Are you a professional designer but don’t have the best prototyping tools or wireframe tool at your disposal? If so, thriving in the design industry will definitely be a challenge for you. To avoid this, our team has researched and gathered the best wireframe tools to assist you with your projects, so as to eliminate stress and improve efficiency while creating the quality results.

What Are Wireframe Tools?

Wireframe tools are programs designed for you to create a rough sketch of your designs, whether website or app, before bringing them to life. These tools help you design a simple pattern which you want your project to follow, so you can schedule your time, and boost work productivity accordingly.

Additionally, wireframe tools enable you to bring skilled designers to your team to collaborate on different projects, so as to improve workflow and productivity.

What Is a Good Wireframe?

A good wireframe is one with the following features:

Top Wireframe Tools to Boost Designing

Here are the top 7 wireframe tools to boost your design performance:


Figma hits the top position on our list as the best wireframe tool. With this cloud-based tool, you can quickly sketch a rough work of your design, plus define the functionality of each element in your flowchart. Web/app remote designers find Figma handy because of the quality collaborative services it offers. With this tool, you can connect, brainstorm, and discuss your project with smart developers around the globe from the comfort of your home.

Top Wireframe Tool - Figma

Top Wireframe Tool – Figma

Figma’s Top Features

Supported Platforms

Figma’s Limitations


Here is another powerful uninstallable program that offers fantastic wireframing services to designers worldwide. Lucidchart lets you connect, discuss and align your insight with competent developers, so as to generate the best result. With this tool, you can also schedule plans, and track projects conveniently. Lucidchart wireframe program is one of the best tools available for you to bring your projects to life.

Top Wireframe Tool - Lucidchart

Top Wireframe Tool – Lucidchart

Lucidchart’s Top Features

Supported Platforms

Lucidchart’s Limitations


Sketch is another excellent wireframe tool with extraordinary features for you to create wireframes conveniently. It helps you plan the layout of your design, and define the usability. This Mac-compatible software comes with wonderful collaboration icons you can use to connect with teammates, so as to discuss and transform ideas. Additionally, this platform offer free educational content which beginners can look at, and learn from.

Top Wireframe Tool - Sketch

Top Wireframe Tool – Sketch

Sketch’s Top Features

Supported Platforms

Sketch’s Limitations


With Miro, designers can transform their ideas into playable prototypes without leaving their comfort zones. It’s one of the most versatile design tools with a comprehensive layout that lets you collaborate easily and quickly with preferred designers. This tool features wireframe tools such as shapes, freehand icons, sticky notes and more that you can use to create your workflow pattern.

Top Wireframe Tool - Miro

Top Wireframe Tool – Miro

Miro’s Top Features

Supported Platforms

Miro’s Limitations


Justinmind is what you need if you are willing to create an interactive wireframe for your website or mobile apps. It lets you create clickable prototypes and simulations without stress. This tool is very simple to operate as it lets you execute all operations without entering a single code. Justinmind powers several incredible features such as pen tools, pathfinders, and more. It also comes with vector tools that lets you create first class designs.

Top Wireframe Tool - Justinmind

Top Wireframe Tool – Justinmind

Justinmind’s Top Features

Supported Platforms

Justinmind’s Limitations


InVision is another wonderful platform recommended by experts as one of the best wireframing solutions. The tool lets you transform your vision into aesthetic and responsive prototypes with little or no difficulty. Also, it’s a powerhouse for incredible collaborative features which you can take advantage of so you can bring competent teammates on board for excellent collaboration.

Top Wireframe Tool - InVision

Top Wireframe Tool – InVision

InVision’s Top Features

Supported Platforms


NinjaMock sits at the bottom of our list as a great wireframe tool to use in 2023. This online wireframe program helps you slice your projects into chunks that you can easily digest and execute without requesting assistance from a third party. Besides creating wireframes, NinjaMock offers usability testing features that lets you invite real users to try your product, and give feedback.

Top Wireframe Tool - NinjaMock

Top Wireframe Tool – NinjaMock

NinjaMock’s Top Features

Supported Platforms

NinjaMock’s Limitations

FAQs about Using Wireframe Tools

Do people still use wireframes?

Wireframes play a crucial role in every design process. In fact, it’s the foundation of every design, whether mobile app, or website. It lets you plan the corresponding interface of your design so as to improve user experience.

With the information above in mind, we cannot but say people still use wireframes. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in the design space, wireframe will come in handy.

Is wireframing UX design?

No, wireframing isn’t UX. Rather it’s a part of what makes a great UX. With a wireframe, you can sketch the workflow of a project, and define the layout.

Final Thought

Ultimately, every great design is a product of a good wireframing tool. With tons of wireframe tools/software online presently, making the right choice can be a hectic task to engage. But with this article you can easily make the right selection. We’ve shared our list of the best 7 wireframe tools. Look through to make your choice. We advice that you choose the one that matches your budget, plus requirements.


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