Step back and absorbing other people’s knowledge is crucial for professional development. As a place of constant change, the digital world can take time to keep up with all the trends. Every UXer is compelled to modify and reconsider how they approach each project.

Fortunately, there are a few methods that might assist you in staying informed on the most recent changes in the sector. One of them keeps track of the leading UX influencers.

UX influencers are excellent resources for knowledge and creativity. Following them is a great way to stay current on market trends, learn from others’ experiences and thoughts, and find inspiration for your UX career.

Keep reading to discover our selection of UX experts and designers who could make looking for fresh inspiration and ideas simpler.

Top 15 UX Influencers

Influencers have a role in more than just helping buyers make judgments about what to buy. So, here we’ve included the top 15 UX influencers in the list below; check out these professionals for guidance or to be motivated by their successes in 2023.

Elizé Todd – Mentor and educator for General Assembly at Adobe

Elizé Todd

UX Influencer Elizé Todd

Elizé Todd LinkedIn

Elizé Todd Website

Elize became a UX director for a digital marketing agency within a year of completing the User Experience Design Immersion course in 2015. She co-founded a UX design agency within two years. She now produces content to teach aspiring designers how to advance their careers. Elizé Todd works as an educator and mentor for Adobe’s General Assembly.

Because it is the responsibility of every employee in an organization to care about the user’s experience, her mission is to make UX accessible to everyone. Elize enjoys empowering others to make decisions and take action in their life.

Product designer, educator, and Youtuber Elizé UX keeps the user experience “genuine” and enjoyable. She instills confidence in novice UXers by encouraging their careers and serving as a mentor. See how she becomes a UX Director a year after General Assembly by visiting her YouTube channel.

Yael Levey – London-based designer

Yael Levey

UX Influencer Yael Levey

Yael Levey Twitter

Yael Levey Website

Yael Levey began working as a UX designer in 2009. She had the incredible good fortune to work at some of the most exciting startups in London in the early 2010s, including Moo, JustGiving, and Mind Candy, during the most formative years of her career.

She changed her position at the BBC from individual contributor to people manager, taking charge of a remarkable legacy brand and managing a redesign of the BBC Weather digital experiences.

Designer Yael lives in London and frequently shares amusing vignettes from her daily life. You can always learn something new by following Yael, whether it’s an update on her home office setup or a peek at a conference she’s attending.

Chris Do – The Founder of The Futur

UX Influencer Chris Do

Chris Do YouTube

Chris Do is a designer who has won Emmy awards, the founder and CEO of Blind, and the creator of The Futur, who oversees the organization’s strategic and creative direction.

Mr. Do is a board member and advisor for several institutions, including AIGA/LA, the Emmys Motion & Title Design Peer Group, Saleshood, the Otis Board of Governors, Santa Monica College, and Woodbury University. He shows people how to pursue their passions as a means of income.

A consultation with Chris Do may be what you need if you want to skip through the difficulties of managing a creative profession or if you have a business issue that needs solving. Break through the mental barriers preventing you from realizing your full potential. Earn what you are worth, not what customers will pay you.

Shanae Ullman – Founder and CEO of Nerdy Diva

Shanae Ullman

UX Influencer Shanae Ullman

Shanae Ullman Instagram

In team meetings, Shanae Ullman, an African American woman with experience in information technology and user experience, was frequently the sole female and black participant. She tried to avoid passionately defending herself against foolish remarks and instead chose her battles.

She has created captivating user experiences for large, multinational high-tech corporations, academic institutions, and small businesses. She has also instructed UX/UI courses at Fisher College, Maryville University, and Northeastern University. Scaling digital transformation, promoting diversity and inclusion, and designing for mobile devices are some of her passions.

Senior UX Designer Shanae works for The Boeing Company. She is also the founder and CEO of Nerdy Diva, a tech startup run by women that offers training, branding, web development, and user experience services for expanding online businesses.

Anfisa Bogomolova – A UX and Product Designer

Anfisa Bogomolova

UX Influencer Anfisa Bogomolova

Anfisa Bogomolova Instagram

Anfisa Bogomolova LinkedIn

Anfisa is a content developer and UX designer. She is a Senior UX Designer at MEWS and has worked for Citrix and NCR, co-founded a firm called Columbery, and freelanced for six years in the past.

