One of the best ways to ensure you have all the information you need for future use is to record your voice notes. You need a decent microphone and audio recording software to get started. There is no better method to record a voiceover than using a voice recorder. However, this is often the case, with the recorded speech being scarcely discernible or of low quality.

Best Voice Recorder for PC

Best Voice Recorder for PC

While a poor audio recorder program will produce distorted or muddled audio recordings, the reverse is true with a good one. It would help if you used only high-quality recording software to record your audio or speech. In this article, we have compiled a list of ten super-impressive Voice Recorders for PC that will make audio recording much easier for you in the future. Without further ado, let’s start with this journey!

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Is There a Voice Recorder on PC?

Yes, there is a built-in Voice Recorder on PC. The Voice Recorder tool with Windows 10 is a lot of fun and remarkably easy to use. How to record audio on a Windows computer? It is remarkably easy to use. After you have recorded your voice or the noises around you, you will be given the option to play, edit, delete, or rename the file.

You may begin a recording with a single click or resume one that you have previously stopped. Any recordings automatically stored will be placed in your computer’s Documents folder for easy access.

How to Record Audio on Windwos

How to Record Audio on Windwos

You may quickly transfer your recordings to other audio editing apps or share your recordings with your friends and family. Markdown key points in the recording and save the finest sounds for later use; do this as you go through the recording.

The Voice Recorder app’s menu is where the recordings are kept once made. The Voice Recorder app on Windows 10 has a brand-new user interface that is far less bloated and more straightforward than the one seen on Windows 8.

Main Features of Windows Voice Recorder

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What is the Best Voice Recorder on PC?

The following are the best voice recorder for PC. Let’s review them in detail to find the best one for you!

Gemoo Recorder

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Gemoo Recorder has 4 recording modes, you can choose to record “Screen & Camera”, “Camera Only”, “Screen Only” and “Audio Only”. It can help you record everything you need, whether it is the screen, sound, or camera.

With the “Audio Only” mode, you can record audio coming from the system and record Microphone audio (system sound, your voice, video sound, etc.).

Get It Free

What Can You Get from Gemoo Recorder?

Pricing Plan: Completely free to use.


Audacity for PC

Audacity for PC

You may use Audacity to produce podcasts, record music, or mix and convert audio samples. Audacity is a well-known audio editor with a long history of use. It works well with audio files up to 32-bit/384kHz resolution. There are several ways to manipulate and combine audio files. Analyzing frequency response is made simple using spectrogram and spectrum views. Additionally, sample-level editing options are available. However, editing is virtually always detrimental when you have limitless undo/redo operations in Audacity. Since Audacity allows quick and filthy audio editing, it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

Audacity allows you to record audio in either 16- or 24-bit format. This is one of the nicest features of Audacity since it can convert and combine sounds regardless of their format or sample rate. Cutting, pasting, copying, and removing clips and rearranging them on the same audio track are all options for editing audio. The altered clips may now be dragged into the sample-level editing window. Custom gradients may be created using the envelope tool as well.

What Can You Get from Audacity?

Limitations of Audacity

Pricing Plan: Completely free to use.


Audio Recorder - WavePad

Audio Recorder – WavePad

WavePad offers a user-friendly interface and a robust collection of capabilities for performing a wide range of audio editing tasks. A broad range of audio formats is supported by WavePad, as are several other file types. Clean and welcoming design abounds in WavePad. You can undo and redo as many operations as you like with WavePad. While this may not be necessary for everyone, this is vital if you are working on numerous audio files simultaneously.

WavePad offers batch processing capabilities, allowing you to handle several audio files simultaneously (.wav, mp3, etc.). To record audio into WavePad, plug in a USB microphone and hit the record button on your computer’s keyboard. WavePad can only record one audio source at a time. Auto-trim, fade-in/fade-out, a normalizer, an equalization, and a sample-rate converter are all included in this editing program. Other apps allow you to control the pace and length of the fade, among other things.

What Can You Get from WavePad?

Limitations of WavePad

Pricing Plan: Free to $39.95

Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder

Users may utilize Leawo Music Recorder to record internet music, computer audio, and audio input via a microphone (Mic or other built-in input audio stream). A task scheduler is included in the recorder, allowing users to plan when they want to record. An output location for recorded music files, an audio source for recording, and output format (MP3 or WAV) and audio settings may all be customized before the recording process begins.

You may include tags like Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre, and Cover in your music files using this audio recording software. It’s also possible to manually change the tags for the music. In addition to English, Japanese, and German, the program is multilingual. It allows you to listen to music previously streamed online without sacrificing quality. You can even use your iPhone, iPad, and iPod to listen to recorded music while on the road.

What Can You Get from Leawo Music Recorder?

Limitations of Leawo Music Recorder

Pricing Plan: Free to $19.00 per month


Ocenaudio for PC

Ocenaudio for PC

Ocenaudio is an intelligent editing program that takes on the burden of audio recording and editing by itself. Because of this, it is a tool that implores users who desire a much more automatic reaction from their editing tools to give it some attention. Now, Ocenaudio is an excellent audio recorder, yet, its primary function is that of a superb and powerful editor. The application conceals its extensive collection of sophisticated capabilities behind a slick and attractive user interface that is simple to navigate.

