When you click on this article to learn about web developers vs. front-end developers right now, you must be thinking, how does this website display this article created from the ground up? Is it true? If yes, how does a website keep its functionality intact over the years? How does it all happen?

To know about it in a detailed insight, you need to begin by learning about web development and its parts. There are types of web development. One is front-end web development and the other is back-end web development. In this article, our prime goal is to obtain information about the responsibilities of web and front-end developers. Moreover, we will learn the difference between web developers vs front-end developers. Learning about new things in this manner aids in grasping the concept quickly and easily.

What Is a Web Developer?

A website developer is a professional who plays the role of building a website from scratch. Their job begins with managing user interface, user experience, visual layout, and website outlook and goes beyond the back-end server working to data management. In simpler terms, a website developer takes care of everything present on both the front and back ends of a website.

What Is a Web Developer

What Is a Web Developer

Web developers learn programming languages like Python, PHP, and CSS to perform their job. They must also learn about different frameworks and version control systems to handle everything on a website. Moreover, having a knack for creativity, problem-solving, and being efficient at communication aids a lot in becoming an expert in web development.

What Is Front End Developer?

A front-end developer is a person who specializes in crafting and creating the user interface, which is the visual and graphical representation of a website and application. They are responsible for optimizing user experience by attracting the right audience through catchy graphic content, elements, and layout. Moreover, as a front-end developer, you must have a command of programming languages like CSS and JavaScript.

What Is a Front End Web Developer

What Is a Front End Web Developer

As a front-end developer, you design your website/ application in a way it speaks directly to the audience. The more visually appealing a website looks, the more users stick around. However, as a front-end developer, you need to have a mix of both technical and soft skills to keep up with the pace of new trends. A front-end developer gives life to ideas and executes them in the form of content present on the website.

Is the Web Developer Front End or Back End?

A web developer is both front end and back end. It might not be easy to comprehend initially, but as a web developer, you manage both aspects of the website. What do both aspects of a website mean in simple terms? To break it down, a website has two running sides. One of them is the front side, the client side, and the other is the back side, i.e., the server side.

Web Developer Vs Front End Web Developer

Web Developer Vs Front End Web Developer

As a web developer, you work on both sides. If you are keeping the server side running, you must perform coding, manage algorithms, and monitor the data processing, storage, and retrieval. Moreover, a web developer builds APIs ( Application Programming interfaces) and debugs any errors and issues. All of this is done using programming languages and frameworks. Communication with team members and working on meeting targets also come under the back-end web developer duty.

Now moving towards the tasks of a front-end web developer. A front-end web developer takes care of everything visual on a running website. From elements, features, GIFs, and images to videos, build an appealing website to keep users hooked. A front developer utilizes HTML and CSS to create structures and styles of a website and puts in work to ensure optimal user experience.

Web Developer Vs. Front End Developer – Key Differences

Moving on, we will now list the key differences we discussed at the beginning of this article. The following chart consists of the basic difference between both roles, providing good insight into the two.

Aspects Web Developer Front End Developer
Definition A web developer creates a website from scratch and is in charge of a site’s front-end and back-end development. A front-end developer works on a website’s client side, visual elements, and interface.
Programming Language Expertise A web developer learns front-end and back-end programming languages, including CSS, Python, PHP, and JavaScript. The main programming languages front-end developer uses include HTML, CSS, etc.
Learning Curve Web development might take time to get a grip on because it contains commands on so many programming languages, frameworks, tools, etc. Compared to web development, front-end development might be easy to master because it contains basic programming languages like CSS, python, etc., and basic coding knowledge.
Average Salary A web developer earns almost $80,000 annually in the United States. Front-end developers make an average of $86,013 in the United States.
Graphic Design Background A web developer certainly doesn’t need to be equipped with graphic design skills. As a front-end developer, graphic designing skills can aid a lot in displaying your designs and aesthetics on the website.
Main Goal A web developer’s primary goal is to develop a complete client and server website. As a front-end developer, you put all your energy into designing user interfaces and elements and work on the client side of the website.
Responsibilities A web developer maintains a website’s functionality, solves errors, and keeps up with new trends. Your responsibility as a front-end developer revolves around maintaining a website’s outer outlook and appearance and boosting user experience via visual elements.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we went through the basics of two main areas of online business and technology, web development and front-end development. We looked at the main tasks assigned to professionals working as web developers and front-end developers. Moreover, we also learned about the skills required briefly. As we shed light upon these positions individually, we also read about the differences between both jobs. It is significant to equip yourself with the right set of information. Hope this article helped you know enough about web developers vs. front-end developers. However, if you struggle somewhere regarding this topic, comment down the query, and we will respond soon.


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