Add email collector for lead generation

Convert every single visitor with this new way of lead generation. Allow prospects to take action directly from the video, rather than redirecting them to another page to enter their email.

Add quizzes for feedback collection

One more step to make the most of your video: combine quizzes with video. Break through barriers for prospects to leave feedback, get to know their thoughts on your product in real-time.

Add button to prompt viewer action

Place the button anywhere on the video screen and customize it with text and a link. Navigate prospects to another site or video where they can learn more about your product.

Share through a link or embed code

Not limited by storage space or platform, share your video anywhere via a link, or embed it on your website, emails, and social media. Viewers can engage with your video without registration.

Track data with views and interactions

See how your prospects view and interact with your video: get their emails, and see the feedback they left. Export the relevant data for in-depth analysis.

How it works ?

  • Step1

    Choose Video

    Upload your existing video or feel free to record one from Gemoo.

  • Step2

    Add Interactive

    Add the interactive elements you like to your video: email collector, quizzes, buttons, etc.

  • Step3

    Spread Out

    Copy the shared link or embed code to share your video anywhere.

  • Step4

    Data Report

    One-click to get insights into how and what your viewers did in your video.

Add interactive elements to your videos to drive leads for your MVP validation

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