Anfisa has produced UX material for Instagram, podcasts, and blogging as a side project since 2016. And she provides training, coaching, and a variety of workshops to assist prospective designers in shifting to UX.

Also, Anfisa is one of the top Instagram UX influencers, and on her page, she covers various topics in her account, from early-stage activities to various testing methods. If you’re interested in that and need to be a complete newbie, you can enroll in a course on her website to increase your understanding and confidence in UX.

Andrew Kucheriavy – Co-Founder and CEO of Intechnic

Andrew Kucheriavy

UX Influencer Andrew Kucheriavy

Andrew Kucheriavy Twitter

Andrew Kucheriavy LinkedIn

Intechnic’s founder and CEO, Andrew Kucheriavy has functional expertise in User Experience (UX) design, business strategy, inbound marketing, web development, and business growth. He is a published author, blogger, and well-known visionary that some of the biggest brands in the world have hired.

Also, Andrew is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and the ninth professional to receive the Master in User Experience degree worldwide.

Andrew works with international brands to enhance website user experiences, resulting in over 30% increases in engagement, conversions, and revenue. Do low conversions, client complaints, and high attrition rates cause problems for your business? With content customers, businesses can survive. Andrew will lead your business on a revolutionary path to satisfy your clients.

Jeff Veen – Leader of Adaptive Path

Jeff Veen

UX Influencer Jeff Veen

Jeff Veen Twitter

Blog: How a Design Expert Views Investments

Designer and investor Jeff Veen hail from California. As a Design Partner at True Ventures, Jeff works with businesses to improve their products. He serves as an advisor for organizations such as about. Me, Medium, and WordPress.

Before Typekit was acquired by Adobe, which he co-founded and was CEO of, Jeff was vice president of design at Adobe and one of the founding members of the Adaptive Path user experience consultancy firm. He also worked for Google during his career, where he oversaw the UX team for Google’s products and designed Google Analytics.

Many websites, including HotWired, Web Monkey, Wired News, etc., were built with his assistance. You may listen to his more than 90 podcasts or follow him on Twitter to learn more about the tools, fads, and strategies influencing our digital future.

Katie Dill – Former Director of Experience for Airbnb

Katie Dill

UX Influencer Katie Dill

Katie Dill Twitter

Katie Dill LinkedIn

Katie Dill oversees the designers developing Airbnb’s digital products and services as Head of Experience. Katie is in charge of the staff members, procedures, and organizational frameworks that enable the team to provide online and offline top-notch experiences.

Katie Dill has experience working for several organizations renowned for innovative UX practices. She formerly served as Vice President of Design at Lyft and Director of Experience Design at AirBnB. She is currently Stripe’s Head of Design.

In UX conferences, Katie is a sought-after speaker. This UX thought leader is someone you should listen to. Katie has experience in user research, corporate strategy, industrial, service, and digital design. Katie is passionate about creating memorable client experiences by carefully planning each touchpoint. She has devoted her career to creating renowned design companies and knows incredible things come from great teams.

Khoi Vinh – Principle Designer at Adobe

Khoi Vinh

UX Influencer Khoi Vinh

Khoi Vinh YouTube

Blog: Getting Things Done

Khoi Vinh is one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” and a Senior Director of Design at Adobe. Khoi was formerly The New York Times design director. He is the creator of the popular design and technology blog

He has been a prominent member of the design community for more than 20 years. He also presents the design-focused podcast Wireframe and maintains a highly-read blog about design and technology at

Cory Lebson – Leader of Lebsontech

Cory Lebson

UX Influencer Cory Lebson

Cory Lebson Twitter

Blog: Lebsontech blog

UX consultant, teacher, and author Cory Lebson have over 20 years of expertise. He established Lebson Tech LLC, a UX consultancy company, in 2008 and has continuously been a voice of influence in the sector.

Cory has experience in usability, psychology, research, and strategy. He has given more than 150 talks, articles, and training sessions. To share his knowledge with others working in UX or pursuing a career in the area, Cory wrote “The UX Jobs Guide.”

He served as the previous president of the International User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) and frequently hosted LinkedIn Learning training sessions. If you work in UX or are considering it, you should follow Cory.

