Screencastify is undoubtedly a big gun in the world of screen recording and video-making tools.

But there are always people searching for Screencastify alternatives.

And why’s that?

Of course, that should be expected because of its multiple limitations.

Now we don’t need to follow a single road when multiple better and more suitable routes are available. Do we?

That’s why we’ve compiled a handpicked list of 22 Screencastify alternatives, all with some unique and fantastic features.

But before we move forward, let’s first have a brief look at screencastify, focusing on its key features, pros, limitations, and price so that we may have a critical analysis of every screencastify alternative we’ll see further below.

Best Screencastify Alternatives

Best Screencastify Alternatives

What Is Screencastify?

Screencastify is a simple screen recorder that comes with an in-built video editor and sharing features. Its simplicity is what has increased its popularity like wildfire. Even if you are a beginner with little or no technical knowledge, you can easily operate this software to make a top-notch recording of your screen and polish the recorded video with its video editor.

Now let’s have a look at its other key features, pros, limitations, and price.

Key Features




Screencastify comes in two paid plans that are,

  1. Starter Plan: 7 US$ / User / Month.
  2. Pro Plan: 10 US$ / User / Month.

These prices are billed annually.

But if you are wondering, “Is there a free version of Screencastify?” then YES, a free version is available, but all the above-mentioned limitations are applied to it.

Now that you have the know-how of Screencastify, let’s dive into its alternatives right away.

23 Best Screencastify Alternatives

OBS Studio

The first Screencastify alternative in our list is OBS Studio.

This open-source screen recorder that provides its services absolutely free definitely deserves to be on the top of the list.

Unlike Screencastify, OBS Studio is available for Windows, Mac, or even Linux users and is one of the best screen recording software that is widely used around the globe.

Although OBS Studio is a free tool; no watermark is added to tarnish your recorded video.

Amazing right?

OBS Studio Interface

OBS Studio Interface

OBS Studio Key Features

OBS Studio Pros

    OBS Studio Price Plan

    User Reviews

     Bandicam Screen Recorder

    Another powerful and dynamic screen recording tool that can easily be used as a screencastify alternative is Bandicam Screen Recorder.

    The best thing of all is that even 4K video recording is supported with this tool.

    Now, as far as pricing is concerned, a free version is available, but it comes with multiple limitations and a watermark on the recorded video.

    Bandicam Screen Recorder

    Bandicam Screen Recorder

    Bandicam Key Features

    Bandicam Pros

      Bandicam Price Plan

      Bandicam User Reviews


      The next screencastify alternative in line is ShareX which specializes in sharing any audio or video just like its name.

      At first glance, it may look straightforward and easy to use. Yet, some users have found it a bit intimidating solely because of the multiple ways you can use it. 

      Nevertheless, the excelling feature that makes it shine is that more than 80 destinations are supported in ShareX. And that’s really a lot if you ask me.

      Lastly, ShareX is also an open-source tool that is totally free, with no ads and no additional buy-in!

      Open Source Screen Recorder - ShareX

      Open Source Screen Recorder – ShareX

      ShareX Key Features

      ShareX Pros

        ShareX Price Plan

        ShareX User Reviews


        If you are looking for a screencastify alternative with some excellent post-recording tools, then Camtasia by TechSmith is what you need.

        The in-built video editor of Camtasia provides some professional-level features so that you can polish and mold your recorded videos according to your taste.

        And that’s not all; you can effortlessly share your videos directly to Youtube, Screencast, Vimeo, and many other places.

        Camtasia Interface

        Camtasia Interface

        Camtasia Key Features

        Camtasia Pros

          Camtasia Price Plan

          Camtasia User Reviews

          Emoji Party Popper For a more in-depth look at Camtasia’s alternatives, pros and cons and its features, you can read the attached article.


          Snagit is also one of the world’s highest-rated screen recording tools. This screen capturing tool is also from the TechSmith company.

          The wide diversity of features that Snagit provides makes it a perfect Screencastify alternative.

          With this tool, you can easily capture any part of your screen or a specific window as an image or a video and use both microphone and system audio.

          Although both tools are from TechSmith, having Snagit is more economical than the Camtasia.

          Snagit Interface

          Snagit Interface

          Snagit Key Features

          Snagit Pros

          Snagit Price Plan

          Snagit User Reviews

          Gemoo recorder

          If you want the best Screencastify alternative to recording your wonderful life as well as editing the recorded videos, Gemoo recorder, the free but extremely professional recording tool, you can’t miss it. 

