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The Best 9 MP4 Screen Recorder


Last Updated: Jun. 20, 2023 | FEATURED IN: Screen Record

People generally record their screen when they are in a meeting to record the important points they have discussed, or record screen Gameplay while playing their favorite games so that they can show off their excellent gaming skills among other. There are many screens recorder mp4 software available that can help you to record your screen as well as your webcam.

The Best 8 MP4 Screen Recorder

The Best 8 MP4 Screen Recorder

If you don’t know which software you should use to record full or part of your screen, then follow this article till the end. We have mentioned here the 9 best MP4 screen recorders with their amazing features. Along with features, we will discuss here the advantages and limitations of these screen recording software which will help you to choose the best one for you.

Top 1. Gemoo Recorder

In recent years, you may seek to record an MP4 on a Windows or Mac computer, especially when you need to record an online course, demonstrate your products to customers online, and screen record an important meeting. You may choose to use some built-in tools on your computer, but these tools might bring you more limitations than other professional MP4 screen recorders such as Gemoo Recorder.

Launch Gemoo Recorder and Choose the Screen Only Mode

Launch Gemoo Recorder and Choose the Screen Only Mode

As an easy and flexible screen recording software, it enables you to record from live stream to Teams meetings. The customer-friendly interface will make the whole recording process joyful and convenient. After the recording, you can choose to upload your output to the cloud and share with your team members or friends. Now, install Gemoo Recorder and check its features and limitations as below.

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Gemoo Recorder’s Key Features

Gemoo Recorder Is Best for

Gemoo Recorder‘s Limitations

Top 2. Screencastify

One of the most widely used for screen recorder mp4 is Screencastify. It is mostly utilized in the educational field. It makes it possible to quickly and easily capture screens, alter them, and share them across other platforms. Even a novice user will find it comfortable to operate. Simply download the Screencastify plugin from the Google Chrome web store to produce impactful videos for your business and your audience. Users have the option to use the tool that is integrated with Google Drive to upload their videos to their Google Drive. Users also have the option of manually storing them in the MP4, MP3, and GIF formats.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Screencastify

Screen Recorder MP4 – Screencastify

Screencastify’s Key Features

What Screencastify Is Best for

Screencastify’s Limitations

Top 3. Debut Video Capture

Dubut Video Capture is another best mp4 recorder that can record your entire screen or selected part of screen. It can also record your webcam while you are in a meeting. It has multiple editing features to enhance the video and make it presentable. Using Debut, you can add notes to the videos, so every time you open the video it will remind you the important points to note. Debut is available with all the popular file formats and exports your videos in your preferred format.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Debut Video Capture

Screen Recorder MP4 – Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture’s Key Features

What Debut Video Capture Is Best for

Debut Video Capture’s Limitations

Top 4. Free Cam

For making both casual and expert videos, Free Cam is offered with the entire feature set. The complete screen as well as a specific portion of the screen may be recorded with this recording program or piece of software. Choosing a region only takes a simple drag of the pointer from that point to the endpoint. It has various capabilities and you don’t need to pay for the screen recorder for computers that is watermark-free.

The program is free, but in order to use all of its features—including mp4 recorder for your camera and your screen, adding notes and hotkey tips, and exporting videos in the mp4 format—you must upgrade to the PRO edition. The PRO edition of the software features a 14-day free trial that is the sole available option.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Free Cam

Screen Recorder MP4 – Free Cam

Free Cam’s Key Features

What Free Cam Is Best for

Free Cam’s Limitations

Top 5. Share X

Another open-source screen recorder mp4 that is free for you to use is ShareX. Your videos can be screen recorded by IT, and they can be downloaded without a watermark. With ShareX, you may receive fantastic functionality and a user-friendly UI. One of the greatest watermark-free screen recorders for computers is Share X. The hotkey settings also allow you to modify the hotkeys.

There is neither a trial version nor an advanced version of the recorder because it is free to use. The ability to add or delete a watermark is available.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Share X

Screen Recorder MP4 – Share X

Share X’s Key Features

What Share X Is Best for

Share X’s Limitations

Top 6. Nimbus

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is another free mp4 recorder offered by the developers. This plugin, in contrast to most others, enables the 4k recording for Mac and PC. You may use it to record your screen, but you can also upload the videos you record directly to Google Drive and other online storage services.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Nimbus

Screen Recorder MP4 – Nimbus

Nimbus’s Key Features

What Nimbus Is Best For

Nimbus’ Limitations

Top 7. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi is another best screen recorder mp4 to record your screen and camera. With this software, you can easily record your screen on a computer or laptop. You may save a video clip in either spectacular Full HD or 4K resolution after you have recorded it. Both power and usability were considered when creating the program.

Movavi Screen Recorder offers a free trial version, but it comes with some limitations. You can directly share the screen recorded videos to multiple platforms. It has an amazing interface which makes it easy to use and gives quick output.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Movavi Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder MP4 – Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi’s Key Features

What Movavi Is Best For

Movavi’s limitations

Top 8. Bandicam

The Bandicam Company powers Bandicam, one of the top game recorders for computers. The finest paid app for capturing the computer’s screen is this one. It is a strong tool made to capture your gaming prowess and maneuvers. The footage of the screen is captured in 2D/3D at a high resolution of 4K UHD. With Bandicam, you can record mp4 your screen using a variety of sophisticated capabilities and annotate the video with comments or highlights.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Bandicam

Screen Recorder MP4 – Bandicam

Bandicam’s Key Features

What Bandicam Is Best For

Bandicam’s Limitations

Top 9. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a free online recorder mp4 that you can use record your screen in just a few clicks. You may rapidly make any kind of video you desire, including instructional, informative, or humorous movies, with just one click. You may easily record screens online thanks to the adaptable architecture of Apowersoft free Online Screen Recorder.

You may effortlessly store complete TV broadcasts or lectures from classes for later use with this free online screen recorder since it has no time or content restrictions, unlike other screen recording applications. You can also edit the recorded screen video with Apowersoft.

Screen Recorder MP4 - Apowersoft

Screen Recorder MP4 – Apowersoft

Apowersoft’s Key Features

What Apowersoft Is Best For

Apowersoft’s Limitations

Final Thought

Recording your screen is very important especially when you are taking an interview or in a meeting. People use these recordings later on to evaluate things. Here, we have mentioned the 8 best MP4 screen recorders which you can use to record your screen or webcam. These screen recorders are available with amazing features, editing tools, and other essential objects that are required to record a powerful video of your screen and edit it to make it better and more presentable. Hope, you have the best screen recorder for yourself to record your screen easily and effectively.


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