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Top 21 Adobe Audition Alternative


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Adobe Audition is a multi-functional audio editor that may be used for audio restoration, video post-production, and podcasting. On the other hand, it has a few drawbacks, such as the fact that it can only be obtained via a pricey and ongoing subscription. You have no choice but to hunt for an alternative if you don’t want to throw away $21 per month on a Creative Cloud subscription and if your budget is more constrained.

However, if you aren’t familiar with the finest Adobe Audition Alternative, you may have found the correct place to look for it. In this article, you’ll discover what Adobe Audition is and the finest alternatives to the Adobe Audition tool. Let’s get going!

Best Adobe Audition Alternatives

Best Adobe Audition Alternatives

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What Is Adobe Audition?

The Adobe Audition program for Windows includes a comprehensive digital audio recorder, mixer, and editor for several audio tracks. The user’s computer may be transformed into a fully functional digital recording studio by installing the necessary software and hardware, including a sound card compatible with Windows. When Adobe first acquired the rights to the 2.0 version of the application from Syntrillium Software in 2003, the tool was known by its original name, Cool Edit Pro.

The workstation is equipped with capabilities such as a multitrack environment for nondestructive mixing and editing and an editor for nondestructive waveforms. Producing music, audio for television, or radio broadcasts are all examples of some of the uses for this program’s multitrack recording studio, which provides a flexible workflow. In addition, Adobe Audition provides access to thousands of royalty-free audio loops that may be included in creating songs and soundtracks.

Adobe Audition Alternative

Looking for the best Adobe Audition alternative for recording and mixing your tracks? The following tools can be of great help.

1. Gemoo Recorder

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe Audition to record audio from your microphone or computer operating system, you can give Gemoo Recorder a try. As a multinational screen recorder, Gemoo Recorder can help both Windows and Mac users record screen, audio, webcam, and webpages with simple clicks. It is workable in various different cases such as recording live streams, YouTube music, podcasts, and other programs. Also, you are allowed to record audio while recording your screen and voice at the same time.

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The Interface of Gemoo Recorder

The Interface of Gemoo Recorder

Gemoo Recorder Features introductions:

Gemoo Recorder Pros

Gemoo Recorder Limitations

Gemoo Recorder Price

2. Audacity

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Whether you want to begin a new podcast or edit 100 audio effects for an amateur game, Audacity, a basic free source editor, should be your first port of contact. This Adobe Audition replacement is cross-platform, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux versions. The technical specifications are low.

Audacity Interface

Audacity Interface

You can record 16-bit or 24-bit audio using Audacity. Among the most useful features is that it can convert and mix any sounds you drag and drop, independent of the discretization rate or format. Users may cut and paste audio, duplicate or remove audio, add several clips on the same track, and make adjustments to the sample level while editing. You may also use the Convert Tool to apply custom fades.

Audacity Features introductions:

Audacity Pros

Audacity Limitations

Audacity Price

Audacity User ratings and platform URL:

Want to know more about how to record audio on Windows and Mac, let’s see the detail.

3. GarageBand

Platform Supported: Mac

GarageBand, an Adobe Audition rival, provides simple music recording tools for both beginners and pros and is included with every Mac. The program still has some of the greatest virtual learning features available.

GarageBand Interface

GarageBand Interface

Basic audio editing is straightforward, but if you want to learn more about GarageBand, you’ll also discover complex tools. Flex Time enables you to slur an audio track’s groove, while Groove Matching is ideal for synchronizing, timing, and feeling other tracks connected to the one you’ve set up.

GarageBand Features introductions:

GarageBand Pros

GarageBand Limitations

GarageBand Price

GarageBand User ratings and platform URL:

4. Logic Pro X

Platform Supported: Mac

Logic is a straightforward and multi-functional Adobe Audition replacement. To begin using Logic Pro X, you must have installed the most recent Mac with OS X v10.12 (Sierra). Logic Pro X may show a timeline with the proper area colors, track control components, or track Smart Controls for each track, even in the form of plugins. Audio may be recorded at up to 24-bit, 192 kHz resolution.

Logic Pro Interface

Logic Pro Interface

The main screen is completely customizable and may include whatever you want – depending on how you fill it. The primary tracks are accessible in various formats, including audio for live recording tools, MIDI for capturing MIDI data from a keyboard, digital drum kit, or other input devices, and a tool that mixes them for usage with virtual capable of connecting instruments. Keep in mind that Logic X has support for touch panels.

Logic Pro Features introductions:

Logic Pro Highlights

Logic Pro Limitations

Logic Pro Price

Logic Pro User ratings and platform URL:

5. Ableton Live

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

When comparing Live to Adobe Audition, it should be noted that the interface is divided into two working fields: session and arrangement. You may quickly switch between them using the Tab key or two circular icons in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Although Ableton Live is no longer special among DAWs, one distinguishing characteristic of this application is the control of beat, tempo, and pitch (or MIDI).

Ableton Live Interface

Ableton Live Interface

This may be used to coordinate the beat of dance tracks when DJing in a nightclub or to eliminate synchronization issues in a recorded file to give robotic computer music some life with human assistance.