          The most highlighted feature of Gemoo Recorder is its diversified screen recording options: Record Screen & Camera, Record Camera, Record Screen, and Record Audio. No matter whether you want to record videos or audio, it can meet your every need.

          So, let’s start to check what Gemoo Recorder can do to help your life.

          The Interface of Gemoo Recorder

          The Interface of Gemoo Recorder

          Gemoo recorder Key Features

          Gemoo recorder Pros

          Gemoo recorder Price Plan

          Gemoo recorder User Reviews

          Get It Free


          Now comes the Screencast-O-Matic, which is a Screencastify alternative that focuses on screen recording as well as editing the recorded videos.

          The note-worthy feature of this tool is that it is not only compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems but also with iPhones, iPad, and even with Chromebooks.

          It doesn’t get any more efficient than that. Right?



          Screencast-O-Matic Key Features

          Screencast-O-Matic Pros

            Screencast-O-Matic Price Plan

            This incredible screen recorder provides a free version which could be upgraded to Premium depending on these packages.

            These prices are billed annually.

            Screencast-O-Matic User Reviews

            Awesome Screenshot

            If you are a person that prefers the chrome extension for screen recording, then Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is the best bet.

            All over the world, there are over 2 Million users that are currently benefiting from this exceptional tool.

            Probably the most distinct feature of Awesome Screenshot is its ability to integrate with other popular tools, which definitely saves a considerable amount of time.

            Awesome Screenshot Interface

            Awesome Screenshot Interface

            Awesome Screenshot Key Features

            Awesome Screenshot Pros

              Awesome Screenshot Price Plan

              Awesome Screenshot User Reviews


              The next Screencastify alternative that provides some exceptional screen recording experience is CloudApp Live Stream Screen Recorder.

              Its vast compatibility is what makes it shine among other competitors. You can even download a mobile app and use it anywhere you want.

              The major problem with CloudApp?

              Although a free version is available, there are serious limitations that come along with it. You can only record videos for 1 min and 30 seconds in the free version.

              But if you do get the full version, believe me, you won’t have to deal with screencastify anymore.

              What is CloudApp

              What is CloudApp

              CloudApp Key Features

              CloudApp Pros

                CloudApp Price Plan

                CloudApp User Reviews


                Droplr is another Screencastify alternative that provides a powerful set of screen recording features to its users.

                This incredible tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Chrome browser users.

                It doesn’t get any more efficient than that.

                What’s nice about Droplr is that it has made sharing your recording so easy that you just need to create a link and then send it to anyone you want.

                Droplr App Interface

                Droplr App Interface

                Droplr Key Features

                Droplr Pros

                  Droplr Price Plan

                  Droplr User Reviews

                  Streamlabs OBS

                  Streamlabs in itself is an extraordinary high-end studio that provides audio/video recording and live-streaming features.

                  Jump right in, and you’ll find that Streamlabs allows you to create high-quality video tutorials, gameplay recordings, dynamic presentations, and many more.

                  Streamlabs OBS

                  Streamlabs OBS

                  Streamlabs Key Features

                  Streamlabs Pros

                    Streamlabs Price Plan

                    Streamlabs User Reviews


                    The next Screencastify alternative in line is Screenflow.

                    This tool is widely pursued by content creators, gamers, and teachers for creating some top-notch video recordings.

                    And why’s that?

                    The main reason behind this is the huge stock library with over 500,000 unique images, video clips, templates, and many others.

                    Mac Video Recordig Software - ScreenFlow

                    Mac Video Recordig Software – ScreenFlow

                    ScreenFlow Key Features

                    ScreenFlow Pros

                      ScreenFlow Price Plan

                      ScreenFlow User Reviews

                      XSplit Broadcaster

                      If you’re looking specifically for a powerful broadcasting program, then consider XSplit Broadcaster.

                      In the gamers community, XSplit is definitely a big fish.

                      The ease provided in recording and streaming videos is just fantastic.



                      XSplit Key Features

                      XSplit Pros

                        XSplit Price Plan

                        XSplit User Reviews


                        ActivePresenter is also one of the main Screencastify competitors and is an excellent choice for those new to this field.

                        The main thing which it boasts is the simple and intuitive user interface.

                        Even if you are a beginner with almost no technical knowledge, you can still use this tool with your hands and feet.

                        And then comes the video editor, which is also pretty easy to use.

                        Screen Recording App for PC - ActivePresenter

                        Screen Recording App for PC – ActivePresenter

                        ActivePresenter Key Features

                        ActivePresenter Pros

                          ActivePresenter Price Plan

                          The license for Active Presenter comes in;

                          ActivePresenter User Reviews


                          Loom has emerged as quite the popular screen recording tool, and it’s not without reason.

