Machine learning algorithms of the latest generation can handle challenging semantic tasks, and no software product illustrates this ability better than ChatGPT. Developed by a startup company named OpenAI that listed Elon Musk as one of its original investors, this AI chatbot caused an earthquake in the digital ecosystem when its highly refined version 3.0 was released for public use late last year.

This stellar product launch caused an avalanche of media interest and a lot of internet hype, which partially overshadowed a potentially more impactful feature – OpenAI Playground. This tool is oriented towards developers and showcases the same technology that regular users interact with when they converse with ChatGPT.

Since the two software platforms are closely related, many people fail to distinguish between OpenAI Playground and ChatGPT. This article will help to remove any confusion and outline the best features of each cloud-based product.

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What is ChatGPT?

On the surface, ChatGPT is just a chatbot that can return textual responses to prompts entered by the users. It has a simple web-based interface and looks very much like any other chatbot you can find on corporate websites. However, under the hood is a powerful deep learning model that has the ability to interpret complex instructions written in natural language and respond with unique text that meets high standards for grammar and style.

Many industry experts believe ChatGPT to be the best generative AI application for text at the moment, and this opinion is supported by the soaring popularity of this software among the general population. The basic version, which can be used free of charge, is widely used by people worldwide for purposes ranging from engaging in fun conversations to drafting serious documents and creative concepts. With a small number of exceptions pertaining to violent or hateful content, the bot is well-versed on practically any topic pre-dating its training.

The premium version of ChatGPT is even more impressive at completing various linguistic tasks, as it runs on a more advanced GPT 4.0 algorithm. It is predominantly used by companies that want to automate some aspects of content generation or scale their activities without hiring new people. While still prone to material mistakes, it is more trustworthy and knowledgeable than the previous iterations.

What is OpenAI Playground?

It’s important to keep in mind that both the underlying AI model and the customer-facing application are proprietary, but OpenAI still wants to share them with the world. The vendor decided to make ChatGPT API available as open-source software, allowing independent developers to build other applications on top of OpenAI’s models.

OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground is an online environment in which developers can interact with machine learning models and test them in various ways. In this environment, it’s possible to initiate API calls with normal text prompts, without the need to write a single line of code. This allows developers to become better accustomed to the way the API functions, so they are better prepared to deploy it when they are creating third-party apps. This tool is hosted on the OpenAI website and can be accessed with a registered account, with no payment necessary.

Starting with the fundamentals, the OpenAI playground basically teaches software engineers what the GPT 3 model can do and how to leverage its incredible power for the completion of numerous tasks. It can be described as part demonstration, part hands-on training, and part sandbox in which it’s possible to nurture creative ideas and discover interesting new possibilities. That’s why OpenAI Playground can be considered to be an essential pillar of the new AI-based software development era.

ChatGPT vs. OpenAI Playground – Main Differences

If you are not careful, you could easily confuse these two software platforms and end up trying to interact with the wrong one. After all, both are hosted on the same website, require an OpenAI account to access, and display similar conversation and text generation abilities. Despite the shared traits, it would be a huge mistake to think that OpenAI Playground and ChatGPT are the same things.

Their differences stem mostly from the purpose the vendor envisioned for each. One is a final product aimed at users with mostly limited technical skills, while the other is intended for a much smaller group of expert developers who want to explore the possibilities of merging GPT with other functions. Here is a rough overview of the main distinctions between ChatGPT and OpenAI Playground:

FAQs about OpenAI Software Products

When was the GPT model that powers current OpenAI products first developed?

Deep learning model powering today’s AI products was originally made in 2018. Over the previous five years, it went through several versions that were gradually refined to improve its reasoning ability and make its responses more accurate. Currently, GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 versions are being used, but the work to improve the algorithm continues behind the scenes.

Is ChatGPT open-source software and can it be upgraded with plugins?

OpenAI was originally founded with the idea to work on open-source projects, but in the process it has transitioned into a corporate entity. As a result, it treats ChatGPT as a commercial product and fully controls its training. However, plugins for ChatGPT can be developed through Open AI Playground and deployed as third-party products.

Do you need special permission to access OpenAI Playground?

There was originally a waiting list for developers wishing to access OpenAI Playground, but that requirement has been dropped. All you need to do to play around with this hugely valuable resource is to head to the official website of the company, create an account, and run the Playground feature.

Final Thoughts

Within a short timeframe, OpenAI became established as a leader in the generative AI space and its chat bot service is considered to be better than the main competitors made by Google and other big-name companies. ChatGPT has achieved worldwide popularity and is very likely to become adopted as an everyday tool by countless users. OpenAI Playground represents a valuable addition, as it gives independent software creators a chance to test advanced AI models in a secure and fully supported environment. Still, knowing the difference between these two related products is imperative for anyone opening an account with OpenAI.


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