Google Meet recordings provide a convenient way to review meetings or share them with others who couldn’t attend. When a Google Meet session is recorded, the video file is automatically saved to the organizer’s Google Drive, specifically within a dedicated folder named “Meet Recordings.” This integration with Google Drive ensures that recordings are securely stored and easily accessible. Additionally, an email notification with a link to the recording is sent to the meeting organizer, and in some cases, to other participants, depending on the organization’s settings. This system allows for easy retrieval and sharing of meeting recordings, enhancing team collaboration and communication within and across teams.

Where Are Google Meet Recordings Saved?

Google Meet recordings are saved to Google Drive, specifically within a folder named “Meet Recordings.” When a meeting is recorded, the recording file is automatically saved to the organizer’s Google Drive in this designated folder.

Where Are Google Meet Recordings Saved

Where Are Google Meet Recordings Saved

Here’s how it generally works:

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Where Are Google Meet Recordings Stored by Default?

By default, Google Meet recordings are stored in Google Drive. Specifically, after a meeting is recorded in Google Meet, the recording file is automatically saved to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive in a folder named “Meet Recordings.” This folder is typically located in the main directory (root) of the organizer’s Google Drive.

Why Is Google Meet Recording Not Showing Up?

If your Google Meet recording is not showing up, there could be various reasons for this issue. Here are some of the most common problems and steps you can take to identify and potentially resolve them:

Processing Time

Google Meet recordings need time to process after the meeting ends. This processing time can vary. Wait for a bit after the meeting has concluded. Depending on the length of your recording, it could take a while to become available.

Permissions and Access

Only the meeting organizer or individuals in the same organization with appropriate permissions can initiate recordings and access them. Ensure you have the necessary permissions if you are trying to access the recording. If you were the organizer, check your email and Google Drive.

Google Workspace Plan Limitations

Not all Google Workspace plans include the recording feature. For example, Google Workspace Essentials does not allow meeting recordings. Confirm the features included in your Google Workspace plan to ensure it supports meeting recordings.

Administrative Restrictions

Recording features can be restricted by Google Workspace administrators within an organization. Check with your IT department or Google Workspace administrator to ensure that the recording feature is enabled for your meetings.

Email Notifications

Notifications with the recording link may sometimes be delayed or filtered into spam/junk folders. Check your spam or junk folder for emails from Google Meet. Also, search your email for terms like “Meet recording” or the meeting’s title.

Storage Limitations

Insufficient storage space in Google Drive could prevent new recordings from being saved. Verify that there is enough storage space available in your Google Drive to accommodate new recordings.

How to Find Google Meeting Recordings?

Finding your Google Meet recordings involves a few straightforward steps. Google Meet recordings are automatically saved to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive in a specific folder. Here’s how you can locate these recordings:

Find Google Meeting Recordings

Find Google Meeting Recordings

Step 1. After a Google Meet session is recorded, the organizer and possibly other participants will receive an email with a recording link. Check your main inbox and also the Spam or Junk mail folder if you can’t find the notification.

Step 2. Go to Google Drive and look for a folder named “Meet Recordings” in your main directory (root) of Google Drive.

Step 3. Inside the “Meet Recordings” folder, recordings are typically named with the date and title of the meeting.

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Final Thought

In conclusion, Google Meet recordings are automatically stored in the Google Drive of the “Meeting” organizer, within a folder named “Meet Recordings.” This setup ensures the recordings are secure and easily accessible to authorized users. Participants can quickly locate these recordings via direct links sent in email notifications, or by navigating to the appropriate folder in Google Drive. This straightforward and integrated storage solution helps facilitate ongoing collaboration and reference, making it a valuable feature for businesses and educational institutions alike.


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