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17 Screen and Audio Recorder Windows


Last Updated: Jul. 26, 2023 | FEATURED IN: Screen Record

In this era of technology, screen and audio recorder for Windows has obtained a very high significance, especially among gamers and e-learning course creators.

But the scope doesn’t end here. From businessmen to YouTubers to even people attending an important webinar, making a recording of the display screen always comes in handy.

But there are a gazillion third-party softwares that can record a computer’s screen, all having some exceptional features while lacking in some others.
That’s why this guide brings you a handpicked list of the top Windows 10 screen recorders with audio recording abilities while focusing on their key features and price plans. And we’ll also take a look at some user ratings and reviews about these tools. So let’s dive into the list right away.

16 Windows Screen and Audio Recorders

16 Windows Screen and Audio Recorders

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Top Screen and Audio Recorders for Windows

Gemoo Recorder

Free Cam

iSpring Suite

Free Screen Video Recorder




Movavi Screen Recorder


My Screen Recorder Pro



OBS Studio





Frequently Asked Questions

Top Screen and Audio Recorders for Windows

1. Gemoo Recorder

Gemoo Recorder offers users an easy-to-use interface when it comes to recording screen and audio on your computer. With key features like – Screen Only, Audio Only, Camera Only and Screen + Camera, etc, you are flexible to record your screen, webcam, and microphone voice without background noise. After the recording, your output will be uploaded to the cloud, where you can manage your video and audio recordings in different views.

Finish Screen Recording

Finish Screen Recording

Free install Gemoo Recorder now and take a closer look at its functions.

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Gemoo Recorder Key Features

Free Cam Price Plan

Gemoo Recorder User Rating

2. Free Cam

Free Cam is a simple and intuitive screen recorder for Windows providing all the necessary features at absolutely no cost. The excelling feature of Free Cam is that, unlike other free screen recorders, no watermark is added to the recorded video. On top of that, it is also ad-free.

Free Cam Recorder

Free Cam Recorder

Free Cam Key Features

Free Cam Price Plan

Free Cam User Rating

Free Cam User Reviews

“Free Cam is almost completely intuitive. I was able to install it and produce a simple instructional video in 15 minutes. It has a very basic editor to trim unwanted content. As easy to use as anything can be.” – G2Crowd

3. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is screen audio and video recorder specialized in making video tutorials and e-learning courses. It not only allows you to record your screen and edit the video, but the PowerPoint presentations can also be converted into a video without any hassle.

Moreover, the technical support provided for the customers is unrivaled.

Screen Recording App for PC - iSpring Suite

Screen Recording App for PC – iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite Key Features

iSpring Suite Price Plan

iSpring Suite User Ratings

iSpring Suite User Reviews

“It is an impressive product with great features I would highly recommend.” – Capterra Verified Reviews

“I’ve been impressed by iSpring’s Technical Support. As a novice, I encountered very challenges in using the authoring tool effectively. When I had an issue and the Technical Support Engineer provided continuous follow-up until the matter was resolved, and it was successfully resolved without frustration.” – G2Crowd

4. Free Screen Video Recorder

If you are looking for a lightweight and free screen recorder, then Free Screen Video Recorder by DVDVideoSoft is here for you. It is a compact and full-featured screen recording and screenshot capturing tool, providing different modes for recording display screens. Skype users widely pursue this tool for recording and saving their conference calls. But beware of those annoying ads that may pop up. The customer services are also pretty subpar, so the user ratings and reviews are not so good.

Free Screen Video Recorder Interface

Free Screen Video Recorder Interface

Free Screen Video Recorder Key Features

Free Screen Video Recorder Price Plan

Free Screen Video Recorder User Rating

Free Screen Video Recorder User Reviews

“I am a paid-up member for all apps. I had to request a password reset, and there is absolutely no response. At the time of signing up, it is supposed to function on multiple devices. This was exactly what I wanted to do to have it installed on another laptop. No joy. Perhaps now, it has locked me out for multiple attempts, and I cannot even contact customer services.” – Trustpilot

5. VLC

So here we are; VLC Media Player is one of the most famous audio/video players worldwide. You may think that it’s only capable of playing media, but it”s not. The VLC media player also provides a screen capturing feature, which might be the simplest and easiest way to do so. Most of all, the huge arsenal of video formats that it allows makes it one of the best screens and audio recorders for Windows.

