Undoubtedly, there’s no great work without an in depth research. The only difference between you, and that professional UX designer/developer you see out there today all lies on research capabilities- your ability to browse the net to gather real-time reports from real users is the only weapon you have to stay ahead of others in the industry.

Although this can be quite stressful, there are quality UX research tools you can count on to conduct your research, so you don’t miss out on available updates, and trends. You don’t have to worry about searching for these tool, as we’ve prepared a list with the top 9 UX research tools for UX research works.

Before looking at the best UX research tools for UX research, it would be nice to discuss what these tools are, and the various UX research methods. So continue reading!

What Are UX Research Tools?

UX research tools are software programs designed to eliminate the stress associated with conducting user experience research. These tools provide a range of services, from the recruitment of participants for surveys, to scheduling of interviews, gathering and sharing of visual feedback with teammates. Additionally, UX research tools can be used to record meeting sessions, manage workflow, and more. With these tools at your disposal, you can easily develop products with high demand.

What Are UX Research Methods?

Having discussed what UX research tools are, it’s crucial we proceed to the different research methodologies. The reason for this is because research methods often influence research tools selection.

Find below the different UX research methods available to users:

Top 9 Popular UX Research Tools for 2023

Having discussed what UX  research tools are and the different UX research methods, let’s explore the best tools for this job. Check out our list below, we have 9 powerful tools listed there:


Maze tops our list as the best UX research tool to use in 2023. This software stands out amongst others in the same industry because of the simplicity of the user interface, capability to fetch real-time data at a remarkably high speed, and several others. This UX research tool is loaded with countless features that makes UX research easy for both amateurs and novices.

UX Research Tools - Maze

UX Research Tools – Maze

What Maze Is Best For

Supported Platforms

Maze’s Limitations


Notion is a powerful tool with multiple functionalities. With this software you can create, track, and manage tasks from the comfort of your home. This tool integrates with incredible product design apps that you can use for your UX research. Resulting data and information can be analyzed, and categorized accordingly for quick product development.

UX Research Tools - Notion

UX Research Tools – Notion

What Notion Is Best For

Supported Platforms

Notion’s Limitations


Calendly makes UX research simpler than you could ever imagine. With this software, you can quickly conduct user testing research, and share resulting data with everyone in your team for analysis. This intuitive software lets you conduct interview based research by scheduling phone calls with the corresponding users of your products.

UX Research Tools - Calendly

UX Research Tools – Calendly

What Calendly Is Best For

Supported Platforms

Calendly Limitations


Need to conduct unmoderated research about your product? Typeform is the best tool to employ. This tool is loaded with countless interview questions that you can select from to gather user insight about your product. Alternatively, you can customize your survey, and distribute amongst products users to collect feedback.

UX Research Tools - Typeform

UX Research Tools – Typeform

What Is Typeform Best For

Supported Platforms

Typeform Limitations


Slab is a well known knowledge base system with UX research functionality. The tool lets you collect and document data reports effortlessly from the comfort of your home.

UX Research Tools - Slab

UX Research Tools – Slab

What Is Slab Best For

Supported Platforms

Slab’s Limitations


UserTesting is a popular tool committed to conducting unmoderated usability testing surveys. It’s filled with over a million product testers from different parts of the globe that are willing to give honest feedback about your product.

UX Research Tools - UserTesting

UX Research Tools – UserTesting

What Is UserTesting Best For

Supported Platforms

UserTesting’s Limitations


Grain is another wonderful UX research solution that’s worth checking out on our list because of the excellent services it offers to users worldwide. This tool helps you understand your customer. Plus Grain helps you discover the pains of every end-user of your product, so you can work with necessary stakeholders in your team to fix the issues.

UX Research Tools - Grain

UX Research Tools – Grain

What Is Grain Best For

Supported Platforms

Grain’s Limitations


Another powerful tool you can count on for detailed UX research is Airtable. This cloud-based system offers an intuitive UX research environment for you to conduct surveys, and document your reports. Teams find Airtable helpful because of the robust collaborative features. This UX research solution allows you to create, organize, and track projects without hassles.

UX Research Tools - Airtable

UX Research Tools – Airtable

What’s Is Airtable Best For

Supported Platforms

Airtable’s Limitations


Hotjar is the best pick if you are interested in UX research software programs to study how users’ react or engage with a product. This program lets you post survey questions to the general public, track and record reports conveniently. Hotjar tracks, and displays resulting reports in heatmaps so you can see how users navigate your platform.

UX Research Tools - Hotjar

UX Research Tools – Hotjar

What Is Hotjar Best For

Supported Platforms

Hotjar’s Limitations

Final Thought

UX research can be challenging to conduct, but not anymore with the advent of UX research tools. The list above shows some of the top-rated UX research software for 2023. Kindly select according to your requirements as each one is designed for specific purposes.


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