With the advent of the digital age, designers now have access to many innovative tools that may enhance their workflow management and produce stunning results. With their cutting-edge capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and time-saving processes, these applications are a must-have for every graphic designer, web designer, UI/UX designer, or artist. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, the correct applications may greatly impact your output, workflow, and final result.

In this article, we look at the field of design applications and propose 12 possibilities that every designer should consider about downloading. We investigate free and commercial applications, learning about their benefits and drawbacks. These software packages and mobile apps may meet graphic design, prototyping, vector graphics, wireframing, and more. You may open up a new world of opportunity and fully realize your creative potential by adding these applications to your design toolset. So come along as we explore the world of best apps for designers and learn about the resources that will revolutionize your creative process.

Why Are Apps for Designers Important?

A designer’s ability to be creative, streamline their processes, and produce high-quality work is greatly aided by the availability of dedicated apps. These applications include a wealth of features and functions aimed squarely at satisfying the requirements of designers working in various fields. Intuitive user interfaces, powerful tools, and tight integration help designers realize their ambitions.

Why Are Apps for Designers Important

Why Are Apps for Designers Important

The potential to increase output is a major selling point for design-specific applications. templates presets, and libraries are commonplace in these tools, allowing designers to save time and effort. They also include sophisticated editing capabilities that let designers make precise adjustments to their work.

Moreover, design applications include a library of assets, including fonts, icons, stock pictures, and color palettes. With access to such a large collection of materials, designers can experiment with new ideas while maintaining brand cohesion. In addition, many of these applications provide built-in collaboration tools, making it easy for designers to coordinate their efforts with customers, coworkers, and other team members.

Is There a Free Design App?

There are, in fact, several free design applications that provide robust features and functionality without requiring a monetary outlay on the user’s part. Designers may experiment with their ideas, hone their craft, and create high-quality work with the help of these free design applications. Numerous free design applications provide comprehensive design tools and functionality, from graphic design and illustration to picture editing. Because of its straightforward layouts and simple controls, it may be used by designers of any skill level.

Nevertheless, Free design applications offer significant tools and resources for designers to create attractive images, despite potential constraints such as a reduced range of capabilities or occasional adverts compared to their premium equivalents. If you need more sophisticated capabilities, some free applications offer in-app purchases or premium editions that unlock such features and eliminate adverts.

Free design applications are a fantastic resource, whether you’re just starting as a designer or trying to save expenses by not investing in expensive software. They provide a low-cost entry point into the wide design world, letting you practice your craft and refine your abilities without breaking the bank.

6 Must-Have Free Design Apps

Let’s have a look at the 6 Must-Have Free Design Apps for designers below:


Canva is a free, straightforward program for making eye-catching designs that can be used for various projects. Canva streamlines the design process and makes it easy to personalize projects with its vast collection of templates, pictures, and fonts. Canva offers various functionality and customization choices to help you bring your ideas to life, whether you’re making visuals for social media, presentations, or marketing materials.

Free Design Apps - Canva

Free Design Apps – Canva

What Canva Is Best For?

Canva’s Limitations


GIMP, “GNU Image Manipulation Program,” is an excellent free image manipulation software. Tools for editing and modifying photos at a professional level are included. You can use GIMP for professional-level picture editing, digital painting, and other image-related activities. It supports various file types and has a robust feature set that includes layers, filters, brushes that can be customized, and more. Because of GIMP’s adaptable and adjustable workspace, it can be used by anybody from complete beginners to seasoned pros.

Free Design Apps - GIMP

Free Design Apps – GIMP

What GIMP Is Best For?

GIMP’s Limitations


Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics editor that allows designers unlimited scalability. Its open-source program comes with various drawing tools and a straightforward interface. Vector-based artwork such as logos, graphics, and diagrams may all be made using Inkscape. It has sophisticated tools like gradients, path editing, and text manipulation, and it’s compatible with a wide range of file types. Inkscape’s robust and flexible framework unlocks the creative potential of designers.

Free Design Apps - Inkscape

Free Design Apps – Inkscape

What Inkscape Is Best For?

Inkscape’s Limitations


Pixlr is a free, versatile, and user-friendly online picture editor. It has a simple user interface and various filters and effects. Pixlr is an online image editor that allows you to edit, add filters, and retouch photos. It’s possible to make non-destructive changes by including layers, masks, and blending modes. Pixlr’s accessibility and convenience stem from the fact that it can be utilized in a web browser without additional downloads or setups.