VLC Media Player Interface

VLC Media Player Interface

VLC Key Features

VLC Price Plan

VLC User Rating

VLC User Reviews

“VLC has long been the best media player available for Windows, which is the platform I use. With its minimalistic and clean UI and its high performance, it doesn’t require a powerful machine to run. And best of all, it can natively play a huge number of media formats, whether video or audio. One of the best features this free software offers is the ability to stream files that are on the local network as SMB shares.” – G2Crowd

6. ShareX

ShareX is a top open-source, free screen recorder that provides multiple advanced recording and editing features that other free tools can’t. On top of that, its ad-free nature has also helped it increase its rank in the list of screen recording tools. But beware of its complex and tricky interface, which is totally not suited for beginners.

ShareX Interface

ShareX Interface


ShareX Key Features

ShareX Price Plan

ShareX User Ratings

ShareX User Reviews

“I am using this tool to create screenshots for IT documentation creation. GIFs and videos for “how to” tutorials. Also, you can highlight something you want to mention. It is very easy to use with “hot keys,” by default; it is Ctrl+Print Screen.” – G2Crowd

“I work as an SAP Consultant/Analyst. I have to constantly send instructions and examples to support my clients. Previously it took me quite a while to generate neat, clear, and self-explanatory screenshots. ShareX has made my life much easier to complete these types of tasks” – Capterra Verified Reviews

7. CamStudio

The next Windows 10 screen recorder with audio recording features is CamStudio, a lightweight and open-source software suitable for beginners. The video is formed in the AVI format, which can later be converted to SWF formats for streaming. But the downside of using this tool is that you need a separate video editing tool for polishing your videos, as it doesn’t provide many editing options.

Open Source Screen Recorder - CamStudio

Open Source Screen Recorder – CamStudio

CamStudio Key Features

CamStudio Price Plan

CamStudio User Rating

CamStudio User Reviews

“I am having an intermittent error when I record to AVI it often won’t merge the video and audio files any suggestions? Otherwise, a fantastic product highly recommends it” – SOURCEFORGE

8. Movavi Screen Recorder

Another great screen and audio recorder for Windows is Movavi Screen Recorder which boasts more than 170 country user coverage. Its straightforward interface has made it popular with people with low technical knowledge for recording full HD videos without any trouble.

Movavi Screen Recorder Interface

Movavi Screen Recorder Interface

Movavi Screen Recorder Key Features

Movavi Screen Recorder Price Plan

Movavi Screen Recorder User Ratings

Movavi Screen Recorder User Reviews

“I like the ease of use of this software. It provides lots of options from screen capture images to screen capture videos. You can highlight material, draw on the images, even put arrows on it.” – G2Crowd

“Movavi screen recorder is always there to help you. You can record your screen, edit that video and save it in any desired format.” – Capterra Verified Reviews

9. Ezvid

Ezvid is a free screen and audio recorder for Windows, providing its users with amazing editing and drawing tools. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about staining your videos with those annoying watermarks. Due to an in-built Youtube uploader, Ezvid is highly sorted out by gamers wanting to upload their gameplay recording to Youtube within minutes.

Best Screen Recording Apps for PC - Ezvid

Best Screen Recording Apps for PC – Ezvid

Ezvid Key Features

Ezvid Price Plan

Ezvid User Rating

Ezvid User Reviews

“A great little screen recorder for work projects and software tutorials, with an excellent text-to-speech tool and built-in editor, but the inability to save recordings to your PC is a serious drawback” – TechRadar Verdict

10. My Screen Recorder Pro

My Screen Recorder Pro, by DeskShare, is a specialized screen recording software that effortlessly makes some professional-looking and high-resolution videos. Getting the license after the end of the Free Trial might be a little costly, but believe me, for those that need to make excellent quality screen recordings all the time, it’s worth it.

