Prototyping is a crucial part of UX design that lets you link each element of your design together, so as to show how the resulting product, whether a website or app, would behave. Countless tools have been developed to this effect, however, just a few of them are best fit for the job. Care to know these few tools? Read on, as we introduce you to the best 10 prototyping tools for UI/UX designers.

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What Is Prototype Design Tool?

Prototyping tools are software or programs established specifically to help you visualize the connection between each feature or element of your design. With this tool, designers can quickly identify the errors in a design before sending it out to the developer, which can increase the work productivity when designers working with developers.

These tools make collaboration simple and quick, especially when engaging in remote work. It lets you bring onboard competent teammates from the different parts of the world to collaborate and bring hidden ideas to life.

Free Prototype Design Tools for 2023

If you are looking for a budget free Prototype design tool to use in 2023, select from the list given below:


Figma is one of the most reputable prototype design tools of all time. With just a few taps, you can quickly browse, share and preview the resulting product of your design right from the comfort of your home. You can also use the Figma software to achieve design collaboration. All thanks to the excellent collaboration features it holds.

Free Prototype Design Tool - Figma

Free Prototype Design Tool – Figma

Figma’s Key Features

Supported Platforms

Figma’s Limitations


With InVision, you can bring your creative idea to life via your computer system, or mobile device. This online prototype tool comes with a comprehensive interface that allows you to preview the connection between the different elements of your designs, so as to confirm whether or not it’s perfect for public usage. It also offers wireframe services, as it allows you to create a quick sketch of the different stages of your product design.

Free Prototype Design Tool - InVision

Free Prototype Design Tool – InVision

InVision’s Key Features

Supported Platforms

InVision’s Limitations

Mockplus iDoc

Another powerful prototyping tool on our list is the Mockplus iDoc software. It made its way here because of the simplicity of the user interface, robust collaboration tools, and more. This award winning software lets you turn your static designs into an interactive prototype that you can browse through, view, and share with teammates for comments.

Free Prototype Design Tool - Mockplus iDoc

Free Prototype Design Tool – Mockplus iDoc

Mockplus iDoc’s Key Features

Supported Platform

Mockplus iDoc’s Limitations


Bring exactly what’s on your mind to life without difficulty with the Justinmind prototyping tool. Designers around the globe count on this software to create clickable prototypes and functional simulations. Additionally, you can use Justinmind to create stunning vector designs. This tool is very easy to operate and supports a wide range of collaboration tools.

Free Prototype Design Tool - Justinmind

Free Prototype Design Tool – Justinmind

Justinmind’s Key Features

Supported Platforms

Justinmind’s Limitations


Lastly on the best free prototyping tool is MockFlow- a simple yet effective tool that lets you create and collaborate on wireframes with minimal hassles. With this program, designers can move from brainstorming to planning, project execution, and more. You can also use it to connect with teammates, as it allows you to bring onboard different key UI/UX designers, and developers around the globe.

Free Prototype Design Tool - MockFlow

Free Prototype Design Tool – MockFlow

MockFlow’s Key Features

Supported Platforms

MockFlow’s Limitations

Paid Prototype Design Tools for 2023

Here are the best paid prototype tools to use in 2023 as a designer or developer:


Sketch is a multipurpose design platform with robust collaborative features to ease project management. With this program you can easily build fantastic wireframe, and prototypes directly from your Mac computer.

Paid Prototype Design Tool - Sketch

Paid Prototype Design Tool – Sketch

Sketch’s Key Features

Supported Platforms

Sketch Pricing


If you are looking for a prototype tool with a bit of Figma and Sketch feeling, then Framer is the best choice for you. Framer is a great paid prototyping tool most designers around the globe invest in to help bring their design to reality. This tool comes in handy for amateur designers, as it requires no coding skill for any of its operations. In addition to the prototyping services, Framer can also function as a web development tool.

Paid Prototype Design Tool - Framer

Paid Prototype Design Tool – Framer

Framer’s Key Features

Supported Platforms

Framer’s Pricing is another amazing paid prototype tool with fantastic features required to build interactive designs. This prototyping solution helps you turn your ideas into creative designs that attract users worldwide. It offers several display screens for you to visualize, and understand your product better.

Paid Prototype Design Tool -

Paid Prototype Design Tool –’s Key Features

Supported Platforms



Zeplin is a world-leading prototyping solution you can rely on to bring like minded designers together in order to build a great product. This tool powers several incredible features that you need to accelerate productivity within your team. From robust comment tools, powerful annotation tools, and many others. Zeplin has everything you need to give life to your projects.

Paid Prototype Design Tool - Zeplin

Paid Prototype Design Tool – Zeplin

Zeplin’s Key Features

Supported Platforms



Balsamiq is a low fidelity prototype software designed for users of all kinds, such as product managers, developers, business analyst and more. It’s one of the fastest, and reliable UX design solutions you can use to to stay on top of your design game as it lets you plan, and focus on crucial tasks.

Paid Prototype Design Tool - Balsamiq

Paid Prototype Design Tool – Balsamiq

Balsamiq’s Key Features

Supported Platforms


Final Thought

There you go with our top 10 prototyping software/tools to use in 2023. Which one of these tools do you wish to invest in as a designer? Irrespective of your answer, we advise that you consider the subscription pricing, ease of use, plus number of features it supports before purchasing the tool.


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