Watermarks on photos, videos, and other digital media can often be an annoyance, especially if they don’t belong to you or need to be removed for professional or personal reasons. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or video creator, having a reliable watermark remover tool on your Mac is essential. With the many options available, here are seven of the best Mac watermark remover programs to consider.

Top Mac Watermark Removers

Top Mac Watermark Removers

What Is Mac Watermark Remover?

A Mac watermark remover is a software program designed specifically for removing watermarks from photos, videos, and documents on macOS computers.

There are some key things to know about Mac watermark removers:


Wipit enables you to remove watermark or to remove other unwanted objects from images, photos, and videos. As a professional and user-friendly AI Watermrk Remover, it’s widely used among blogger, bloggers, photographers, designers, and other content creators. Free access to Wipit and check its key features that make Wipit the best choice for removing watermarks on Mac and Windows computers.

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Mac Watermark Remover - Wipit

Mac Watermark Remover – Wipit

Key Features:

Wipit only removes watermarks and elements from user-owned or authorized content. Users must avoid infringing on others’ intellectual property rights. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material is illegal, and Wipit and Gemoo strictly condemn such software usage..


PhotoDirector is a powerful but affordable photo editor for Mac that also includes advanced tools for removing watermarks. As a full-featured image editing application, PhotoDirector provides robust functionality beyond only watermark removal.

Mac Watermark Remover - PhotoDirector

Mac Watermark Remover – PhotoDirector

Key Features:


AniEraser is a powerful Mac watermark remover that offers a convenient solution for removing watermarks from images and videos on macOS. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, AniEraser has gained popularity among Mac users seeking to remove watermarks from their multimedia content.

Mac Watermark Remover - AniEraser

Mac Watermark Remover – AniEraser

Key Features


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful yet freely available open-source graphics editor that is very well-suited for removing watermarks from images on Mac systems. With its comprehensive set of selection, masking and editing tools, GIMP allows users to meticulously extract watermarks without altering the original photo beneath.

Mac Watermark Remover - GIMP

Mac Watermark Remover – GIMP

Some of the key advantages GIMP provides for watermark removal include extremely precise selection capabilities using the rectangular, elliptical and free-form selection tools. This allows for isolating even tiny watermarks accurately. Its layer masking functionality enables confining edits selectively to just the watermark layer while keeping the underlying photo intact.

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Aiseesoft is a robust yet user-friendly photo editor designed specifically for Mac operating systems. In addition to offering the standard photo editing features like cropping, color adjustments, and effects, FotoSlate also contains some powerful and specialized watermark removal tools.

Mac Watermark Remover - Aiseesoft

Mac Watermark Remover – Aiseesoft

With its AI-driven automatic watermark detection capabilities, Aiseesoft can intelligently identify common photo watermarks in just seconds. Users can then simply click a button to remove detected watermarks in one click. For tougher or custom watermarks, Aiseesoft provides precise selection and masking tools as well.

Key Features

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a leading photo editing application for Mac that streamlines the process of removing watermarks from images thanks to its sophisticated implementation of artificial intelligence. At the core is Luminar AI’s advanced recognition of common watermark patterns, logos, and text-based copyright markings. With a simple click, the AI can automatically detect and isolate these watermarks for expedited removal.

Mac Watermark Remover - Luminar AI

Mac Watermark Remover – Luminar AI

For to identify watermarks or those not detected by the AI, Luminar AI provides high-precision selection and layer mask tools. This allows users to manually separate watermarks onto their layer with pixel-level accuracy. From there, watermarks can be smoothly edited away or obscured with customizable adjustments and filters.

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Dr.Watermark is a dedicated watermark remover application designed specifically for Mac systems. As its name suggests, removing watermarks is the sole focus of Dr.Watermark, allowing it to excellently streamline the process.

Mac Watermark Remover - Dr.Watermark

Mac Watermark Remover – Dr.Watermark

A priority of the developers was to create an intuitive and easy-to-use interface so watermark removal is accessible even to those without photo editing experience. Files are simply dragged and dropped into Dr.Watermark, where automatic detection then identifies watermarks. Users then select the type of watermark (text, logo, image, etc.) and it is removed in one click.

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In addition to dedicated watermark removal apps, general-purpose image and video editors can also be utilized to crop watermarks out of photos and clips. For such a task, VEED.IO is an excellent free online option available.

Mac Watermark Remover - VEED.IO

Mac Watermark Remover – VEED.IO

As a cloud-based video editing platform, VEED.IO allows cropping watermarks directly in the browser without requiring any software downloads. Users simply upload their files, then precise cropping tools can isolate and extract watermarked areas. The multi-track timeline also enables splitting clips to remove embedded watermarks frame-by-frame.

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Final Thought

In conclusion, choosing the right Mac watermark remover depends on your specific workflow and the types of files needing cleanup.

For basic users seeking an affordable solution, free options like GIMP perform admirably given their lack of cost. But advanced professionals may benefit most from paid heavyweight editors with unlimited power and support. Standalone tools also remain ideal when solely needing a fast watermark wipe.


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