My Screen Recorder Pro Interface

My Screen Recorder Pro Interface

My Screen Recorder Pro Key Features

My Screen Recorder Pro Price Plan

My Screen Recorder Pro User Rating

My Screen Recorder Pro User Reviews

“I started using it with my old, slow computer, at first I thought the computer was going to freeze as it used to when I used bandicam and other softwares. It made me happy to realize that I can still record my screen even though my computer was slow. And also I was mind blown by the quality of audio and video.” – Capterra Verified Reviews

11. TinyTake

TinyTake is also a trustworthy screen and audio recorder for Windows which captures full screen or partial screen and annotates the recorded video with stunning stickers, arrows, and many other annotations.TinyTake is unique from others in the aspect that an online web gallery is provided to the users to save the recorded videos, which can be assessed from anywhere on this globe.

TinyTake Interface

TinyTake Interface

TinyTake Key Features

TinyTake Price Plan

There’s a Basic Free Version, but full features are only available in the Paid Version, which comes in three prices:

TinyTake User Rating

TinyTake User Reviews

“I like how easy it is to capture image or video of your screen by using TinyTake and its advanced features.” – G2Crowd

“This software makes it easy for us to share screen images and also create jpegs that can be inserted into any project or file necessary. Great for clinical and marketing use.” – Capterra Verified Reviews

12. FlashBack

The FlashBack Express Recorder is a feature-packed and fairly easy-to-use screen capturing software that allows its users to record webcam simultaneously with the display screen. FlashBack comes with an in-built video editor to personalize the recorded video according to your taste.

FlashBack Express Recorder

FlashBack Express Recorder

FlashBack Key Features

FlashBack Price Plan

FlashBack User Rating

FlashBack User Reviews

“Great visual training tool. The recording was easy to make.” – G2Crowd

“The Flashback Express Recorder is a great program for screen capture and recording. For a free software program, it does everything I need it to do. I can easily create videos by capturing my screen. Then use the Flashback Express Player to trim them, add or remove audio, and then export it as an MPEG4, AVI, or WMV. You can also upload to YouTube directly if desired. Overall, the basic free version works perfectly for my needs.” – Capterra Verified Reviews

13. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the best bet if you are looking for a free and open-source Windows 10 screen recorder with an audio recording feature. Not only is it free, but the wide diversity of screen recording features makes it one of the top digital studios out there. Most of all, you can add multiple sources for audio and display screen recording and record the video for as long as you want. But the interface can get a little tricky.

OBS Studio Interface

OBS Studio Interface

OBS Studio Key Features

OBS Studio Price Plan

OBS Studio User Rating

OBS Studio User Reviews

“OBS is the best screen recorder it is easy to use, and the one thing I like in it has so many features in it through which we can adjust the resolutive, pixels, coloring, sound, media, and other more features” – G2Crowd

“I like that OBS allows me to make Facebook streaming with a better sound quality and also helps me to share my screen, pictures or videos.” – Capterra Verified Reviews.

14. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic Screen recorder is one of the best recorders for Windows with an extremely user-friendly interface. The recorded video can be easily saved on the device or uploaded to the Screencast-O-Matic, where you can easily manage these with the Project Manager. On top of that, it works perfectly on most of the supporting systems other than Windows like macOS, Linux, or Chromebooks. Even an Android app is available.



