FaceTime is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with hundreds of millions of users relying on it daily for private and business communications. While this is an Apple-only app that doesn’t work on PC or Android, it’s so beloved by iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners that ‘face-timing’ is widely used as a verb. This level of acceptance wouldn’t be possible if the app malfunctioned frequently, but like with any other software there are occasional bugs that can spoil the user experience.

FaceTime screen recording function is an essential part of the package, so it’s very annoying when sound is not being captured. This problem can usually be solved quickly, but in some cases, you might need to switch to a different screen recorder. This article will provide you with savvy hints that will teach you how to fix FaceTime screen recording with no sound issues with a minimum of lost time.

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Why Does FaceTime Screen Recording Have No Sound?

In some instances, recorded FaceTime calls lack any audio which basically renders them useless. There are several potential causes, so it may not be easy to determine what happened with the sound. You might have to conduct a little investigation and check the settings on your device as well as the FaceTime app. In most cases, you should be able to quickly find out what went wrong and get a pretty good idea of how to fix it. Here are some common causes of audio issues in FaceTime:

FaceTime Interface

FaceTime Interface

How to Fix FaceTime Screen Recording with no Sound?

Most of the scenarios described above are easily resolved by removing the factor that was preventing FaceTime from recording sound, i.e. granting access to the microphone or installing an update. Such actions can be taken quickly and usually result in the return of the missing function, perhaps with a restart of your device needed for the changes to take effect. The next time you try to record a FaceTime conversation after fixing the issue, audio should be captured normally.

The bigger issue is what to do if none of the reasons for audio failure described above seem to be behind the problem, making a systemic fix difficult to find. This is still not a time to despair, since there are quite a few ways to get around the issue and make a recording with crystal-clear audio. The best approach is to use a different screen recorder that can work in the background while you are chatting on FaceTime. Here are two methods that can accomplish this for mobile and desktop users respectively.

Using Alternative Screen Recorder for iPhone/iPad –Record It

While there is no shortage of screen recording apps that work on iOS devices, Record It is widely regarded as one of the most flexible and user-friendly options. With this app you can record the content of your screen while you are interacting with any apps or games, including FaceTime. Thanks to the ability to add comments to the recording, this could be even better than using the native recording function in FaceTime, especially if you are having trouble with audio.

Here is the sequence of steps you must take to capture a FaceTime conversation with Record It app:

Step 1. Install Record It to your iPhone or iPad and run it

Install Record It

Install Record It

Step 2. Select the option to record the entire screen and make sure the audio recording is turned on

Step 3. Start recording, then switch to FaceTime and start your video conversation

Step 4. Edit your recording with built-in editor before saving it to your phone

Using Alternative Screen Recorder for Mac – Gemoo

If you are using a computer to chat with friends and associates through FaceTime, you could use Gemoo Recorder to capture those conversations with clear audio. This lightweight app is very intuitive to use and allows for effortless creation of videos based on your screen activity. You can also record directly from a selected window, or include the webcam feed into your video, which makes Gemoo perfect for putting together online videos and other multimedia materials quickly.

Gemoo Recorder boasts several notable features, including:

To record your conversation in FaceTime using this tool, just take the following steps.

Step 1. Free download Gemoo Recorder and Start both Gemoo Recorder and FaceTime on your Mac

Sign in to Gemoo

Sign in to Gemoo

Step 2. Select Screen and Camera as your input sources in Gemoo

Select Screen & Camera Recording Mode

Select Screen & Camera Recording Mode

Step 3. Click on the Start Recording icon in the toolbar to start capturing, then switch to to tab in which FaceTime is running

Step 4. Complete the conversation, then use the toolbar to stop recording and add annotations

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixing Sound in FaceTime

Why is FaceTime not recording sound when other apps are able to capture the microphone feed?

This can occur whenever some type of incompatibility prevents FaceTime app from communicating with the microphone or sound card. Some of the reasons for the failure may be trivial (i.e. wrong settings) and can be fixed very quickly without professional help.

Why FaceTime work normally on my iPhone but won’t record sound on my Mac?

If you are having trouble with recording the sound with FaceTime only on one device, it’s wise to check your security settings and audio input sources. Updating your OS could also resolve the issue, and only if the problem persists should you consider using an alternative screen recorder.

Can I access the audio from a past FaceTime conversation if it hasn’t been recorded?

Unfortunately, conversations that hadn’t been recorded are not saved anywhere so if your recording doesn’t include audio it might be lost forever. The only chance to get it back is to ask the other person in the conversation to share their version of the recording (if it exists).

Final Words

Nobody likes to deal with technical issues when attempting to chat with friends or colleagues, so FaceTime problems with sound can be quite irritating. Since frustration and impulsive action won’t help, it’s better to keep a cool head and try and ascertain why the problem occurred in the first place. If you manage to do that, chances are the solution will emerge spontaneously. Even if you can’t get to the bottom of the issue, you still have the option to turn on a third-party screen recording tool and capture the conversation with high quality video and audio.


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