The ability to record your Android screen on a PC has vast applications for video makers, gamers, and problem solvers. You may capture your Android device’s display on a PC to generate instructive movies, game demonstrations, or software demos.

How to Record Android Screen

How to Record Android Screen

The three greatest ways to record your Android screen on a computer are shown below. There are several approaches, so regardless of your preferences or level of technical proficiency, you should be able to discover one that works for you. We provide both straightforward graphical and command-line user interfaces. Let’s discover how to record your Android device’s screen on your PC quickly.

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Record Android Screen on PC with Phone Mirror

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is an excellent app for recording what you see on your Android handset and viewing it on your computer. Using this method, you may wirelessly send your Android phone’s screen to your computer. To launch Phone Mirror, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install Phone Mirror from Google Play on Android.

Step 2: Download and install Phone Mirror on your PC from the official website.

Step 3: Connect your phone to PC via USB after running this program. Enable Android USB debugging.

Connect Phone

Connect Phone

Step 4: To mirror, click the mirror button. The screen mirror window appears shortly.

Mirror Screen

Mirror Screen

Step 5: Go to the interface you wish to record. Right-click the record button. Right-click the record button.

Press Record

Press Record

Step 6: Click the button twice to start and stop recording.

Step 7: You may copy and email it by clicking Copy or double-clicking to go to your recording save finder.

With Phone Mirror, you can easily record your Android screen on a PC without wires, making the process much more streamlined. It allows you to customize your recording experience by changing quality parameters like video and audio capture. Phone Mirror’s ability to record your screen wirelessly is useful whether you’re making tutorial videos or want to show off your latest game to your buddies.

Record Android Screen on PC via ADB

If you wish to record your Android screen on a PC, the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a great tool. PC-to-Android device connection is made possible using the command-line Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Capture your screen using the Android Debug Bridge:

Step 1: Turn on USB Debugging on your Android phone by the following way: choose Settings>About phone.

Step 2: Tap “Build number” seven times to enable Developer options > return to back to Settings > Developer options > enable “USB Debugging.” Plug your Android phone into your computer via USB.

Step 3: Get ADB for your PC. ADB comes with the Android SDK or may be downloaded independently.

Step 4: Open Windows Command Prompt or Terminal (macOS and Linux).

Step 5: Go to the directory where ADB was installed. Type “adb devices” at the command line or terminal to identify your device.

Adb Devices

Adb Devices

Step 6: To start screen recording, type “adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/screen.mp4.” Perform the Android activities you wish to capture. Stop recording “Ctrl + C” on the command prompt or terminal.

When utilizing ADB to record your Android screen, developers and tech enthusiasts benefit from more control over the recording process. This one requires command-line tool familiarity and technical competence, unlike other simple methods. Try this method if you’re comfortable with ADB and want additional screen recording flexibility.

Record Android Screen on PC using Vysor

Vysor is a well-liked program for mirroring and remote controlling your Android device on your computer. It has an approachable UI that works well for newcomers and seasoned pros. Here’s how to record your screen using Vysor:

Step 1: Download Windows Vysor.

Step 2: Press “Build number” seven times in Settings > About phone to activate Developer options and “USB Debugging.”

Step 3: USB-connect your Android phone to your PC.

Step 4: Vysor should identify your Android smartphone on your PC.

Find Device

Find Device

Step 5: To mirror your Android screen on your PC, click “View” next to your device in Vysor.

Step 6: Screen recording begins after mirroring. Vysor’s three-dot menu lets you choose “View on Computer.”

Step 7: Click “Record” in the new window to record your Android screen.

Step 8: Record your Android activities. Press “Stop” in the recording window to stop recording.

Vysor is an amazing option for customers looking for a quick and uncomplicated technique to record Android screen on their PC. You may take screenshots with the software and manage your Android smartphone from your computer, expanding the tool’s usefulness.

FAQS about Record Android Screen on PC

1. Can I record my Android screen wirelessly using Phone Mirror?

No, Phone Mirror requires a USB connection between your Android device and PC to mirror and record the screen. It does not support wireless screen mirroring or recording.

2. Is ADB safe to use for screen recording?

Yes, ADB is a legitimate tool provided by Google for Android development, and it is safe to use for screen recording. However, it requires enabling Developer options and USB debugging on your Android device, so follow the steps carefully and only use ADB from trusted sources.

3. Does Vysor support all Android devices?

The majority of Android smartphones running Android 5.0 or above are compatible with Vysor. However, certain gadgets can have constraints imposed by the manufacturer or particular software settings. Before using the app, it is advised to confirm if your device is supported by visiting the official Vysor website or consulting the support materials.

Final Thought

With the ability to record your Android screen on a PC, you can make compelling app demonstrations to distribute gaming videos or solve technical problems. Phone Mirror’s wireless recording capability, ADB’s customization options for power users, and Vysor’s intuitive interface are just a few of how the methods discussed here may benefit the reader. Before choosing a recording method, consider your needs, the equipment you’ll use, and how much control you need.

These screen recording solutions are useful if you’re an Android developer, content creator or want to capture unique moments on your phone. Now that you know how to record your Android screen on a PC, give it a try and leave a comment to help beginners. Enjoy recording!


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