Asana Vs Monday Vs Trello

Asana Vs Monday Vs Trello

We now live in a world where workflow and productivity can easily be tracked from our comfort zones using team collaboration tools. With these tools, you can easily manage workflow, track team performance, and track productivity.

Several collaboration tools are available on the net, but Asana, Monday, and Trello are big players in the industry. All three tools are well-known for top-notch services as they make project management simple, fast, and stress-free.

While Asana, Monday and Trello aim at similar goals, they have features that distinguish them from one another. These features are crucial as they often influence end-users decisions. To help you out, we will look at some of the features. Read on!

What is Asana?

Asana is one of the most versatile collaboration tools online. Many successful teams use it to connect, converse, and share important updates. This simple yet powerful tool lets you create projects, distribute among competent personnel, set deadlines, and monitor progress from anywhere around the globe.

Idea Management Software - Asana

Asana Interface

Asana is available in both web and installable versions for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. You don’t need any technical skills to operate this collaboration tool. Asana is nicely structured with an interactive interface. To use Asana, you must have created a profile with the platform. Sign in your details, invite board members, create tasks using the appropriate keys, assign to collaborators, and get the resulting work done in due time.

Besides project management, this tool is also cool for managing goals. It lets you break down complex goals for easy execution. Asana is loaded with amazing features which make project, and goal management simple and quick. This tool comes with a reminder feature that alerts you and other team members about your projects, tasks, or goals.

Asana Team Dashboard Overview

Asana Team Dashboard Overview

Another incredible feature you may find interesting on Asana is the unique chat system. Asana chat system supports private and public chat which lets you direct messages and feedback to collaborators without difficulty. Additionally, the system permits you to share files containing ideas, or project briefs.

Asana Features

What is Monday?

Monday is another great collaboration tool tailored to bring goal-oriented and project-focused teams together. This tool comes with mind-blowing features that allow you and your team members to connect. Like Asana, Monday lets you create projects, assign them to the most skilled members, set timeframes for completion, and track the progress- all in one place.

Monday Views And Board

This tool finds application in several industries, including marketing, freelance writing, and more. Monday comes in both mobile, Desktop, and web versions. The tool is perfectly organized with several viewing boards for you to analyze, and track work progress without difficulty.

Using Monday is simple with no technical skill required. Firstly, you need to create a working account, verify the account by clicking on the corresponding link that was sent to your address. Once done, sign in and invite collaborators. Add projects, tasks, or goal by selecting a template. After that, import files if necessary, and assign the task without hassles.

Monday is flexible as it lets you control what’s happening on a specific dashboard by creating a private or public workspace. It comes with @mention feature which allows you to direct your messages to specific members of your team. The tool permits users to send or respond to feedback- thanks to the built in chat system.

Monday Features

What is Trello?

Trello is an excellent collaboration and productivity tool. It comes in handy for both individuals and businesses looking for a simple way to manage their team and projects. This tool manages and tracks all types of events, including goals, easily and quickly. It’s worth comparing with Monday and Asana because of the incredible services it offers.

Idea Management Software - Trello Interface

Trello Interface

Like Asana and Monday, Trello comes with a clean chat system where board members can converse and share ideas. The platform also permits you to customize workspace dashboard effortlessly. Trello has both mobile and web versions, so you need not worry about compatibility. Users can connect from anywhere around the globe with whatever internet-enabled device.

So you can connect, organize, and track word load conveniently, Trello supports an interactive interface. Operating this collaboration tool is super easy. You have to register and validate your Trello account. Login using the appropriate credentials, invite teammates, create & distribute tasks, and monitor the progress- in a centralized system.

Trello Features

Asana vs Monday vs Trello: 5 Critical Differences

Having discussed what Asana, Monday and Trello are, let’s move a step further into the distinctive features. This section will outline five (5) critical differences between the three collaboration tools. Check them out below:

Asana Vs Monday Vs Trello: Which is Easier to Use?

All three collaboration tools are easy to use as they are built with every user in mind. Whether you are grounded in information technology or not, finding your way around Asana, Monday or Trello shouldn’t be an issue.

Asana vs Monday vs Trello: Basic and Advanced Features


Asana is loaded with several basic and advanced features that make project management stress free for collaborators worldwide. This tool supports quality features such as:


Here are some wonderful basic and advanced features Monday has in store for its users:


Find below some of the exciting basic and advanced features Trello offers end-users:

Asana vs Monday vs Trello: Support How many Team Members?

Asana, Monday and Trello each let you bring multiple collaborators on board. Each of these three (3) collaboration tools supports 1-1000+ board members.

Asana vs Monday vs Trello: Integrations

On the basis of viability, let’s see how Asana, Monday and Trello connect with third-party tools to ease project management within your workspace:


Asana connects with more than 100 third-party tools, like Dropbox, Zoom, Teams, and several others to enhance workflow within your workspace. Members that can’t connect via Asana can use this platform to get or send across vital info and expect correspondents to get updated via Asana.

Asana Integrations Page Overview

Asana Integrations Page Overview


Monday isn’t left out when it comes to robust integration. The collaboration tool connects with popular tools like Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Drive, Zoom, and more. Thus, collaborators can share ideas, information or any related content via these platforms. Monday does support Trello and Asana also.

Monday Integrations Page Overview

Monday Integrations Page Overview


Trello let’s you reach out to teammates via other platforms such as Slack, Zapier, Google Drive, etc,.

Trello Integrations Page Overview

Trello Integrations Page Overview

Asana vs Monday vs Trello: Data Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy are crucial in every organization. For your workspace to thrive, you must ensure every device you use in bringing your projects to completion is safe for use. Asana, Monday and Trello are wonderful collaboration aids with solid security features. All three tools are encrypted with the latest security innovations that protect you and other collaborators from hackers. Data and files shared via these platforms are highly secure. Hence, you and other collaborators shouldn’t worry about data theft.

Asana vs Monday vs Trello: Pricing

Below, we have the pricing plan for each of the collaboration tools. Check it out to see which one suits your budget;

Asana Pricing

Monday Pricing



For additional knowledge about Asana, Monday and Trello comparison guide, find below some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers provided by experts:

Q1. Asana vs Trello: Which is better?

Both Assna and Trello are built to bridge the connectivity gap in every industry. These tools are mostly used to bring collaborators together. However, there is a slight difference. For instance, Asana is mostly used by small teams, while Trello on the other hand is best fit for personal use.

Another key difference is the customization feature. Asana is loaded with several customization option that you can select from to pimp your workspace dashboard. Trello, however, supports limited customization which makes it boring on display.

With the few differences mentioned above, we can conclude that Asana is better than Trello. And that’s because the former is feature rich compared to the latter.

Q2. Asana vs Monday: Which is the best for freelancers?

Freelancers looking for a simple yet efficient way to collaborate on the net should invest in Monday rather than Asana. There is a plethora of reasons why we made this decision, and some of them are listed below:

Final Words

Asana, Monday, and Trell are all great collaboration tools. Which one is the best all depends on your need, and budget. The comparison guide above shows everything these tools possess. We believe the guide will be of help when investing in one of the three collaboration tools. Should you have any suggestions, kindly use the comment section.


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