UX Design is essential to creating effective digital goods. It entails comprehending users’ wants and behaviors to produce designs that are simple to use and deliver an outstanding user experience. However, as a beginning in UX design, keeping up with the industry’s newest trends, UI/UX tools, and methodologies can be difficult.

Best UX Design Blogs for Beginners

Best UX Design Blogs for Beginners

Fortunately, various UX design blogs can keep you up to speed on the newest advances. This article will help you discover the 12 Best UX Design Blogs. We have outlined these blogs’ key features and price plans to help you evaluate them better. These blogs will provide useful ideas and tools to help you become a better UX designer. Let’s get started!

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What is UX Design?

UX Design is creating products that give people meaningful and relevant experiences. It includes the product’s visual design and operation and the emotional and psychological elements of utilizing it.

UX Design seeks to comprehend consumers’ wants, tastes, and behaviors to build products that meet or exceed their expectations. UX Design is essential for developing user-friendly, engaging, and fulfilling products that address real issues and provide value to consumers and businesses.

Why Should I Follow UX Design Blogs?

It’s crucial to keep up with the newest developments and standards in the UX design industry. One effective strategy is to subscribe to UX design blogs and UX YouTube channels. You will gain knowledge about cutting-edge resources for design and user testing. Learning from other designers is a great way to sharpen your user experience design abilities.

Second, you should start reading UX design blogs to meet other designers and form a community. For example, if you are a business starter, you can pay attention to enterprise software UX design. Comment sections and blog forums are fantastic places to meet other professionals and obtain feedback on your writing. Furthermore, many bloggers and designers are active on social media. Following them on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn can be a wonderful way to keep up with industry news and make connections.

Top 12 UX Design Blogs for Designers

Looking for the best UX design for blogs for beginners? Try out these blogs:

Material Design Blog

Google’s Material Design Blog is a blog that delivers Material Design news, lessons, and inspiration. Material Design is a design language that allows developers to build attractive, practical, and engaging user experiences. The blog discusses a variety of subjects, including design concepts, development processes, and case studies. It is an excellent resource for anybody interested in learning about Material Design or improving their user interface design abilities.

Best UX Design Blogs - Material Design Blog

Best UX Design Blogs – Material Design Blog

Material Design Blog’s Top Features

Material Design Blog’s Price Plan: free to use

Smashing Magazine

The topics of web design, programming, and user experience are covered in Smashing Magazine, an online publication. Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman started it in 2006. It has become an indispensable resource for web designers, developers, and other industry experts. Regarding online design and development, Smashing Magazine covers you with articles, tutorials, and expert interviews. The magazine also provides educational materials, such as books, eBooks, and online courses, and sponsors several online conferences and workshops.

Best UX Design Blogs - Smashing Magazine

Best UX Design Blogs – Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine’s Top Features

Smashing Magazine’s Price Plan: free to $3 per month

UX Design

Google’s UX Design is a professional certificate program covering user experience (UX) design principles. The curriculum is divided into seven classes that address subjects, including empathizing with people, creating wireframes and prototypes, and conducting research to test your ideas. The application also includes a portfolio tool, resume generator, mentor, and peer network.

Best UX Design Blogs - UX Design

Best UX Design Blogs – UX Design

UX Design’s Top Features

UX Design’s Price Plan: free to $39 per month

UX Booth

The UX Booth blog is an online publication that contains articles, lectures, and resources on various user experience (UX) design-related topics. This journal is intended for novice and intermediate-level UX professionals who wish to learn more about the field and enhance their skills. The blog covers various topics including interaction design, analytics, research, business strategy, usability, and content strategy.

Best UX Design Blogs - UX Booth

Best UX Design Blogs – UX Booth

UX Booth’s Top Features

UX Booth’s Price Plan: free to use.

Nielsen Norman Group

Regarding user experience (UX) research and consultation, the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) is among the best in the industry. Two of the most significant people in UX design history, Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, established the NN/g. UX training, consultancy, research, and reporting are only some of the services provided by the NN/g.

Best UX Design Blogs - Nielsen Norman Group

Best UX Design Blogs – Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group’s Top Features

Nielsen Norman Group’s Price Plan: free to $225 per course


Setups is a UX design blog that offers tips and tricks for improving the user experience of websites and applications. A team of expert UX designers writes the blog covering various subjects such as user research, usability testing, and design principles. The blog delivers in-depth essays on a variety of UX design subjects. The articles are authored by industry professionals and give in-depth coverage of the current trends and best practices.

Best UX Design Blogs - Setups

Best UX Design Blogs – Setups

Setups’s Top Features

Setups’s Price Plan: free to use.

UX Collective

The UX Collective is a global web platform that curates and publishes articles, stories, and insights from UX designers and professionals. The UX Collective seeks to build a community of UX practitioners who can share their expertise, experiences, and viewpoints on various UX design subjects.

Best UX Design Blogs - UX Collective

Best UX Design Blogs – UX Collective

UX Collective’s Top Features

UX Collective’s Price Plan: free to $5 per month


The NoCodeDevs online platform enables non-programmers to study, create, and promote apps and websites. The NoCodeDevs provides tutorials, templates, tools, and other resources, allowing you to use numerous no-code platforms and technologies to construct your projects.

Best UX Design Blogs – NoCodeDevs

NoCodeDevs’s Top Features

NoCodeDevs’s Price Plan: free to $9.99 per month

UX Planet

UX Planet is a website that offers articles about the design of user experiences (UX). Naveed Dowla and Pranjal Jain launched it in 2015, and it has since become one of the most popular and renowned websites for UX experts. The website offers various UX design subjects, such as user research, usability testing, design principles, and case studies. Interviews with notable UX designers and practitioners are also included.

Best UX Design Blogs - UX Planet

Best UX Design Blogs – UX Planet

UX Planet’s Top Features

UX Planet’s Price Plan: free to $5 per month

UX Myths

The UX Myths website compiles and dispels the most frequent user experience (UX) misunderstandings and myths. The UX Myths project seeks to assist UX practitioners and stakeholders make better design choices based on data and facts rather than assumptions and opinions.

Best UX Design Blogs - UX Myths

Best UX Design Blogs – UX Myths

UX Myths’s Top Features

UX Myths’s Price Plan: free to use

Design at Meta

The Design At Meta is an online platform highlighting the work and stories of Meta, previously known as Facebook’s design team. The Design At Meta blog presents the most recent design ideas and insights, particularly in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Best UX Design Blogs - Design at Meta

Best UX Design Blogs – Design at Meta

Design at Meta’s Top Features

Design at Meta’s Price Plan: free to use

Asana Design

The Asana Design is an online platform highlighting the work and stories of the design team at Asana, a project management and collaboration software company. Asana Design seeks to communicate the vision and values of design at Asana and the processes and practices that enable them to produce a product that facilitates uncomplicated collaboration between teams.

Best UX Design Blogs - Asana Design

Best UX Design Blogs – Asana Design

Asana Design’s Top Features

Asana Design’s Price Plan: free to use

Final Thought

These 12 Best UX Design Blogs for Beginners provide information and tools for both beginners and pros. These blogs are great places to go if you want to develop your design abilities, keep up with industry trends, or interact with other designers. There’s something for everyone, combining free and paid activities. Let us know what you think is the best in the comments. We think all these are great and cover many industries. Be sure to check them out!


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