In an age when privacy appears rare, anonymous image sites have developed as havens for people looking to exchange photographs and videos without giving up their identities. With over 1.6 trillion photos shot in 2023 alone, these platforms enable users to upload videos and images securely.

Best Anonymous Image Sites

Best Anonymous Image Sites

But how can you discover a service that lets you post photographs while protecting your privacy? Don’t worry; we’ll provide 8 Best Anonymous Image Sites in this article. Find out more below.

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What Is an Anonymous Image Site?

As previously discussed, anonymous image sites allow users to upload screenshots and share images without creating an account or providing personal information. The following are some additional perks of these sites:

Where Are My Anonymous Images Stored Online?

So, you uploaded a pic to one of those anonymous image sites and wondered where it went? Those sites store all your photos on their servers – mainly in the US or Europe.

Furthermore, when you post a pic, it gets a unique link anyone can use to see it. Just remember that those links are super easy to share. Many more people might see your spicy meme or goofy selfie than you bargained for.

Here are some tips that will safeguard your privacy or make you viral.

Top 8 Anonymous Image Sites

Now you know what anonymous image sites are and why they are used, it is time to share the top 8 unknown image sites with you. Let’s have a look:

Gemoo Image URL Generator

Gemoo Image URL Generator is an online application to submit photographs and generate image URLs anonymously. This tool is top of the list because it is super-easy to use and offers high-quality image upload. Moreover, it is beneficial to post photos online without disclosing your name. Lastly, it uses sophisticated, trained artificial intelligence to create high-quality images.

Anonymous Image Site - Gemoo Image URL Generator

Anonymous Image Site – Gemoo Image URL Generator

Key Features

Target User

This site focuses on users who want to upload many high-quality pictures anonymously for an extended period and want to view them all using a single URL.


You got a bunch of sweet pics you want to share anonymously? Imgur is the spot for you. This site has been around since 2009, and people trust it. Their algorithms also help your photos go viral. The best part? You don’t have to make an account to upload graphics on this website.

Anonymous Image Site - Imgur

Anonymous Image Site – Imgur

Key Features

Target User

The intended audience of Imgur is people who want a site to anonymously share pictures with the public so anyone can view photos or wish to go viral.


Are you looking to post some personal pics anonymously but want to control who can access them and how long they stick around? PostImages is the go-to site for selective anonymous image sharing. With millions of users uploading their private snapshots daily, it has become the most popular platform for anonymously sharing your visual stories. Moreover, it also gives you total command over your anonymous photo-sharing experience.

Anonymous Image Site - PostImages

Anonymous Image Site – PostImages

Key Features

Target User

People who want to share images anonymously that can be deleted after a selected period, and only people with the link can view the pictures are the target audience of this app.


Another tool for easy, anonymous image sharing is ImageBB. It is a media hosting site for people who want to store images online without intruders’ access. Although the free version has a limited storage option, the paid modes give unlimited storage for lifetime access.

Anonymous Image Site - Imagebb

Anonymous Image Site – Imagebb

Key Features

Target User

The user base of this app is the people who want to anonymously store their images with enhanced privacy for a selected time.


Pasteboard is a reliable and fast anonymous image hosting site that is a good option for people who need to share images online quickly and easily. It offers a variety of options, including the ability to paste images directly from your clipboard and to generate unique URLs for each image.

Anonymous Image Site - PasteBoard

Anonymous Image Site – PasteBoard

Key Features

Target User

This website is helpful for people who want to anonymously upload their images from a webcam.


Anopic is a simple and freely available tool for anonymous image sharing. This website also gives additional benefits like resizing the image or format conversion. Moreover, you can also upload bulk photos for sharing.

Anonymous Image Site - Anopic

Anonymous Image Site – Anopic

Key Features

Target User

Users who need to upload multiple high-quality images simultaneously can use Anopic.


Bashify is another exciting website for anonymous image sharing. It is best known for anonymously sharing images publicly for anyone to see. Still, it also has a feature of sharing photos privately so that people only with an Image URL can view it.

Anonymous Image Site - Bashify

Anonymous Image Site – Bashify

Key Features

Target User

The users of Bashify are people who want to share anonymous images publicly or want to store their photos online under password protection.


Lastly, Imgtr is an exciting anonymous image-sharing option for those who want a relatively simplistic interface. You can share images anonymously without creating an account on the platform. The best part is that it allows you to share sensitive information that can’t be tracked back to you.

Anonymous Image Site - Imgtr

Anonymous Image Site – Imgtr

Key Features

Target User

People who want to upload pictures anonymously and then use them on other forums can use Imgur.

How do I Delete photos from the Anonymous Image Site?

Anonymous image-sharing websites store images on their servers. These sites allow you to delete an image via the same URL on which the image is shared. On some sites, you can select a time limit, after which the image will be deleted from the server. Nonetheless, if there is no option for deletion, most of these sites automatically remove images or graphics after a specific limit to avoid storage costs. Finally, you can contact the website’s owner from the contact page to request your image deletion.

Final Thought

The anonymous image sites are online tools that allow you to upload and share your images anonymously. They can also be used to store your pictures for a long time. Moreover, these sites also provide a public view option where you can share your graphics with others to transfer any information or taboo data. Read the above article to review the top 8 websites for anonymous image posting.


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