Social media has largely displaced traditional channels as our main source of information regarding new cultural products such as music, film, etc. Today it’s completely normal to learn about exciting new artists from Instagram posts of your friends, without having to actively search for such insights. In a way, Instagram has taken the place of top-10 lists on radio and TV and shortened the time needed to discover great new music.

The negative side of instant access to so much music is that it can be hard to remember what you liked. After hearing a few interesting clips, they might start fusing together in your head – especially if they are performed by artists you are not familiar with. The only solution is to save that music so you can listen to it again later and perhaps use it in your own posts. This article will show you how to do that using only native functions of Instagram.

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Where Can You Find Music on Instagram?

While it was originally a platform devoted to images, Instagram keeps developing into a full multimedia channel where users communicate via video, audio, text, etc. As a result, it is increasingly becoming a place where you can find a lot of great music, rivaling streaming sites like YouTube or SoundCloud. However, some users may not be sure where to find music on Instagram and how to save it to their profiles or their phones.

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Instagram Interface

Music is most commonly found in continuous media features such as Reels and Stories. Many creators add music to their clips to create an atmosphere and grab the viewer’s attention. If you open any Reels or Stories, you will be able to hear the audio contained inside. Another way to expedite your search for music on Instagram is to use the Audio Tab on the Explore page. This feature allows you to quickly find any Reels that feature a specific song, which is very useful when you know what you are looking for.

Why Do You Need to Save Instagram Music?

Things are moving fast on Instagram and a post that contains a song you would like to hear again might disappear or get buried under an avalanche of new content. Saving the audio is the best way to keep your discoveries fresh in your mind and be able to access them when you need them. Here are some situations in which it makes perfect sense to save a tune you found on Instagram:

How to Save Instagram Music?

You don’t need any third-party app to save music from Instagram, since the social network provides you with a simple mechanism to do this. You can easily find and download all songs that are associated with Instagram Stories and Reels, and the procedure is very intuitive. We will explain how to keep the audio on your computer and save it for later use, both in case the song was published by one of your contact and if it’s contained in your own posts.

Saving Audio from Instagram Reels

This is perhaps the simplest way to grab music that you encounter on Instagram. You can look into every Reel to see which song is attached to it, and then just save it to your Instagram account, from where you can use it as you see fit. Here is how to do it.

Step 1. Find the Reel that includes the audio you want and open it

Step 2. Click on the name of the song, which is located in the lower-left corner

Step 3. The previous action will take you to the page that lists all Reels with the same audio

Locate the Save Audio Button

Locate the Save Audio Button

Step 4. Locate the Save audio button on this page and click on it to save the song on Instagram

Saving Your Own Instagram Story with Music

If you would like to save a song from Instagram to your phone, it may be best to put it into one of your stories, publish it, and then download it. This is a quick way to get the audio on your device so you can play it even when you are not connected to the internet. This is the procedure you will have to follow.

Step 1. Go to your Instagram profile, open the menu, and choose Archive from the menu

Step 2. In your collection of saved Stories, find the one that includes the song you want

Step 3. Click on the three-dot icon, then select Save video from the pop up menu

Click on the three-dot icon

Click on the three-dot icon

Step 4. You can send the saved Story as a DM and add another song to it if you want

FAQs About Saving Music on Instagram

Is the option to save music on Instagram available to all users regardless of the account status?

Only users with Creator accounts can save audio files from Stories and Reels on Instagram. This option is not available to Business users due to concerns about potential copyright infringement. Thus, only individuals have the privilege to play around with Instagram music, and companies may not do that.

Where are saved audio files located on Instagram?

It’s not very hard to find all the songs that you saved from Instagram. Just go to your profile tab and enter the menu, then choose Saved and then Audio to access the folder with all previously saved audio files. Here you can find the exact song you are currently looking for, and play it or download it.

Can I use the music I saved when I am making a new Instagram Story?

Yes, Instagram lets you ‘recycle’ the music you found in your own posts. This is why keeping a large collection of saved music on Instagram makes a lot of sense. Stories that include audio are more personal and more likely to be viewed, so the ability to use saved music is quite valuable.


If you are thinking about Instagram strictly as an image-oriented platform, your views are outdated. This social network has embraced multimedia communication and it provides users with the possibility to express their thoughts and feelings by adding their favorite songs to Reels and Stories. Any audio found in these types of content can be conveniently saved without any third-party tools, which consequently empowers content creators to include the discovered songs in their own posts. Once you learn how to save Instagram music and how to add it to a new Story, you will become more accustomed to the idea that Instagram has transformed into a streaming media platform.


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