If you belong to the current times, you must have captured a screenshot of your conversation with someone. But do you know if is it illegal to send screenshots of conversations? Or are you perplexed about it? We’ve got you covered. New and engaging social media practices and the rising trend of capturing screenshots can be too much news at certain times.

A screenshot is an image of the exact data on your device’s screen. While one can use screenshots for fun purposes, it also aids in discussing work-related tasks, connecting better on projects, and displaying a good layout. Since screenshotting for professional terms is a topic for another day, we shall unveil the significance of screenshotting conversations and the limitations around it. We must move to discover the legal outlook on capturing screenshots. Keep reading.

Is It Illegal To Take Screenshots Of Conversations?

In the online world, there are many great things and perks to enjoy. Sometimes simple situations can turn into complex ones. In light of all this, the US formed a law in 2018 to hold anyone accountable if they are accessing other person’s private conversations without their consent.

Reading about it might have given you a brief insight into whether screenshot conversation is legal and whether the screenshot will be notified.  However, Knowing the exact rules and implications of this scenario is important. You can capture a screenshot of the conversation if the person involved agrees. But you might face consequences if you take screenshots of a conversation without the person’s knowledge. In this article, we will discuss whether is it illegal to take screenshots of conversations and learn more regarding this matter. Keep reading to learn more

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Why Do You Want To Screenshot Conversations?

A question might pop into your mind wondering in what situations you would capture screenshots of a conversation and the reasons associated with it. It might vary from person to person, but here is a list of a few basic conditions in which one might want to screenshot a conversation.


Screenshots can sometimes be used as evidence to track things online in cases of bullying, harassment, or misconduct behavior. You can screenshot the conversation for documentation to use as proof in the future.

Circulating Information

You can capture a conversation to share bits and parts of your talk with other people. For instance, you and your friend are working on a project together but are away for some reason. In such a scenario, you can send them the important work texts as screenshots to save time.

Circulating Information

Circulating Information

Keeping Up With Important Details

Imagine you forgot a friend’s birthday due to certain stuff. At the same time, you and your friend had once discussed their favorite flower names. You can capture such small details to find a good flower collection by circulating its name to your friends.

Storing Memories

Some people habitually capture screenshots to record your wonderful gameplay. In this way, you can keep them on your phone and review them later when you miss them or want to have a good laugh on a sad day.

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Allowable Situations of Use Of The Conversation Screenshot

Although capturing a conversation screenshot might not be well-liked by some people, it is okay since we have the right to have an opinion. But there might be a few circumstances where it would be better for a person to screenshot a conversation for a good cause. Let us learn about the situations in which it is allowed to use the conversation screenshot.

Legal Concerns

You are encouraged to share screenshots of the conversation with someone who has been threatening or harassing you in some way. Screenshots of such conversations can work as proof and help support your ground.

Screenshot for Legal Purpose

Screenshot for Legal Purposes

Documentation/ Proof

If you are conversing with someone, they turn it into something uncomfortable, irrelevant, and inappropriate. It is wise to keep it as a screenshot to report the relevant person to a higher authority, people in power, etc.

Seeking Consent

If you have granted someone permission to share a screenshot of their conversation, then it is okay to move forward with your action. It can be helpful when you want to share opinions about a project or stuff with someone else outside of your conversation. It is always best to ask for consent before sharing things with a third party since it avoids any confusion and problems in the future.

Personal Usage

Using a screenshot of private conversations with your friends is okay to keep up with the online social media world. It is common to capture cute moments in a conversation and share them on social media. It aids you in forming a digital diary of your life.

How to Screenshot Conversation Legally?

Gemoo Snap is a reliable and free tool that can meet all your screenshot requirements, whether you’re a designer, educator, developer, or marketer to screenshot a picture, website, or conversation. With everything you need to capture screenshots at work or in your daily life, Gemoo Snap is a simple and lightweight program that provides fast and easy screenshots. By taking a screenshot, annotating it with your thoughts, and either pasting it or sharing a link, you can give input on a design or assignment, report a defect, or do anything else that can help you improve.

To take a screenshot with Gemoo Snap, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Gemoo Snap on your computer for free or install the Chrome extension (Add to Chrome). You can also launch the “Quick Screenshot” function by tapping the shortcut key PrintScreen.

Click Quick Screenshot

Click Quick Screenshot

Step 2: Choose the function you need and select the area you want to capture by clicking and dragging your mouse.

Frame the Screen

Frame the Screen

Step 3: Once the screenshot is taken, Gemoo Snap will automatically upload it to Gemoo Cloud.



Final Thought

Learning about the basic lines of limitations when using screenshots and generally online is a mature decision. Know when to be cautious about things and when to keep them light. In this article, we pondered the use of screenshots of conversations, the reasons behind screenshotting a conversation, etc.

We also shed light on the importance of equipping yourself with laws revolving around screenshots and learning about if it is illegal to take screenshots of conversations. One must establish a balance around everything and not give in too much to avoid any mistakes. We hope this article was worth your precious time and helped you learn something or two. If you are confused, please comment, and we will get back to you.


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