Are you intrigued about what goes on behind the scenes of creating and developing a website? Well, your curiosity can finally take a seat. Learning about things required to make a site function in coherency can be fun. We only see how certain actions follow our click on the screen, but do you want to know how it happens?

What Is Backend Web Development

What Is Backend Web Development

Much work goes into crafting and running a website, software, etc. Three types of development form a working site: Front End, Back End, and Full Stack. Learning about all three together can be overwhelming. Hence In this article, we will learn about what is backend development and how it works.

What Is Back-end Development?

Backend development is the process at the back and hidden side of the website. Both the backend and front-end development are important in creating a website, application, software, etc. It is the core of server-side working. Backend development involves managing tasks like data analysis, integration, storage, and interpretation of data.

What Is Back-end Development?

What Is Back-end Development?

Back-end developers use programming languages like Python, PHP, and Java to administer data and produce codes. Backend development also comprises interaction with Application Programming Interaction (API). It was a basic introduction to this type of development. In this article, we will discuss the skills of a backend developer, their tasks, and a brief insight into it.

What Are Back-end Development Skills?

Every field and niche requires a basic skillset that aids the candidate in doing better and achieving more. Likewise, backend development also has specific skills that help you go a long way. Let us unveil what skills are important as a backend developer and the ones you need to work on to get there finally.

Skills Of a Back-end Developer

Skills Of a Back-end Developer

Solid Command of Programming Languages

A backend needs to have a full fledge command of some of the popularly used programming languages. Language acts as a bridge between a computer and the Developer. So, to achieve prosperity in this niche, you must master programming languages. However, knowing all the languages is not humanly possible, but having a grip on the mentioned three is significant.


The first language you need to learn is Java. It forms the base of big names in the industry, like Netflix, Google, Amazon, etc. It is utilized for both basic and general objectives. Moreover, it has good scalability and is used for crafting various websites and applications.


The second language you must know extensively is Python; you must be aware of its usage from the earliest development times. It is easy to use and is one of the core reasons its implementation in development is common. It is used to create websites, designs, web development, etc.


Lastly, PHP is a commonly used and easy-to-learn language skill you must learn as a web developer. A wide range of websites use it and perform instructions quite effectively.

Familiarity with Frameworks

As a backend developer, the art and knowledge of basic framework is very important. Since programming is done using a framework, you must use frameworks depending on the language you are programming in. It works as a base on which developers lay down bricks to form websites and software with the help of a programming language. Some of the most used frameworks include Django, Express, Flask, NodeJs, etc.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Now moving on as a backend development, you always work around data. So understanding Data structures and algorithms will help in achieving this goal. It makes coding easier and the entire entering and displaying of data doable. Some of the data structures you can learn to include Stacks, graphs, queues, etc., and likewise some algorithms to equip yourself with Bubble sort, Selection sort, Binary Search, etc.

Knowledge of Database Systems

Database and data structures and algorithms go hand in hand, so you must be proficient in both as a backend developer. The database is the way data is stored and organized. So the command of the database management system is crucial, and if you have a good grasp of it, you can use the data quite efficiently. A few names are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, etc.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript

As important as it is to master back-end programming languages, knowledge of front-end languages holds the same significance. It gives an upper hand over other backend developers, and the most important of these languages include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A good insight into these languages will aid the coding journey and guarantee good output.

Knowledge of API

API stands for Application Programming Interface, a backend web development building block. API connects different applications, so a backend developer needs some basic commands on API. Without an API, the site you are accessing for shopping, for instance, AliExpress, would have a hard time opening on your device.

Familiarity With Servers

Since the base of backend development works around servers, it is vital to equip yourself with basic server information to be proficient in your job. A server works as a hub of information and data provision, like databases, algorithms, files, etc., to other systems through a network. Mastering the servers’ basics is a plus skill and should be considered while becoming a backend developer.

Understanding of the Version Control System

A website, application, or system change is inevitable, and version control takes charge. Hence it forms a crucial part of backend web development. As a backend developer, understanding the version control system is essential.

Art Of Problem-Solving

Backend development can be a good career if you enjoy solving problems and creating solutions. Much work in this field requires finding ways to fix arising problems, and as a person having this skill innately can be a solid plus.

Mastering Communication Skills

One skill that will never fail you is the command of communication. Like other fields, communication skills are necessary as a backend developer. You need to communicate with other team members frequently, and it might be a bad sign if you lack basic command of communication.

What Does a Backend Developer Do?

From ensuring secure user logins and permissions to strictly validating and processing data, these coding wizards weave a digital ecosystem that makes the application run as per their instructions. Let us learn about their role in a website in more detail.

What Does a Backend Developer Do?

What Does a Backend Developer Do?

Server-Side Logic

Backend developers work their magic by crafting countless lines of code that bring life to the application. They’re the architects of the application’s inner workings, responsible for creating the algorithms that govern its every move on the server side.

Building API

You have to form Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which connect servers, applications, etc. Building APIs can be tacky initially but are vital for a website’s success.

Maintenance Of Database

As a backend developer, you must perform and maintain databases to ensure data storage and retrieval. You need to understand database systems and permit proper working and safety of data.

Resolve Issues on The Backend

Backend developers have to solve issues associated with coding actively. As a backend developer, you must proactively find any bugs and errors that might be causing a hurdle in properly working a site.

Connection With Team Members

As a backend developer, you must communicate with other team developers and ensure a coherent and seamless working system. It would help if you worked as a team to optimize the functionality of a website, software and reach its true potential.

Is Backend Developer the Same as Web Developer?

No, a backend developer is not the same as a web developer. Web development consists of three types: Front-end development, Back-end development, and Full Stack development. So, backend development is included in the umbrella of web development.

As a backend developer, you are responsible for fixing and working on the server side. A web developer works on a website’s front and back end. Front-end development means UX design and optimizing User experience directly, while as a backend developer, you work on generating codes, APIs, and retrieval of data. A web developer can do both jobs, but a backend developer is more inclined towards working on the server side.

Is It Hard to Learn Backend Development?

Learning any skill and growing in a new field can be a job. That is a universal fact one can’t deny. However, one must agree that some emerging skills require specific, focused skillsets. Backend development falls on that list. The requirements of becoming a backend developer are technical and for someone with a computer science background. Things can be hard.

Learning about programming languages takes work and time. So, this can be a factor to consider since the learning curve is longer than other skills. Not only do you need to master back-end programming languages, but a basic knowledge of front-end languages is also necessary. A pool of technical learning creates the base of this development, which can be challenging for some new people in the field depending on their educational background, experience, and interest.

Final Thought

As more inventions and technology arise, every field has more individuals specializing in a specific niche. It is a good thing as it brings more meaning and entails good results. In this article, we shed light on the concept of backend development and the skills required to become one and discovered the main tasks of a backend developer. If you still have questions or any queries, comment on them, and we will get back to you soon.


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