Ableton Live Features introductions:

Ableton Live Pros

Ableton Live Limitations

Ableton Live Price

Ableton Live User ratings and platform URL:

6. Avid Pro Tools

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Avid merits particular mention among all products like Adobe Audition. It is a cross-platform audio editing application for music, movies, gaming, and broadcasting. Despite its cost, you may utilize the product’s free version, which is currently known as First.

Avid Pro Tools Interface

Avid Pro Tools Interface

The primary interface is divided into two windows: Edit and Mix. All recordings, arrangements, and thorough audio and MIDI editing are handled in the Edit window. You may play up to 128 simultaneous songs at 48 kHz, 64 tracks at 96 kHz, or 32 songs at 192 kHz with the built-in Pro Tools and record up to 32 tracks concurrently.

Pro Tools Features introductions:

Pro Tools Pros

Pro Tools Limitations

Pro Tools Price

Pro Tools User ratings and platform URL:

7. FL Studio

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

FL Studio, a popular DAW among professional musicians, is perfect for house, techno, and electronic music. Look no further if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to record, mix, master, and edit your beats. It contains a huge selection of high-quality presets, synths, and plugins (e.g., Edison, Grossbeat).

Best Audio Recording Software - FL Studio

Best Audio Recording Software – FL Studio

Many users agreed that FL Studio is the finest because of its seamless navigation and low learning curve. Furthermore, it is regarded as the preferred DAW by well-known producers and DJs such as Madeon, 9th Wonder, and Martin Garrix.

FL Studio Features introductions:

FL Studio Pros

FL Studio Limitations

FL Studio Price

FL Studio User ratings and platform URL:

8. Cubase

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Cubase has incredible capabilities that cater to a broad range of users. The needs of someone who primarily works with audio cycles to generate an EDM banger will be very different from those who spend their days recording real instruments or dealing with elaborate instrumental music mock-ups using virtual instruments.

Cubase Interface

Cubase Interface

AudioWarp, Cubase’s interactive time-stretching feature, has always been valuable, but it can only be used across several tracks in limited circumstances. C12 improves things by enabling you to modify Warp points directly in the Project window and utilizing the Folder Track’s Group Editing mode for many tracks at once.

Cubase Features introductions:

Cubase Pros

Cubase Limitations

Cubase Price

Cubase User ratings and platform URL:

9. Studio One

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac, and Chromebook

If you’re coming from another DAW, Studio One is relatively simple, albeit it’s frightening for first-timers. PreSonus has always included a huge, albeit unequal, sound set with Studio One, and this is still the case, and no new instruments have been introduced lately. On the bright side, recording and editing take less time than in other DAWs.

Best Audio Recording Software - Presonus Studio One

Best Audio Recording Software – Presonus Studio One

You may configure virtual instruments to drag the plugins over, replete with a graphic representation. Furthermore, dragging and dropping other instruments into the same track may quickly construct your own Split and Multi instruments.

Studio One Features introductions:

Studio One Pros

Studio One Limitations

Studio One Price

Studio One User ratings and platform URL:

10. Reaper

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Reaper is a significant Adobe Audition rival and digital audio workstation (DAW). Unlike many other applications of this sort, you may use this one to build your menus, navigation bars, and macros, as well as modify the interface’s appearance and color palette.

Reaper Interface

Reaper Interface

Create a track, both audio or virtual instrument, push the left red button to record, and then click the main recording button to begin. You may change the monitoring effects, such as whether or not you want to hear the reverb in your headphones when recording voices.

Reaper Features introductions:

Reaper Pros

Reaper Limitations

Reaper Price

Reaper User ratings and platform URL:

11. EaseUS RecExperts

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

EaseUS RecExperts, like Adobe Audition, allows you to record voice or other sounds with a few clicks. You may use it to record from system sound or any microphone attached to your computer. Furthermore, this program offers the schedule recording feature, which means that it will start or stop your recordings at a certain period.

EaseUS RecExperts Interface

EaseUS RecExperts Interface

After recording, you may trim your recorded files. Furthermore, you don’t need to change the format of your recordings since you may freely change the format in your preferences to record the sound in a suitable format.

EaseUS RecExperts Features introductions:

EaseUS RecExperts Pros

EaseUS RecExperts Limitations

EaseUS RecExperts Price

EaseUS RecExperts User ratings and platform URL:

12. AVS Audio Editor

Platform Supported: Windows

AVS Audio Editor is an Adobe Audition replacement with many helpful features. It includes a simple UI with a toolbar at the top of the window. The interface’s simplicity enables even inexperienced users to perform the audio editing process effortlessly. There are 20 built-in effects and filters, including delay, flanger, chorus, and reverb. You may also blend numerous audio tracks.

AVS Audio Editor Interface

AVS Audio Editor Interface

AVS Audio Editor Features introductions:

AVS Audio Editor Pros

AVS Audio Editor Limitations

AVS Audio Editor Price

AVS Audio Editor User ratings and platform URL:

13. QuickTime Player

Platform Supported: Mac

QuickTime Player is a popular free Adobe Audition competitor on the Apple app store. You may simply collect speech from your microphone with this software. Aside from that, it is a multimedia software that allows you to play video and audio and record audio with the screen. You may record the computer sound on your Mac without having to download any third-party software.

