SharePoint is a popular document collaboration tool that allows you to collaborate with your co-workers, friends, and others on a project. While SharePoint can be a great tool for collaboration, it can be expensive and may not always meet an organization’s specific needs.

Best SharePoint Alternatives

Best SharePoint Alternatives

Many alternatives offer similar features and functionality but at a lower cost or with a more user-friendly interface. However, if you’re unaware of the best SharePoint alternative, don’t worry. In this article, we’ve listed the finest SharePoint Alternatives one can find in the market. Let’s get started!

Why Do People Still Use SharePoint?

SharePoint is an online platform developed for collaboration and document management. It allows users to store, organize and share files, and collaborate on documents and projects with other users. SharePoint is widely used in organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, to improve team productivity and streamline workflow.

Knowledge Management Tool - Sharepoint

Knowledge Management Tool – Sharepoint

SharePoint has several key features that make it an attractive option for many businesses. For example, it allows for easy document sharing and collaboration, making it a great tool for remote teams. Moreover, SharePoint has built-in security features that help protect sensitive information. It also integrates with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and OneDrive, making it easy for users to work with familiar tools.

What Are the Disadvantages of SharePoint?

One of the main disadvantages of SharePoint is its cost. While it can be a great tool for collaboration and document management, it can be expensive for some organizations, especially for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget. Also, SharePoint’s licensing and deployment can be complex, making it difficult for some organizations to utilize its capabilities fully.

Another disadvantage of SharePoint is its steep learning curve. SharePoint is a powerful platform with many features and capabilities, but it can be difficult for new users to navigate and understand. This can be annoying and can cause decreased productivity. Furthermore, SharePoint’s scalability can also be an issue, especially regarding large data sets and heavy usage, which can cause performance issues and slow down the system.

Top 8 SharePoint Alternatives Available in 2023

Want the best SharePoint alternative? You can find your best bet in this list:


ClickUp is one of the best productivity tools that can be used as an alternative to SharePoint. It allows users to create and manage tasks, projects, and team collaboration all in one place. ClickUp offers a wide range of features, including to-do lists, calendars, time tracking, and goal setting, that can help teams increase productivity and streamline their workflow.

SharePoint Alternatives - ClickUp

SharePoint Alternatives – ClickUp

ClickUp’s Features

ClickUp’s Limitations

ClickUp’s Price Plans: Free to $5 per month


Another SharePoint alternative, Box, is a cloud-based content management and file-sharing platform. It enables you to store, and share files while collaborating on work from anywhere. It has many features, including file management, version control, and security, that can help organizations improve productivity and streamline their workflow.

SharePoint Alternatives - Box

SharePoint Alternatives – Box

Box’s Features

Box’s Limitations

Box’s Price Plans: Free to $15 per month


Developed by Atlassian, Confluence is a collaboration software for managing and collaborating on documents with teams. Want to collaborate on documents and projects with other team members? This software allows users to create, organize, share content. It is a web-based platform with various features, such as team wikis, task management, and reporting.

SharePoint Alternatives - Confluence

SharePoint Alternatives – Confluence

Confluence’s Features

Confluence’s Limitations

Confluence’s Price Plans: Free to $5.75 per month


Workzone is a project management and collaboration software designed for businesses and organizations. Workzone is a brilliant app when it comes to creating and managing projects, tasks, and team collaboration all in one place. It also offers a user-friendly interface and a free trial version that can be a suitable alternative for small businesses or teams on a budget.

SharePoint Alternatives - Workzone

SharePoint Alternatives – Workzone

Workzone’s Features

Workzone’s Limitations

Workzone’s Price Plans: Free to $24 per month


Samepage is a collaboration software that combines project management, team communication, and document management in one platform. No matter if you want to organize or simply collaborate on tasks with other colleagues— Samepage is the app for you!

SharePoint Alternatives - Samepage

SharePoint Alternatives – Samepage

Samepage’s Features

Samepage’s Limitations

Samepage’s Price Plans: Free to $39 per month


Igloo is a cloud-based intranet and collaboration platform that helps businesses and organizations improve communication, collaboration, and knowledge management. You can not only create a project for yourself but can also indulge other team members to collaborate and put in their efforts remotely. Igloo offers many features, such as task management, social collaboration, and document management.

SharePoint Alternatives - Igloo

SharePoint Alternatives – Igloo

Igloo’s Features

Igloo’s Limitations

Igloo’s Price Plans: Free to $12 per month


Jostle is a software that creates employee intranet and engagement platforms for organizations. It aims to improve communication, collaboration, and employee engagement within a company by providing a centralized platform for employees to access company information, connect with colleagues, and share ideas. It is cloud-based and can be accessed through web browsers and mobile devices.

SharePoint Alternatives - Jostle

SharePoint Alternatives – Jostle

Jostle’s Features

Jostle’s Limitations

Jostle’s Price Plans: Free to $2.50 per month

eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an open-source digital workplace software that helps organizations improve employee collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing. It is a full-featured intranet and collaboration platform that includes document management, social networking, project management, and forums. eXo Platform can be used to create a centralized hub for employees to access company information, connect with colleagues, and share ideas.

SharePoint Alternatives - eXo Platform

SharePoint Alternatives – eXo Platform

eXo’s Features

eXo’s Limitations

eXo’s Price Plans: Free to $5 per month

Final Thought

Although SharePoint is a robust teamwork and file management platform, it is not always the ideal option for every business. Due to this, many people look for its alternatives. If the same is true for you, we hope you find the best SharePoint Alternatives after reading this article. Moreover, we hope you found this article informative and helpful. If you did, please feel free to share it and leave a comment with your thoughts or feedback.


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