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[Updated] 8 Best AI Software


Last Updated: Jan. 12, 2023 | FEATURED IN: Productivity

In a study published in August 2020, internet research company Statista predicted that the worldwide market for AI trends that AI software will expand by 54% annually between 2019 and 2025, reaching a total value of $22.6 billion by the end of that time frame. The use of AI is more widespread than ever before. It is pervasive. It will be among the most revolutionary developments of the twenty-first century.

Best AI Software & Tools

Best AI Software & Tools

The combination of AI and ML gives people the needed features and streamlines business operations. As a result of the preceding, companies are focusing on developing more intelligent apps that use AI to deliver a more natural consumer experience. As a result, there is a pressing need for software development tools that facilitate the creation of AI-based software by developers with just rudimentary AI expertise.

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Is There a Free AI Text generator?

Can Google detect AI writing?

What Is the Best Artificial Intelligence Software?

LongShot AI




Atomic Reach




Is There a Free AI Text generator?

Yes, there exist many AI Text generators that work for free. However, not all of them are completely free. Many of these can help you generate text with the aid of AI, but there isn’t a free AI text generator. Writing tools that use AI come in various flavors, and their prices can range widely. They might be as little as a few dollars or as much as several hundred dollars each month.

The software’s capability and the number of words it can create simultaneously will determine the price. Writing assistants that AI powers are gaining more and more traction in the business world. Some businesses turn to them for assistance when generating content for a certain field or specialty. However, digital firms use them to develop a wide variety of content for their customers.

Can Google detect AI writing?

A company cannot often spot artificial intelligence in text, but Google is among them. It does this by reading the text and determining whether a person or an AI wrote it. The diversity of AI writing styles makes it challenging for Google to categorize documents as one category or another. When asked if Google can now recognize AI-related content, John Mueller didn’t have a definitive answer.

People can identify content created by AI even if it has been badly written and not reviewed by a human before publication. There is less chance that Google will pick it up if it is properly performed, edited, and corrected by a person before publication. The fact that Google can tell the difference between high-quality and low-quality information is a bigger concern than that it can tell the difference between “genuine” and “false” stuff.

What Is the Best Artificial Intelligence Software?

In this part, we will introduce 8 best artificial intelligence software available in 2023.

1. LongShot AI

The mission of LongShot AI is to revolutionize the way masters use “AI.” Longshot’s AI and SEO capabilities are revolutionary in a market where most businesses want to make AI accessible to anyone. It provides a user-friendly interface with a wide range of project creation choices, such as journals, long-form blog posts, frequently asked questions or blog insights, a text extension, and numerous others. Using cutting-edge developments in neural networks and machine learning, LongShot can 6provide users with the most cutting-edge, effective, and accessible AI-based analytical tools available. It relies heavily on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform or extensively uses it.

Best AI Software - LongShot AI

Best AI Software – LongShot AI

Key Features

Target Customer: Content creators looking to create blogs and articles for their work.

Pricing Plan: free to $29.90 per year

2. Writesonic

Create content for your website or social network with Writesonic, a content creation tool. It’s quite like having a full-time freelance writer at your disposal. Writesonic needs a few phrases of product descriptions or sentences from you before generating. It’s a great resource for making catchy titles and abstracts for your websites, coming up with interesting blog topics, and writing engaging marketing content for your online store.

Best AI Software - Writesonic

Best AI Software – Writesonic

Key Features

Target Customer: Content Writers looking to create easy-to-read blogs.

Pricing Plan: free to $10 per month

3. Scalenut

You can use Scalenut, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), to research and write lengthy, short pieces of content that perform exceptionally well in search engine results. With its help, you can make your writing more accessible and effective while increasing its total output. Scalenut is a comprehensive SaaS platform for content producers, marketing departments, agencies, and organizations of all sizes and in all fields, with the flexibility to meet the needs of any content.

Best AI Software - Scalenut

Best AI Software – Scalenut

Key Features

Target Customer: Article writers looking to save time.

Pricing Plan: free to $29 per month

4. Peppertype

Peppertype is cutting-edge software that facilitates content automation for enterprises. It analyzes your company’s operations, learns about your business and intended audience, and then provides the analysis using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning. With Peppertype’s cutting-edge innovation, you can quickly and easily generate an endless supply of product promotional campaigns, blog strategies, advertisement copy, brand slogans, social media post concepts, and descriptions, allowing you to expand your content marketing strategy while also improving efficiency on product conception and approach.

Best AI Software - Peppertype

Best AI Software – Peppertype

Key Features

Target Customer: Ideal for a student who uses PDFs and large-sized documents.

Pricing Plan: Free to $35 per year

5. Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is an information-converting tool that employs content scorecarding, lead generation, data analytics, and more to assist companies in converting their information into revenue. Plans are available to help organizations and advertisers produce and disseminate superior content. Atomic Reach is a network with a collection of features based on 21 metrics that assess user content and give constructive criticism. Atomic Reach does not interfere with the artistic process. Still, it does add some science to creating interesting content based on the information they provide, which is diagnosing and predictive.

Best AI Software - Atomic Reach

Best AI Software – Atomic Reach

Key Features

Target Customer: Ideal for those looking to perfect their grammar scores.

Pricing Plan: free to $599 per month

6. Casetext

Casetext is a document review system in the cloud that assists attorneys, independent practices, and solicitors in writing legal papers, doing a sentence-based parallel investigation, adding references to argumentation, and centralizing case content. Using natural language processing, CARA artificial intelligence, a library of case summaries, machine learning capabilities, reports, and more are just some of the features. The researching module provides lawyers with accessibility to the federal and state legal precedent databases, the ability to identify cases as “treated relevant,” and the capability to perform boolean queries to acquire jurisdiction-specific data.

Best AI Software - Casetext

Best AI Software – Casetext

Key Features

Target Customer: This is a good choice for lawyers and businesspeople who want to write research papers.

Pricing Plan: Free to $90 per month

7. Texta.ai

Texta.ai is a cutting-edge AI copywriting program with various features designed to facilitate any writing task. The intuitive design of the interface expedites the learning curve and facilitates the usage of all the features and functions. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting, Texta.ai has a tool that will simplify your life as a copywriter. Its extensive features and intuitive interface make it a practical tool for rapidly generating unique content.

Best AI Software - Texta.ai

Best AI Software – Texta.ai

Key Features

Target Customer: A decent choice for novice content writers.

Pricing Plan: Free to $19 per month

8. Anyword

PPC software like Anyword provides organizations with AI-powered tools for writing and improving ad copy. Managers can use the platform’s demographic analysis tools to gauge audience participation and inspire content ideas. Admins can use the AI Ad Copy generating component to generate interesting content for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Teams can use Anyword to develop inbound marketing tailored to specific demographics by fine-tuning product details, CTA icons, headings, and sub-headers, among other content components.

Best AI Software - Anyword

Best AI Software – Anyword

Key Features

Target Customer: Ideal for business owners and stakeholders.

Pricing Plan: free to $19 per month

Final Thought

Thanks to recent developments in AI, intelligent writing tools are on the horizon. Many new companies have boasted groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) authoring skills in the last several years. With the greatest software, writers can boost their productivity by a factor of two to five. This implies a single writer can produce as many as a group of two to five authors.

Use these resources now, so you don’t fall behind the competition and must start over later. Over time, these instruments can be expected to improve in sophistication. There is also a good likelihood that these methods will become standard practice.


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