Screencast-O-Matic Key Features

Screencast-O-Matic Price Plan

The Free Version can be upgraded to The Premium Version in:

Screencast-O-Matic User Ratings

Screencast-O-Matic User Reviews

“I looked the other day, and in a bit over a year, I’ve made over 350 videos. They are typical to clients or vendors. Making them is a breeze, and editing is really pretty good. I love that I can save a video to the cloud, and S-O-M provides me with a link I can text or email. Just easy and simple.” – G2Crowd

“The best thing which we liked about this product is that we can work as an organization instead of an individual and we can share our content with our peers and make it password protected.” – Capterra Verified Review

15. Debut

Debut Video Capture Software may be one of the easiest screen and audio recorders you’ll ever use. The interface may look old-fashioned, but believe me, its advanced features can rival any other screen recorder. Most of all, you can record webcam and even external devices attached to your computer along with the display screen.

Debut Video Capture Interface

Debut Key Features

Debut Price Plan

Debut User Ratings

Debut User Reviews

“What I dislike the most is that this software does not allow you to switch off the camera when you want. Probably that is a paid privilege but it could have been added with the free service. But who counts it as a disadvantage?” – G2Crowd

“I love Debut, and the free trial isn’t crippled in its performance, so you can see exactly how the app is going to work for your needs. Very reasonably priced, lightweight, and simple to use!” – Capterra Verified Review

16. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is another free screen and audio recorder for Windows. Not only is it an incredible recorder, but the recorded videos can be easily saved on the cloud-based account for future use. Even though the Software is available freely for everyone, you don’t have to worry about those disturbing watermarks. Moreover, the display screen can be recorded with the webcam for as long as you want as there is no time limit for recording the video.

ScreenRec Interface

ScreenRec Interface

ScreenRec Key Features

ScreenRec Price Plan

ScreenRec User Ratings

ScreenRec User Reviews

“It is a lightweight screen recorder that is free and easy to use. With the help of Screenrec, you can record your screen and even take a screenshot of the same. Along with a screen record, you can record your voice with a microphone.” – G2Crowd

“I liked that it always appears on my screen, so it takes no time to click and capture a shot.” – Capterra Verified Reviews

17. QuickTime

Last but not least, QuickTime Player is a free multimedia framework for recording full screen with audio. Basically, it’s a tool for macOS and comes in-built with it, but even Windows users can easily download it from the Apple Store. Keep in mind the fact that the frame rate can’t be changed by this tool Moreover, QuickTime doesn’t support many video formats.

QuickTime Screen Recorder

QuickTime Screen Recorder

QuickTime Key Features

QuickTime Price Plan

QuickTime User Rating

QuickTime User Reviews

“I have found QuickTime to be at times better than some media players that are out there, but others have encountered problems with it.” – Sitejabber reviews

Now that we have seen all these amazing screen and audio recorders for Windows, let’s see some frequently asked questions about screen recording in Windows computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to record Windows 10 with built-in function?

The display screen of Windows computers can be easily recorded with some third-party software.

But wait a minute. Do we really need those third-party tools for recording Windows 10 displays? Isn’t there any simpler way to do it? Like some built-in function?

Of course, there is! The in-built Xbox Game Bar in the Windows 10 or later versions provides some simple and quicker ways of recording the screen with both internal and external audios.

Just press “Windows Key + G” to open the Xbox Game Bar. Then after selecting the audio source from the “Audio Section,” press the “Windows Key + Alt + R” to start the recording. Once done, press this combination again to stop the recording.

Moreover, you can press “Windows Key + Alt + M” anytime to turn ON/OFF the microphone.

How do I record my screen and internal audio on Windows?

Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 or newer versions can be used to record the screen and internal audio on Windows.

Other than this in-built recording tool, many third-party software also provide effortless screen recording functions. Read above to see the 16 best screen and audio recorders for Windows and see which one suits your taste.

Final Words

So the crux of the matter is that many software provides free screen recording and editing features, but considering the diversity of the robust recording features, gaining the license of a paid tool is also not a loose bargain.

For your ease, we have listed the 16 best free and paid screen and audio recorders for Windows. So go through these fantastic tools and see which one meets your requirements.

Let us know your personal feedback in the comments section. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends or colleagues on social media.


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