Free Design Apps - Pixlr

Free Design Apps – Pixlr

What Pixlr Is Best For?

Pixlr’s Limitations

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an effective, cross-platform design software for vector drawings and illustrations. It has various tools for working with vectors, such as making new shapes, modifying existing ones, and setting types. Logos, brochures, icons, and more can all be created using Gravit Designer. It has several advanced options, such as working with others in real time, saving data on the cloud, and using premade templates. Gravit Designer’s streamlined interface makes it accessible to all skill levels.

Free Design Apps - Gravit Designer

Free Design Apps – Gravit Designer

What Gravit Designer Is Best For?

Gravit Designer’s Limitations

Free Design Apps - Krita

Free Design Apps – Krita

Krita is a piece of art and design software allowing users to create digital paintings and illustrations according to their requirements. It is a flexible application that can create great digital artwork because it supports layers, advanced color management, and fully configurable brushes.

What Krita Is Best For?

Krita’s Limitations

6 Must-Have Paid Design Apps

Let’s have a look at the 6 Must-Have Paid Design Apps for designers below:


Figma is a real-time design tool that facilitates communication and collaboration between team members. It’s great for remote teams since it provides a cloud-based platform where numerous designers can collaborate on projects simultaneously. Vector editing, reusable design elements, and interactive prototypes are some of Figma’s design and prototyping tools. It’s easy to use and includes various plugins that improve the design process. Figma is useful for team-based design projects since it allows designers to interact easily and iterate on concepts.

Paid Design Apps - Figma

Paid Design Apps – Figma

What Figma Is Best For?

Figma’s Limitations


Sketch is a famous vector-based design tool for macOS; many artists use it to make user interfaces and other digital files. It offers a simplified and user-friendly interface and a full complement of design tools. Create and easily organize your designs with Sketch’s many tools, including symbols, artboards, and complex export choices. In addition, it may be customized via a multitude of available add-ons. Many designers favor Sketch because of its dedication to user interface and user experience design and its capacity to simplify the design process.

Paid Design Apps - Sketch

Paid Design Apps – Sketch

What Sketch Is Best For?

Sketch’s Limitations


Photoshop is the standard image editing and graphic design program. It has extensive image manipulation, digital artwork, and graphic design capabilities. Photoshop lets artists repair pictures, create spectacular visual effects, and develop graphics for numerous media. Layers, masks, filters, and sophisticated editing tools are supported. Designers in all fields use Photoshop because of its flexibility and power.

Paid Design Apps - Photoshop

Paid Design Apps – Photoshop

What Photoshop Is Best For?

Photoshop’s Limitations


Illustrator creates scalable images, logos, icons, and typography. It has extensive vector graphics, drawing, and editing features. Illustrator lets designers create shapes, gradients, and typography. It has live tracing, pattern generation, and 3D effects. Illustrator lets designers create vector-based artwork that scales without sacrificing quality. For vector graphics designers, illustrators, and artists, it’s essential.

Paid Design Apps - Illustrator

Paid Design Apps – Illustrator

What Illustrator Is Best For?

Illustrator’s Limitations


CorelDRAW is a professional-grade vector graphics editor with various helpful design tools and capabilities. Its straightforward layout and well-organized controls suit designers of all skill levels. In addition to its powerful typographic tools and unique effects, CorelDRAW also features accurate vector manipulation. In addition, it supports several file types and has object and color management tools. CorelDRAW is popular among designers because of its powerful tools and comprehensive capabilities.

Paid Design Apps - CorelDRAW

Paid Design Apps – CorelDRAW

What CorelDRAW Is Best For?

CorelDRAW’s Limitations

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a professional-grade vector drawing tool on macOS, Windows, and the iPad. It provides many options for making detailed vector graphics, logos, and other artwork. All features of Affinity Designer are advanced vector manipulation, pixel-perfect designs, and non-destructive editing. Multiple artboards, symbols, and limitations are all supported, making for a streamlined approach. Affinity Designer is a low-priced, high-quality alternative to competing design programs because of its speedy performance and support for many file types.

Paid Design Apps - Affinity Designer

Paid Design Apps – Affinity Designer

What Affinity Designer Is Best For?

Affinity Designer’s Limitations

Final Thought

Investing in the proper applications may do wonders for your productivity and creativity if you’re a designer. Before deciding between free applications and paid solutions, consider your design objectives, budget, and preferred features. These 12 essential design applications will equip you with everything you need to realize your creative fantasies. Leave a comment below about your favorite design programs and why you use them.


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