QuickTime Screen Recorder

QuickTime Screen Recorder

QuickTime Features introductions:

QuickTime Pros

QuickTime Limitations

QuickTime Price

QuickTime User ratings and platform URL:

14. OBS Studio

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac, and Chromebook

If you’re looking for an open-source Audition replacement, OBS Studio should be your first port of call. It has a solid market reputation and can capture any sound from a microphone or device. Instead of recording audio, it allows you to capture the area of your computer or the complete screen of your devices with a few clicks. After you’ve finished your computer audio recording, you may modify it and publish it on social media.

Video Capture Software - OBS

Video Capture Software – OBS

OBS Features introductions:

OBS Pros

OBS Limitations

OBS Price

OBS User ratings and platform URL:

15. WavePad

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

WavePad not only features an easy-to-use interface that even inexperienced audio editors would find useful, but it also contains a comprehensive toolkit for performing various audio editing tasks. WavePad also supports a broad range of audio files and can convert them to several audio formats. WavePad offers a simple and appealing design.

WavePad Interface

WavePad Interface

WavePad Features introductions:

WavePad Pros

WavePad Limitations

WavePad Price

WavePad User ratings and platform URL:

16. Ocenaudio

Platform Supported: Windows

Ocenaudio is a cross-platform audio editor that is simple, quick, and functional. It is an excellent Adobe Audition substitute for those who need to edit and analyze audio files without spending time on training. Your open files are listed on the left, and the chosen file is shown as a signal on the left.

Ocenaudio App

Ocenaudio App

Ocenaudio Features introductions:

Ocenaudio Pros

Ocenaudio Limitations

Ocenaudio Price

Ocenaudio User ratings and platform URL:

17. Tenacity

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Tenacity, like Audacity, is simple to use and works on various systems. It may be used to modify an existing audio file or to record fresh audio from various supported sources. This guarantees that a wide range of audio file formats is available for opening the source audio and exporting the finished audio file to an audio file.

Tenacity Interface

Tenacity Interface

Tenacity Features introductions:

Tenacity Pros

Tenacity Limitations

Tenacity Price

Tenacity User ratings and platform URL:

18. Ardour

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

If you like open source code but want to dig deep and study the application for hours, we strongly suggest Ardour as an Adobe Audition alternative. This full-featured sound workstation is lots of essential capabilities for creating and editing music and is free source.

Free Audio Recorder - Ardour

Free Audio Recorder – Ardour

Ardour Features introductions:

Ardour Pros

Ardour Limitations

Ardour Price

Ardour User ratings and platform URL:

19. Cakewalk

Platform Supported: Windows

Cakewalk includes many features that make it a great DAW for professionals. Although Cakewalk is only available for Windows, its user-friendly workflow makes it a must-try for composers, producers, and engineers. Cakewalk gives users freedom regarding layout, color theme, and display settings.

Cakewalk Interface

Cakewalk Interface

Cakewalk Features introductions:

Cakewalk Pros

Cakewalk Limitations

Cakewalk Price

Cakewalk User ratings and platform URL:

20. Reason

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Reason is a virtual studio rack that includes all the instruments and tools you’ll need to convert your thoughts into music. And it’s more than simply a collection of great synthesizers and effects. It’s a full-fledged music system. Enter the Age of Reason. Reason includes synthesizers, samplers, a drum machine, a REX file loop player, sophisticated mastering tools, a mixer, vocoder, world-class effects, a pattern sequencer, and other features.

Reason Interface

Reason Interface

Reason Features introductions:

Reason Pros

Reason Limitations

Reason Price

Reason User ratings and platform URL:

21. Sound Forge

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Sound Forge is a popular choice among tools such as Adobe Audition for novices. Unfortunately, it lacks the editing and recovery functionality featured in the previous products. The editor does, however, provide 11 DirectX plugin audio effects. These effects contain 90 sound presets, making it easy to discover the sound you’re looking for. You may also test the effects before using them.

Best Audio Recording Software - SoundForge

Best Audio Recording Software – SoundForge

Sound Forge Features introductions:

Sound Forge Pros

Sound Forge Limitations

Sound Forge Price

Sound Forge User ratings and platform URL:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Adobe Audition?

No Adobe Audition does not have a free version. However, you get a free trial of 7 days when you start using the tool.

Which is better Audacity or Adobe Audition?

When it comes to creating an episode, Audition greatly outperforms Audacity. Especially if you’re dealing with a large number of files. The editing capabilities in Audition’s multitrack allow you to split, extend, overlap, and shuffle clips around in a much more logical manner.


Since Adobe Audition doesn’t have a free version and is quite expensive, people prefer to find an open-source alternative for it. However, finding an excellent alternative to Adobe Audition is quite difficult because of the quality of its features. But we hope that you’ve found the best Adobe Audition alternative after reading this article.


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