this is primarily a video messaging app, it works just fine if you need to take a screenshot or make a quick screen recording. It’s not hard to learn the basics, and once you do this tool becomes completely natural to use. This app deserves to be tried out regardless of which OS you are using.

                              The Loom App Interface

                              The Loom App Interface

                              Loom Main Features

                              Loom Price Plans

                              Loom Customer Ratings

                                19. Monosnap

                                Platform Supported: Web, Windows and MacOS

                                With this simple and highly adaptable capturing tool, nearly everyone can create visually appealing materials using content from the computer screen as the foundation. Snapshots and recordings can be instantly edited with built-in tools, before they are saved to the cloud with a single click.

                                Monosnap Interface

                                Monosnap Interface

                                Monosnap Main Features

                                Monosnap Price Plans

                                Monosnap Customer Ratings

                                  20. Sniptool

                                  Platform Supported: Windows

                                  Users who frequently take screenshots could be happy with Sniptool as their primary weapon of choice. While this app is really simple and can’t capture video, it handles screenshots quite well and requires minimal effort. The main advantages of this tool are speed and simplicity, which suits what some users are looking for.

                                  Sniptool Interface

                                  Sniptool Interface

                                  Sniptool Main Features

                                  Sniptool Price Plan

                                  Sniptool Customer Ratings

                                    21. Clipchamp

                                    Platform Supported: Windows

                                    Expressing yourself visually is much easier with a powerful capturing and editing tool such as Clipchamp. In addition to capturing screenshots and videos, this Microsoft-owned app has impressive editing features and visual effects more than suitable for creating professional-level content. It also has advanced audio capacities, including the innovative text-to-speech feature.

                                    Screencast Software - Clipchamp

                                    Screencast Software – Clipchamp

                                    Clipchamp Main Features

                                    Clipchamp Price Plans

                                    Clipchamp Customer Ratings

                                      22. Shottr

                                      Platform Supported: MacOS

                                      Many users believe that Shottr is the best Greenshot alternative for Mac, and they have plenty of strong arguments to back up this claim. This content snipping app is well suited for users of all skill levels, and it is packed with interesting and useful features. It’s worth installing even if you capture screen activity very infrequently.

                                      Shottr Interface

                                      Shottr Interface

                                      Shottr Main Features

                                      Shottr Price Plan

                                      Shottr Customer Ratings

                                        23. Easy Screen OCR

                                        Platform Supported: Windows

                                        If part of the reason for taking screenshots is extracting text from them, this tool could be the right solution for you. It comes equipped with Google-powered OCR capacity, along with an array of smart capturing and editing functionalities. Easy screen is definitely worth having on your computer, regardless of whether you already have a different screen recorder.

                                        Easy Screen OCR Interface

                                        Easy Screen OCR Interface

                                        Easy Screen OCR Main Features

                                        Easy Screen OCR Price Plans

                                        Easy Screen OCR Customer Ratings

                                        Final Words

                                        Taking screenshots is not exactly rocket science, and there are numerous tools that can perform this task at a high level. No matter you’re using the Greenshot or built-in snipping tool to capture content, there’re 22 alternatives provided. Tell us what your favorite screenshot tool is and why, and share this article so that your friends can contribute their opinions, too.


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