Presto is a new product for 2019. Although it has been released for a short period of time, it offers the same great user experience. Take for example the excellent ability to produce how-to guides. With simple operation and an easy-to-use-user interface, you can easily organize a series of screenshots and video presentations and share them with your clients as soon as you’re done.

Of course, as new software, it is certainly not perfect and there are many more mature and powerful alternatives on the market. In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to 20 Presto alternatives.

Best Presto Alternative

Best Presto Alternative

What is Presto?

As a new product, Presto claims to be a new way to create beautiful and intuitive operating guides. By conducting a series of screenshots and video demonstrations, you can create intuitive how-to guides for your own users and quickly resolve customer support issues.

Pros of Presto

Presto is a very simple tool. It is very convenient for users who have written a guide. But if you want to have more features, then you have to look for its alternatives.

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21 Presto Alternatives

Easy Screen OCR

If you choose a tool because you want to take a screenshot and extract text from it afterwards, then this tool might be the right solution for you. It comes with OCR capabilities provided by Google, as well as a range of smart capture and editing features. Whether you already have a different screen recorder or not, Easy screen is definitely worth using on your computer.

Easy Screen OCR Interface

Easy Screen OCR Interface

Easy Screen OCR Pros

Easy Screen OCR Customer Review

Gemoo Snap

As an alternative to Presto, Gemoo Snap can not only create beautiful and intuitive operation guides but also has other more powerful and practical functions. Quick screenshot, screenshot and feedback, screenshot immediately beautify the image, pin screenshot top, screenshot upload to the cloud, etc.

Gemoo Snap interface

Gemoo Snap interface

Gemoo Snap Pros

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Sharex is popular as one of the open source products. Screenshots are a piece of cake for it. And even for screenshots, it has more options and editing features than Presto. Therefore, it is perfect for people who need to edit screenshots further.

Open Source Screen Recorder - ShareX

Open Source Screen Recorder – ShareX

ShareX Pros

ShareX Customer Reviews


Many users believe that Shottr is the best Presto alternative for Mac, and they have plenty of strong arguments to back up this claim. This content snipping app is well-suited for users of all skill levels, and it is packed with interesting and useful features. It’s worth installing even if you capture screen activity very infrequently.

Shottr Interface

Shottr Interface

Shottr Pros

Shottr Customer Review

OBS Studio

Few tools can match OBS for capturing content on the screen and transforming it into eye-catching multimedia. But the shocking thing is that even with such powerful features, it is still free to try.

Open Source Screen Recorder - OBS Studio

Open Source Screen Recorder – OBS Studio

OBS Pros

OBS Customer Review


Clipchamp is an application under Microsoft. It has impressive editing features and visual effects in addition to capturing screenshots and videos, making it more suitable for creating professional-grade content. It also has advanced audio capabilities, including an innovative text-to-speech feature.

Screencast Software - Clipchamp

Screencast Software – Clipchamp

Clipchamp Pros

Clipchamp Customer Review


    Similar to Presto, Lightshot also has a simple interface. But in addition, it has a toolbox full of well-designed features. Lightshot is therefore ideal for those who don’t expect professional quality and just want a reliable clipping application on their computer.

    Lightshot App Interface

    Lightshot App Interface

    Lightshot Pros

    Lightshot Customer Reviews


      Flameshot is a highly compatible software that can be used on almost any computer. At the same time it has a good combination of simplicity and performance that sets it apart from many competing screenshot tools. And thanks to the lightweight and fast nature of this software tool, it can handle screen capture tasks very well.

      Flameshot Interface

      Flameshot Interface

      Flameshot Pros

      Flameshot Customer Review


      Sniptool is perfect for users who need to take screenshots on a regular basis. Although the app is really simple and cannot capture video, it handles screenshots quite well. The main advantages of this tool are its speed and simplicity, which is enough for novices or those who are looking for efficiency.

      Sniptool Interface

      Sniptool Interface

      Sniptool Pros

      Sniptool Customer Review


        Widely regarded as one of the best screen recorders on the market, Snagit represents a high-end option that will satisfy even the most demanding users. The screenshot is its simplest feature and it is more often used as an image editor, so it is also better suited to users who are more demanding in terms of image editing.

