Before and After Conversion

Steps to Convert Image to 3D Animation


Upload an Image

Upload a static 2D image or drag and drop it from you computer.


Convert 2D to 3D Image

With just one click, it will automatically convert your 2D image into 3D animated image.


Download, Share & Embed

Export the 3D image in MP4 or GIF file format. You can directly share it with a shareable link or embed it to your website easily.

Why Use This 2D to 3D Image Converter?


Convert Image to 3D Animation Online Free

Transform your 2D images into captivating 3D animations right in your browser. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy for anyone to use, without requiring any professional skills. With just a few simple steps, you can breathe life into your static images and bring your images to life.


Turn Your AI-Created Image to 3D

Transform your AI-generated images into lifelike 3D visuals. It becomes so easy to enhance your online presence by sharing eye-catching 3D pictures and posters on social media and engaging your audience in unique and immersive ways. It helps you to captivate your audience with impactful visuals, leaving a lasting impression.


Rich Your 3D Animation Creation Materials

With AI-driven tech, it transforms images into 3D depth animation automatically, then you can refine and elevate your animation video creation, resulting in visually captivating and immersive videos. It offers a powerful solution for you to enhance and rich your promotional videos, YouTube content, and TikTok short videos by combining them with stunning 3D animation materials.


Embed to Improve the Visual Impact of Web Design

You can elevate the visual impact of your web pages by embedding 3D images by yourself. Enhance your product and promotion pages with captivating dynamic images. You can also capture attention and boost engagement by publishing 3D promotional videos or GIFs on social media platforms like Facebook ads/activities. This approach entices users, increasing their desire to click and make purchases.

FAQs About Convert Image to 3D Animation

Supported file formats for both uploading and exporting:

• Upload formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG

• File size restriction: Maximum limit of 2MB

• Export formats: MP4 and GIF

• Resolution: Up to 4K

Do the purchased credits have an expiration date?

The image conversion credits you've purchased are for use with the Gemoo 3D Image Converter, have no cash value, and are non-transferable. Credits purchased before December 31, 2024, are valid until March 2025. Any unused credits will expire after this date. Please use your credits promptly upon purchase.

Is this product a one-time purchase or a subscription? Can I get a refund?

• This product is a one-time purchase, not a subscription. Once you make the payment, the entitlements are immediately added to your account.

• As for the refund, please note that you can only request it before using the product due to server cost consumption. If you need a refund, please feel free to contact us.

Will my image be uploaded to the cloud, and is it secure?

Yes, your images will be uploaded to Gemoo Cloud. You can access, view, and manage them anytime. Gemoo Cloud utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers for hosting, which are equipped with rigorous security measures.

Do I need any professional skills to convert an image to 3D animation?

No, our tool is user-friendly and designed for beginners, requiring little to no professional skills. What you need to do is just upload your image and it will turn 2D image into 3D animation automatically.

Can I share the converted 3D animation on social media platforms?

Yes, once you have converted your image to a 3D animation, you can typically share it on various social media platforms. Most platforms support popular video formats like MP4 and GIF, allowing you to showcase your 3D animation to your audience.

Which images appear most impressive after 3D conversion?

Our converter supports any type of picture. However, to achieve the optimal 3D effect, it is recommended that the main subject of the image is centered within the frame.

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