Are you searching for inspiration to elevate your business’s marketing efforts? Look no further! In this blog post, we present to you the “10 Best Corporate Videos for Business.” Like the recent booming meme marketing, corporate videos have also become a powerful tool for businesses to engage, inform, and captivate their target audience. Whether you’re looking to showcase your brand, explain a complex concept, or highlight your products and services, these top-notch corporate videos have set the benchmark for excellence. Join us as we explore these exceptional examples and discover how they can benefit your business by leaving a lasting impact on your viewers and driving meaningful results. Get ready to be inspired and take your corporate video strategy to new heights!

Best Corporate Videos

Best Corporate Videos

What Is a Good Corporate Video?

A good corporate video is one that effectively communicates the intended message and engages the target audience while aligning with the overall goals and values of the business. Here are some key characteristics of a good corporate video:

What Is a Good Corporate Video

What Is a Good Corporate Video

What Should I Put in a Company Video?

In a company video, it’s important to include key elements that effectively convey your message and engage your audience. Start with a memorable introduction that hooks viewers and clearly states the purpose of the video. Share your company’s mission and values to establish a strong brand identity. Incorporate storytelling techniques to make an emotional connection with your audience. Showcase your products or services, highlighting their features and benefits. Introduce key team members to build trust and credibility. Include customer testimonials or reviews to reinforce the quality of your offerings. Use high-quality visuals and consistent branding elements throughout the video. End with a clear call to action, stating the desired next steps for viewers. Provide contact information for easy engagement. By including these elements, your company video will effectively showcase your brand, offerings, and values, inspiring viewers to take action.

Main Types of Corporate Videos

When it comes to corporate videos, there are several main types that businesses utilize to engage their audience and convey their message effectively. Here are the key types of corporate videos:

By understanding the different types of corporate videos, businesses can choose the most appropriate format to effectively communicate their message, connect with their target audience, and achieve their marketing objectives.

Top 10 Best Corporate Videos for Business

There are top 10 best corporate videos for business that have left an indelible mark on the industry, showcasing the power of strategic marketing, innovative narratives, and captivating visuals. Each video represents a unique approach to engaging viewers, building brand awareness, and driving success. From viral sensations to thought-provoking campaigns, these corporate videos have set the standard for excellence, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and solidifying their respective brands’ positions as leaders in their fields.

Dollar Shave Club: “Our Blades Are Great”

Dollar Shave Club’s viral video disrupted the razor market with a humorous and bold approach. It introduced its subscription-based service and highlighted the convenience and cost-effectiveness of its high-quality blades.

Best Corporate Videos - Our Blades Are Great

Best Corporate Videos – Our Blades Are Great

Key Features and Highlights: The video’s witty script, charismatic founder, and clever visuals captivated viewers. It showcased the brand’s personality and value proposition, resonating with a wide audience and generating significant brand awareness.

Impact and Success: The video quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and subscriptions. It established Dollar Shave Club as a formidable competitor and proved the power of unconventional marketing. The company was eventually acquired for a substantial amount, solidifying the success of the video.

Intel: “The Sponsors of Tomorrow”

Intel’s video showcased its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. It highlighted their contributions to various industries and positioned the company as a leader in the tech space.

Best Corporate Videos - The Sponsors of Tomorrow

Best Corporate Videos – The Sponsors of Tomorrow

Key Features and Highlights: The video featured stunning visuals, futuristic concepts, and a compelling narrative. It effectively communicated Intel’s brand values and showcased its cutting-edge technology, leaving a memorable impression on viewers.

Impact and Success: “The Sponsors of Tomorrow” helped solidify Intel’s reputation as a pioneering tech company. It generated buzz around the brand and showcased its relevance and impact on the world of technology.

Nike: “Dream Crazy”

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” video was part of a powerful campaign that celebrated athletes who defied expectations and pursued their dreams fearlessly. The video featured Colin Kaepernick and aimed to inspire audiences to believe in themselves.

Best Corporate Videos - Dream Crazy

Best Corporate Videos – Dream Crazy

Key Features and Highlights: The video’s emotional storytelling, powerful imagery, and impactful message resonated with viewers worldwide. It sparked conversations about social justice, activism, and the power of determination.

Impact and Success: “Dream Crazy” generated immense attention and polarized opinions. It solidified Nike’s position as a brand that embraces social issues and stands with its endorsers. The campaign received numerous accolades and contributed to increased brand loyalty among Nike’s target audience.

Apple: “Introducing iPhone”

Apple’s product launch videos are highly anticipated events in the tech industry. The “Introducing iPhone” video showcased the features and design of the latest iPhone model, creating excitement and anticipation among consumers.