        Snagit Interface

        Snagit Interface

        Snagit Pros

        Snagit User Reviews


        With it, almost anyone can create visually appealing material based on the content on their computer screen. Also, you can use the built-in tools for instant editing after taking snapshots and recordings, and then save them to the cloud with one click.

        Monosnap Interface

        Monosnap Interface

        Monosnap Pros

        Monosnap Customer Review

          FastStone Capture

          It won’t take you too long to learn how you can capture content from your computer using this highly practical tool. FastStone Capture not only provide an easy way to capture your screen, but also can help you to recover screen video.

          FastStone Capture Interface

          FastStone Capture Interface

          FastStone Pros

          FastStone Customer Reviews

          CleanShot X

          CleanShot X not only creates stunning screenshots but can also be instantly tweaked by adding graphics and text. It’s these editing tools that go hand in hand with the screenshots that make him so popular so quickly.

          CleanShot X Interface

          CleanShot X Interface

          CleanShot X Pros

          CleanShot X Customer Review


            CloudApp is software that unifies recording and sharing quick video and screenshot annotations into one easy-to-use platform. cloudApp provides a video, image, audio and file sharing experience across Windows, Mac, Chrome and iOS.

            What is CloudApp

            What is CloudApp

            CloudApp Pros

            CloudApp Customer Review


              Anyone who has tried using Camtasia knows how feature-rich and powerful it is, so it’s no surprise to find Camtasia among the few best Presto alternatives.

              Camtasia even has a free mobile app for Android and iOS that makes it easy to transfer media from your device for use in Camtasia. Once you’ve finished editing, you can render and share your video files to Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive and from within the program.

              Camtasia Interface

              Camtasia Interface

              Camtasia Pros

              Camtasia Customer Review


                PicPick is an all-in-one software for software developers, graphic designers and home users. It has an intuitive interface and is simple to operate. It offers not only a convenient screenshot function, but also an image editor, colour picker, palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshairs, whiteboard and much more. You can use all these tools for free.

                PicPick Interface

                PicPick Interface

                PicPick Pros

                PicPick Customer Review


                  Ksnip supports running on multiple platforms, including Linux (X11, Plasma Wayland, GNOME Wayland and xdg-desktop-portal Wayland), Windows and macOS.

                  Ksnip can also provide many annotation features for your screenshots.

                  Ksnip Interface

                  Ksnip Interface

                  Ksnip Pros

                  Ksnip Customer Review

                    Screenshot Captor

                    Screenshot Captor is a program for taking screenshots on your computer. It differs from other screenshot tools in several obvious ways. It has been optimised to take a large number of screenshots with minimal intervention.

                    Screenshot Captor Interface

                    Screenshot Captor Interface

                    Screenshot Captor Pros

                    Screenshot Captor Customer Review

                      Markup Hero

                      You can capture and share ideas instantly using Markup Hero’s screenshot application and image uploader. Not only that, but its easy-to-use annotation tools convey your message clearly on any image.

                      The Markup Hero App Interface

                      The Markup Hero App Interface

                      Markup Hero Pros

                      Markup Hero Customer Review


                        Screenpresso’s tagline is that a screenshot is worth a thousand words, so you can see how confident they are in their screenshot capabilities. So it’s possible to capture your desktop as a screenshot or HD video for your training documents, collaborative design work, IT bug reports, etc.

                        Sceenpresso Interface

                        Sceenpresso Interface

                        Sceenpresso Pros

                        Sceenpresso Customer Review


                            Although Loom is primarily used as a communication and collaboration tool, it can also easily help you to take screenshots or make quick screen recordings when you need to do so. It also offers a screen recording function that allows you to share the video with colleagues or users with one click after you have finished recording.

                            The Loom App Interface

                            The Loom App Interface

                            Loom Pros

                            Loom Customer Review

                                      Final Words

                                      Taking screenshots is not exactly rocket science, and there are numerous tools that can perform this task at a high level. No matter you’re using the Presto or built-in snipping tool to capture content, there’re 20 Presto alternatives provided. Tell us what your favorite screenshot tool is and why, and share this article so that your friends can contribute their opinions, too.


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