The application enables users to apply various audio effects to a recording and hear a preview of those effects in real time while the recording is being edited. You may also choose several distinct portions of the same audio file simultaneously to edit, listen to, or apply effects to those portions. The application is regarded as one of the most effective cross-platform audio editors. It works faultlessly on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux without requiring special configuration.

What Can You Get from Ocenaudio?

Limitations of Ocenaudio

Pricing Plan: Completely Free to Use

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Interface

Adobe Audition Interface

Adobe Audition is widely considered to be among the most capable audio workstations currently available. It is a piece of equipment often suggested by experienced sound engineers. Recording, editing, mixing, and restoring audio for use in several contexts are some tasks that may be accomplished with the tools at your disposal.

The program is well-known for its powerful multi-track display and waveform capabilities. Aside from the capabilities above, the application’s users can also fix audio breaks, combine many audio clips into a single file, and produce audio files in various formats. When it comes to blending audio for podcasts, the tool performs quite well. You might argue that the audio workstation that Adobe Audition provides was developed specifically to produce high-quality podcasts.

What Can You Get from Adobe Audition?

Limitations of Adobe Audition

Pricing Plan: $20.99 per month

QuickTime Player

Best Audio Recording Software - QuickTime Player

Best Audio Recording Software – QuickTime Player

QuickTime is mainly a video editing tool for Macs. Still, it also allows users to record the audio and video that is now playing on their machines, adding a convenient layer of functionality. To begin the recording process, you must go to the tab labeled “files” on your screen and pick the option labeled “new audio recording.”

Additionally, the tool performs extraordinarily well when capturing video or audio on iOS devices. With the aid of QuickTime’s powerful editing tools, you may go through editing, trimming, or splitting your recorded audio after you have finished recording it.

What Can You Get from QuickTime Player?

Limitations of QuickTime Player

Pricing Plan: Free to $30 for purchase


Mixpad Interface

Mixpad Interface

MixPad is a free audio production and recording program designed to be your recording studio and music mixer. Audio clips may be imported or recorded into this program, enabling you to mix them.

A multitrack recorder and mixing console have been replaced with a digital equivalent. The built-in MIDI editor allows you to expand your musical talents. Remix, mash up, and add your own recorded audio to your remixes and mashups.

What Can You Get from MixPad?

Limitations of MixPad

Pricing Plan: Free to $139 for a commercial license

Apple GarageBand

Apple GarageBand

Apple GarageBand

GarageBand is most recognized as a powerful musical workstation in the music world, not for its voice recording capabilities. As a result, you may build rhythms with natural-sounding Voices and a wide variety of musical instrument effects using the software that comes with it.

Many preset for various instruments are included in the program so that you may construct your unique musical compositions without needing any physical instruments. You may use the amps and effects included in the software to make amazing music using the recordings you’ve already made. This software may help you unleash your musical creativity and produce outstanding songs in various genres, including hip hop, electronic, indie, and more.

What Can You Get from Apple GarageBand?

Limitations of Apple GarageBand

Pricing Plan: Free to $4.99 upfront cost

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Sound Forge

Sound Forage for PC

Sound Forage for PC

There’s no better audio editing tool than this if the user wants total control. Its cutting-edge technology ensures a high level of precision in its job.

Sound Forge gives users total control and power over the process, from manufacturing Red Book CDs to sound design and mixing. Multi-channel WAV recording and processing are now feasible with the latest version of the software.

What Can You Get from Sound Forge?

Limitations of Sound Forge

Pricing Plan: Free to $5 per month

Audio Highjack

Best Audio Recording Software - Audio Highjack

Best Audio Recording Software – Audio Highjack

The application’s name gives users the impression that they can dig deeply into the audio editing process, and this is the case. Both the user interface and the controls are straightforward to comprehend and utilize.

This tool is highly recommended for inexperienced users since it makes audio editing a pastime loaded with joy and excitement. The waveform generator and the frequency impulse train are included in the program.

What Can You Get from Audio Highjack?

Limitations of Audio Highjack

Pricing Plan: Free to $64 for License Key

FAQs of Record Voice on Computer

How can I record high-quality audio from my computer?

If you want to record high-quality audio from computer, the first thing you need to do is to avoid noise during the recording process. Using Gemoo Recorder, you can reduce the noise during the recording process to the maximum extent, so that you can create audio recordings without obstacles.

Does Windows 10 have a built-in recorder?

Windows 10 and 11 both have built-in screen recording, which is part of the Xbox Game Bar tool that lets you record the sound of the screen or microphone while you record the screen.

Final Thought

Voice recording has become very simple because of the abundance of powerful software and the portability offered by mobile devices. Sound recording is necessary for various projects, from podcasts to YouTube videos and many more uses. The instruments listed above are more than capable of completing the job.


Let everyone enjoy a simplified workflow of video creating, editing, and sharing.