Best Corporate Videos - Introducing iPhone

Best Corporate Videos – Introducing iPhone

Key Features and Highlights: Apple’s video production expertise was evident in the sleek visuals, captivating narration, and seamless presentation of the iPhone’s innovative features. The video effectively built anticipation and showcased the product’s desirability.

Impact and Success: Apple’s product launch videos consistently generate buzz and drive sales. They establish Apple as a brand at the forefront of technology and create a sense of exclusivity and aspiration among consumers.

IBM: “Watson at Work”

IBM’s “Watson at Work” video demonstrated the capabilities of their AI system, Watson, across various industries. It showcased how Watson’s advanced technology could solve complex problems and improve efficiency.

Best Corporate Videos - Watson at Work

Best Corporate Videos – Watson at Work

Key Features and Highlights: The video effectively explained the potential applications of Watson in a range of fields, including healthcare, finance, and customer service. It combined informative content with visually appealing graphics to engage viewers.

Impact and Success: “Watson at Work” positioned IBM as a leader in artificial intelligence and showcased the transformative power of their technology. The video contributed to increased interest in IBM’s AI solutions and generated leads in various industries.

Google: “Year in Search”

Google’s annual “Year in Search” video encapsulates the significant global events and trends of a given year. It highlights the collective curiosity and search behavior of people worldwide.

Best Corporate Videos - Year in Search

Best Corporate Videos – Year in Search

Key Features and Highlights: The video features a montage of real-life footage, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reflection. It effectively captures the spirit of the year and showcases Google’s role as a trusted source of information.

Impact and Success: “Year in Search” videos have become highly anticipated and widely shared. They reinforce Google’s position as the go-to search engine and demonstrate the company’s understanding of user behavior and cultural trends.

HubSpot: “Inbound Marketing Methodology”

HubSpot‘s’ “Inbound Marketing Methodology” video explains the concept of inbound marketing, highlighting the company’s expertise in this field. It educates viewers on the benefits of this approach to attract, engage, and delight customers.

Best Corporate Videos - Inbound Marketing Methodology

Best Corporate Videos – Inbound Marketing Methodology

Key Features and Highlights: The video combines clear explanations, compelling visuals, and relatable examples to simplify complex marketing concepts. It effectively positions HubSpot as a thought leader in inbound marketing.

Impact and Success: The video helped establish HubSpot as a go-to resource for businesses seeking inbound marketing strategies. It generated leads and contributed to the company’s reputation as an authority in the marketing industry.

Airbnb: “We Accept”

Airbnb’s “We Accept” video celebrates diversity and inclusion, emphasizing its commitment to providing equal opportunities for hosts and guests regardless of their background or identity.

Best Corporate Videos - We Accept

Best Corporate Videos – We Accept

Key Features and Highlights: The video features a diverse range of individuals and families, highlighting their uniqueness and the welcoming environment fostered by Airbnb. It conveys a powerful message of acceptance and belonging.

Impact and Success: “We Accept” resonated with audiences and received widespread praise for its inclusive message. It strengthened Airbnb’s brand image as a company that values diversity and contributed to increased trust and engagement among users.

Coca-Cola: “Share a Coke”

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” video was part of a larger marketing campaign that personalized Coca-Cola bottles with popular names. The video showcased moments of connection and happiness through the act of sharing a Coke.

Best Corporate Videos - Share a Coke

Best Corporate Videos – Share a Coke

Key Features and Highlights: The video captured heartwarming interactions and joyful experiences associated with sharing a Coke. It effectively conveyed Coca-Cola’s message of bringing people together and creating memorable moments.

Impact and Success: The “Share a Coke” campaign was highly successful, generating a significant increase in sales and consumer engagement. The video contributed to the campaign’s success by evoking positive emotions and encouraging social sharing.

Red Bull: “Stratos”

Red Bull’s “Stratos” video documented Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking freefall from the edge of space. It showcased Red Bull’s commitment to extreme sports and their association with daring and extraordinary achievements.

Best Corporate Videos - Stratos

Best Corporate Videos – Stratos

Key Features and Highlights: The video combined breathtaking footage, suspenseful storytelling, and the thrill of Baumgartner’s feat. It captivated viewers and conveyed the adrenaline-fueled spirit of Red Bull’s brand.

Impact and Success: “Stratos” garnered millions of views and generated widespread media coverage. It reinforced Red Bull’s brand image as a leader in extreme sports and adventure, solidifying its association with daring and pushing boundaries.

Final Thought

The top 10 corporate videos mentioned in this post exemplify effective storytelling, powerful messaging, and creative execution. Each video made a significant impact, whether by generating brand awareness, inspiring social conversations, or driving sales. Their success can be attributed to their ability to connect emotionally with viewers, deliver a clear message, and align with their respective brands’ values and objectives.


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