                          This software is specially designed for screen recording; you can easily download it as an extension to your browser.

                          The Loom App Interface

                          The Loom App Interface

                          Loom Key Features

                          Loom Pros

                            Loom Price Plan

                            Loom User Reviews


                            Descript is also a competitor of Screencastify with many advanced recording features.

                            The unique feature of Descript, which distinguish it from other such tools, is that you can even convert text to audio.

                            That’s right!!!

                            I’m not talking about that audio-to-text converter that could be found in many software.

                            Descript recognizes your voice and then converts written text into audio.

                            Isn’t it incredible?

                            Descript Interface

                            Descript Interface

                            Descript Key Features

                            Descript Pros

                              Descript Price Plan

                              Descript User Reviews


                              If you’re looking for a screencastify alternative that gives you added flexibility in recording a number of devices simultaneously, Flashback is a good option.

                              You can easily make and edit engaging demos, video tutorials, and many other videos within minutes.

                              All of this in an intuitive interface that won’t kill your spirit!

                              FlashBack Express

                              FlashBack Express

                              FlashBack Key Features

                              FlashBack Pros

                                FlashBack Price Plan

                                FlashBack User Reviews

                                ApowerREC – Screen Recorder

                                Next is the ApowerREC screen recorder.

                                This intuitive screen recorder has made video recording and sharing so easy that people are making audio and video recordings within seconds, if not minutes.

                                Don’t get fooled by its simple interface.

                                The feature that ApowerREC holds is soo advanced that it will bring your screen recording experience to a new height.

                                Screen Recording Software for Mac - ApowerREC

                                Screen Recording Software for Mac – ApowerREC

                                ApowerREC Key Features

                                ApowerREC Pros

                                  ApowerREC Price Plan

                                  ApowerREC User Reviews


                                  Debut is a screencastify alternative that gives all the necessary features for screen recording without any cost.

                                  With desktop recording, it makes remote communications as seamless as in person.

                                  Screen Recorder - Debut Video Capture

                                  Screen Recorder – Debut Video Capture

                                  Debut Key Features

                                  Debut Pros

                                    Debut Price Plan

                                    Debut User Reviews

                                    CALIPIO Screen recorder

                                    So here we go; if you are a person who records only on rare cases, you don’t need to install those annoying third-party software because CALIPIO has got you covered.

                                    It is a cloud-based screen recording tool that supports almost all the common browsers and operating systems.

                                    Calipio Interface

                                    Calipio Interface

                                    Calipio Key Features

                                    Calipio Pros

                                      Calipio Price Plan

                                      Calipio User Reviews

                                      Prezi Video

                                      The next Screencastify alternative is Prezi.

                                      It’s a complete suite that is best when we talk about video conference presentations.

                                      Nevertheless, Prezi Video allows you to visit most conference platforms and record your meetings without any hassle.

                                      Prezi Interface

                                      Prezi Interface

                                      Prezi Key Features

                                      Prezi Pros

                                        Prezi Price Plan

                                        Prezi comes in three packages;

                                        Prezi User Reviews

                                        Story Xpress

                                        Story Xpress is another screen recording tool that we recommend as a Screencastify alternative.

                                        This tool allows you to record watermark-free videos for positively free with just a single click of your mouse.

                                        And then, you can polish and sharpen your video with the intuitive video editor.

                                        Story Xpress Interface

                                        Story Xpress Interface

                                        Story Xpress Key Features

                                        Story Xpress Pros

                                          Story Xpress Price Plan

                                          Apart from the free version, you can get the paid version from

                                          Story Xpress User Reviews


                                          The last Screencastify alternative on the list is Vidyard.

                                          It may be last but don’t be deceived by this.

                                          All the necessary features you may need in a screencastify alternative are easily available here.

                                          Chrome Video Recorder - Vidyard

                                          Chrome Video Recorder – Vidyard

                                          Vidyard Key Features

                                          Vidyard Pros

                                            Vidyard Price Plan

                                            Vidyard User Reviews

                                            Final Words

                                            So that’s all, folks. These were the 22 Screencastify alternatives that could effortlessly replace Screencastify anywhere and anytime.

                                            Each of these software has some extraordinary and unique features while lacking some on the other hand. Now your job is to check out every single one and see which one fits your criteria.

                                            If you know any other awesome tool that could be used as a Screencastify alternative or have any other best screen and video recorders, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

                                            And don’t forget to share this brief guide with your friends and colleagues. Thanks for reading!


                                            The Gemoo Team is committed to building products that help people effectively communicate and collaborate.