He has the knowledge to impart with over 20 years of experience and his own UX consulting business, Lebsontech. He compiled all of his insightful ideas into his UX Careers Handbook, in which he covers the fundamentals of interface design, user interactions, career roadmaps, and more.

Lizzie Dyson – The founderLadies that UX

Lizzie Dyson

UX Influencer Lizzie Dyson

Lizzie Dyson Twitter


In our list of UX influencers, Lizzie Dyson, a Senior Manager of UX/UI at TalkTalk, stands out as one of the most talented recent additions. After receiving her degree in web design in 2012, she and Georgie Bottomley started Ladies That UX in Manchester the following year. It’s “a monthly meet-up that fosters a friendly, open community of women working in user experience which positively promote and teach one other.”

“We wanted to develop a supportive environment where ladies could unwind after a long day at work. It’s about developing friendships within the community, learning more about user experience, and feeling at ease enough to seek guidance.”

Ladies That UX gained popularity and has chapters in over 55 places worldwide.

Elizabeth Churchill – The Director of UX for Google Material Design

Elizabeth Churchill

UX Influencer Elizabeth Churchill

Elizabeth Churchill Twitter

Elizabeth Churchill Website

Presently serving as Google’s Director of UX is Elizabeth Churchill. She has a solid foundation in research science, psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, human-computer interface, and cognitive ergonomics. She has benefited from these several fields to hold one of the most significant UX responsibilities in the business.

Elizabeth frequently gives presentations at conferences on how her training in psychology, AI, and cognitive science has influenced her UX design methods and outcomes. She was Vice President of the Association of Computing Machinery and had over 150 papers and 50 patents.

She regularly gives keynote addresses on design, UX research, human-computer interaction, and others that lie at the nexus of technology, people, and society.

Patricia Reiners – Senior Designer for Innovation

Patricia Reiners

UX Influencer Patricia Reiners

Patricia Reiners Instagram

Patricia ReinersLinkedIn

Patricia has worked in UI/UX design for more than ten years, creating websites, apps, and other digital projects. From the initial concept to the construction of the first interactive prototypes and wireframes to the creation of the exact screen design and the technical implementation of animated websites, she collaborates with her clients on every aspect of her work. Also, she has a YouTube channel where she offers advice and documents her daily life as a UI/UX designer.

She posts free videos on YouTube about productivity, the future of user experience, and design. Visit her profile on Behance or Dribbble to see her work and get inspired.

Jan Mraz – Co-Founder of Atheros

Jan Mraz

UX Influencer Jan Mraz

Jan Mraz Instagram

Jan Mraz LinkedIn

In 2019, Jan began sharing experiences from his design journey and educational content on social media. Over time, a sizable global community of more than 188,000 people has emerged. Afterward, he produced an ebook and an online course to assist people in beginning a career in design. He was also in charge of developing the Atheros Learning platform, which enables other professionals in the field to provide their training courses.

Jeff, who co-founded Adaptive Path and served as vice president of design at Adobe, highlights the necessity of a systematic design process to optimize economic value. With his social media sites, he also shares his knowledge with others.

Russ Wilson – UX Designer

Russ Wilson

Russ Wilson

Russ Wilson LinkedIn

Blog: Speaker Russ Wilson 

Russ Wilson is an accomplished UX designer with over 20 years of expertise. He has collaborated with numerous well-known companies, including Google, Microsoft, and IBM. shares insightful details about his job, motivation, news that affects UX designers, and helpful hints.

Focus on results, balancing innovation and creativity with pragmatic considerations, unique expertise in product strategy, user experience design, user interface engineering, and creative thinking, demonstrated track record for improving products, levels of customer satisfaction attained, managed direct and matrixed teams globally, solid entrepreneurial background, active participation in the software design community, and recognition as an innovator, creative thinker, and entrepreneur.


UX influencers are a great resource whether you’re looking for advice, want to learn new skills, or are simply looking for some tips and ideas that might be useful.

I follow Jan Mraz as a dedicated full-stack developer because of his excellent advice. Is there a fantastic designer I’ve overlooked? Please share some of your favorite UX Instagram profiles with our Facebook community! Do you follow every person on our list, or are some of your favorites absent? We might include your preferred influencer below if you send us a tip.


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