Children have adorable voices that can win you over in a heartbeat. They can be charming, clever, and funny at the same time, whatever they’re saying and make any conversation interesting. Today, anyone can sound like a child because voice changers enable you to modulate your voice and create funny audio clips that will entertain your friends or social media followers.

Best Kid’s Voice Changers

Best Kid’s Voice Changers

Changing your voice to sound like a little kid can be a cool prank or creative way of making your live streams more interesting. However, online kid voice changers don’t allow you to modulate your voice in real-time, and you must install software on your PC or Mac if you want to sound like a kid during a live stream.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the best little kid voice changers you can use to sound like a child and learn more about their key features.

The Benefits of Using Child Voice Changers

Imagine having the possibility to sound like anyone. Your favorite cartoon character, an alien, an astronaut, or a little kid. That’s what voice changers allow you to do in just a few clicks, as they offer a broad spectrum of voice filters you can use in any situation.

Their capabilities vary, so most online voice changers only allow you to modulate prerecorded voices and don’t offer the possibility to alter your voice in real time. Hence, you won’t be able to use these tools to react to what is happening in a game you’re streaming live unless you prepare audio files you intend to play at crucial points of your stream.

However, online child voice changers can be handy if you edit your streams before you upload them because they allow you to comment on the gameplay in little kids’ or any other voice you choose.

Let’s look at more benefits of using child voice changers:

Top 8 Online Child Voice Changers to Make Your Audience Laugh

Even though this article focuses primarily on online voice changers you can use to sound like a child, it is important to note that these tools are also available for smartphones and computers. We shortlisted some of the best voice changes you can use from a web browser, but our selection also includes one of the best desktop-based real-time voice changers that’s ideal for live streams. Let’s dive in and look at their features.


Although it is best known as a text-to-speech platform, Murf also has a powerful voice changer that can modulate your voice with ease. The app features a broad range of child voices in different languages, so you just have to pick the voice you like and hit the dictate button in Murf’s studio to start recording the voice you want to sound like a child. Interface Interface

However, you should keep in mind that kids’ voices aren’t available for all languages, so you must first check which age groups are available for the language in which you want to record your video.

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free; Basic: $29 per month; Pro: $39 per month; Enterprise: $75 per month

User ratings


You won’t need more than a few moments to generate an audio with a kid’s voice. The Voicemaker platform doesn’t allow you to record audio files, so you must type what you want your child character to say into its text editor.

This text-to-speech platform has a huge library of voices, but keep in mind that kid’s voices aren’t available for all dialects of the English language. However, Voicemaker features child voices for British, American, and Australian English. Once the platform generates the audio file, you can use its audio editing tools to emphasize words, adjust the volume level, or change the voice’s pitch before exporting the file.

Child Voice Changers - Voicemaker

Child Voice Changers – Voicemaker

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free; Basic – $5 per month; Premium – $15 per month; Business – $30 per month

User ratings is one of the top online destinations for anyone who wants to modulate their voice to sound like a child for free. This voice changer lets you upload an audio file containing a voice you want to modulate or record your voice.

When done, you can click on a child or any other icon that indicates the pitch the app will apply to the audio file and listen to the result. Voice-Changer won’t compress your original audio file or affect its quality in any other way.

Child Voice Changers - Voice Change. Org

Child Voice Changers – Voice

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free

User ratings is much more than a simple voice changer, as it offers a broad spectrum of tools you can use to edit or generate videos, audio, and photos. Aside from the voice changer, the platform’s audio tools also include AI music and song generators, noise reducer, and audio file converter.

You must upload a file containing the recording of the voice you want to modulate and then select the Kid option from the voice style menu in the Voice Changer panel. You can listen to the result and decide if you like how your kid’s voice sounds before downloading the audio file.

Child Voice Changers -

Child Voice Changers –

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free; Monthly Plan – $19.99; Yearly Plan: $86.39

User ratings


You don’t need an account to start creating audio files containing children’s voices with Narakeet. This text-to-speech platform offers multiple kid voices for American and British English, so you just have to pick the voice you like and upload a script, and Narakeet will do the rest for you.

The app has several audio options that allow you to select how loud or fast the child’s voice will be and pick the file format in which you’ll save the audio file. Optionally, you can click the Dictate button, say what you want the child character you selected to say, and hit Create Audio. The platform will generate a file with a child’s voice, and you can download it free of charge.

Text-to-Speech Generator for YouTube- Narakeet

Little Kid Voice Changer – Narakeet

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free; Top-up accounts: $6 to $500 for 30 to 1000 minutes of audio: Subscription accounts: Price available upon request

User ratings


Thousands of bloggers, YouTubers, gamers, and streamers love creating funny voices with MyEdit. The app’s AI audio tools include much more than a voice changer since you can also create sound effects, remove wind noises, or denoise an audio file.

MyEdit’s voice changer is available in English, Chinese, French, and Japanese, so you can easily switch between these languages if you want to generate multilingual content. The platform has four child voice characters for the English language and lets you test how the character sounds before applying the effect to the audio clip.

Child Voice Changers - MyEdit

Child Voice Changers – MyEdit

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free; Monthly Plan – 14$; Annual Plan – $72

User ratings

TopMediAI Voice Changer

All you need to do to sound like a little boy or girl is record or upload an audio file containing your voice and choose the kid’s voice you like. However, these voices aren’t available with TopMediaAI’s free version, so you must upgrade to its Plus plan to use them.

This online voice changer offers several templates you can use to automatically modulate your voice in a recording you create with this platform, but you can’t adjust the voice settings on any of the available templates.

Duke Nukem Voice Generator - TopMediai

Duke Nukem Voice Generator – TopMediai

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free; Premium plan – $4.99 per month; Plus plan – $9.99 per month

User ratings


Installing a real-time voice changer on your PC is probably your best option if you want to modulate your voice to sound like a child during live streams you share on Twitch. Moreover, the software is compatible with all popular streaming software, so you’ll have no issues using it with OBS Studio or XSplit Broadcaster.

The software features a broad spectrum of voices, including a baby voice, so changing your voice to sound like a child shouldn’t take you more than a few clicks. In addition, you can make your own voice effects with Voicemod and use them during games, podcasts, or videos you stream on YouTube.

Voicemod Soundboard Option

Voicemod Soundboard Option

Notable features

Main downsides

Price: Free; Pro Version: Price available in-app

User ratings:

Frequently Asked Questions About Kid’s Voice Changers

How Long Can an Audio Generated with a Kid Voice Changer Last?

The duration of an audio file you create with a kid voice changer depends on the app you use, but most tools allow you to generate up to ten minutes of audio.

Do I Have to Record My Voice Before Using a Child Voice Changer?

You don’t necessarily have to record your voice before uploading it to an online kid voice changer because some apps let you record your voice and then change it to sound like a child’s voice.

Can I Create a Child Voice with an Online Voice Changer?

Making a custom child voice with online voice changers isn’t possible, but some apps allow you to edit audio to which you apply a kid’s voice before downloading it.

Final Considerations

You’ll have no shortage of options if you want to change your voice to sound like a child online. Still, you should keep your expectations in check because most platforms have a limited selection of kid voices and offer only basic audio editing tools.

Almost all kid voice changers you can find online allow you to modulate your voice after it’s already recorded, so you must use desktop-based software like Voicemod if you want to sound like a child in real time. Which kid’s voice changer do you like the most? Leave a comment and let us know.


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