High-quality cameras in iPhones and Android smartphones are allowing us to capture everything that goes on around us, and as a result we have all become amateur videographers up to an extent. We are routinely recording private moments, things we do at work, vacation time, or just random events that happen along the way. Of course, not all those screen recordings turn out well, but by looking at the screen we can more or less control what we capture.

Record with Screen Off on Android

Record with Screen Off on Android

What about the situations when it’s not possible to keep the screen on? Is it still possible to keep recording this way? It certainly is, and this article will teach you how to record with screen off on Android or iPhone. While you may not be as precise as you normally would, you will be able to record anything you want if you use the right app.

Why Would You Need to Record with Screen Off?

It’s obvious that keeping the screen turned on and using it to monitor what is being recorded makes video creation much easier and more precisely focused. It’s fair to ask why anyone would want to forego this advantage and record without any visual feedback on the device screen. Here are a few scenarios where recording without using the screen makes sense:

How to Record with Screen Off on Android?

There are numerous recording apps compatible with an Android phone, including the native recording function that comes pre-installed. However, if you intend to record with screen off, you might need to narrow your choices to apps that support this feature. One of the best choices is certainly Background Video Recorder, which you can download for free from the Google Play Store and use for recording anything with your phone.

Background Video Recorder is a lightweight application that accesses your camera and creates HD videos from its input. The commands are very simple, so practically anyone can get solid-looking videos with this app. Most importantly, the app has a mode for background recording that keeps the screen turned off while video is being captured. Here is how to activate this function and create a video:

Step 1 – Install Background Video Recorder to your phone and give it the permission to use camera

Step 2 – Open Settings to specify which camera to use and other parameters

Step 3 – Choose the option to continue recording when screen is off

Step 4 – Turn the screen off, then press the floating record button that’s visible over the screensaver

How to Record with Screen off on iPhone?

Given the fact that iOS ecosystem is consisted of different apps than Android, it goes without saying that iPhone owners have plenty of unique ecording options on their disposal. One possibility that immediately pops up is to use the default camera app that you normally rely on for all recordings. This app could be configured to silently record while the screen is locked, but that’s possible only on older iPhone versions up to iOS 9.

A more reliable option is to find an app like SP Camera that allows you to record anything you want while your screen is dark or shows a fake background. This software was designed for ‘spyware’ purposes and it’s specialty is allowing users to record without anyone else being aware of it. Here is the procedure you must complete in order to complete this task on any iPhone model, including the latest ones.

Step 1 – Download and install SP Camera app from the App Store

Step 2 – Run the app and enter the Video mode

Step 3 – Tap in the bottom left corner of the screen to start recording

Step 4 – Optionally protect the video with a passcode so that no one else can stop the recording

Step 5 – Tap the bottom left corner once again (or enter the passcode) to finalize the capturing

How to Record with Screen off on a Computer?

Since most laptops and desktops are equipped with web cameras, they are also frequently used to record ambient video. In case you are wondering is it possible to record from a PC or Mac while keeping the screen black, the answer is positive. With Gemoo Recorder this task becomes very easy and it can be completed with just a few clicks. This software can be downloaded for free and includes quite a few interesting features, one of them being the ability to keep recording without the screen being active. Here is how you can do that.

Step 1 – Install Gemoo Recorder on your computer and start it

Step 2 – Select Camera only from the main menu

Step 3 – Point the computer webcam in the right direction and hit the recording button in Gemoo

Step 4 – Let your screen go into sleep while the recording continues

Frequently Asked Questions about Recording with Screen Off

1. Is there a way to ensure a video recording is made even if I am not actively controlling the phone?

If you are using a specialized app for recording with the screen off, there should be a feature that lets you schedule a recording in advance or start it upon the detection of movement. Activating such a feature allows you to simply leave your phone and capture anything that happens while you are away.

2. Is it possible to stop the recording manually without turning on the screen?

A key characteristic of good recorders for silent capturing is that they allow you to control the recording process by tapping on the dark screen or using another discreet mechanism. In this way, you can start or stop recording without anyone else in the room even noticing.

3. How long can I record video from my phone with the screen turned off?

Depending on the recording tool you choose, there could be a time limit for individual recordings (usually 30 or 45 minutes). Other factors that could impact the maximum duration of the video include status of the battery as well as availability of working memory.


Recording from a mobile device with a screen turned off is not very comfortable, but sometimes might be necessary due to a number of reasons. There are lots of tools that make this task less daunting, and they are available for Android, iOS, as well as PC platforms. It might take some trial and error before you learn how to discreetly use such an app and make a great video without using the screen. This skill will serve you well if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t use the screen for whatever reason. How do you record without the screen being active and are you satisfied with this method?


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