As remote employment trends become more common, it is shaking up the established order of the workplace. Remote work was formerly thought impossible, but as technology and the world economy have improved, more and more people are finding work outside of traditional office hours. A recent survey by Owl Labs found that 16% of businesses are completely remote. 62% of employees in this age range (22-65) said they occasionally worked from home.

Best Remote Jobs in 2023

Best Remote Jobs in 2023

A recent poll found that 87% of remote employees feel remote work options enhance their overall work-life balance, making it likely that those numbers will continue to climb. In addition, many top remote jobs allow you to choose when and how you work, making them a more practical option for many individuals.

However, if you’re unaware of the Best Remote Jobs 2023, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll discover the finest remote working jobs in 2023. Let’s get going!

Top 15 Best Remote Jobs in 2023

Wondering about the best remote jobs you can find in 2023? This section will deliver the answer! Since COVID, the trend of working has shifted from traditional to remote. Due to this, people have been seeking a remote job since it allows them to work in their comfort zone. Some of the best ones are:

Best Remote Jobs

Best Remote Jobs


One of the best opportunities for independent workers is in copywriting. Copywriters are often thought of as contractors. The marketing and communications departments of businesses often hire copywriters full-time. Copywriters are artists who use words to convey a message or promote a business. Articles, blogs, social media captions, news releases, advertisements, and other promotional content are all written by them. You can write novels, newsletters, advertising copy, emails, ebooks, and essays as a freelance copywriter.

Jobs in this industry are expected to increase by 9 percent between 2020 and 2030, as reported by the BLS. Even though the average American writer can expect to find about 15,400 new job opportunities each year, the number is probably much higher for freelancers, thanks to the global market.


You can offer your linguistic skills from any global location when you work as a remote translator. The capacity to work fast and precisely and have excellent language abilities are essential for translators. Translators are responsible for converting one language’s written or spoken material into another. They need to know how to use proper grammar constructions in both languages.

Strong interaction, self-discipline, and time management abilities are also required for success in this sector. As a translator, working independently on your own time while coordinating with customers worldwide might make you more productive than if you worked in an office.


How to become a designer? Taking a few lessons on Skillshare or Coursera may teach you a lot about design, which is a valuable online talent. Use programs like PicMonkey and Canva to make eye-catching images on websites’ blog articles, product pages, landing pages, and so on.

Anyone with the imagination and skills to design functional websites will thrive in this field. However, you may need to learn specific programming languages like JavaScript, Python, or SQL and become fluent in the requisite software before taking on more complex projects.

Career Coaching

The purpose of a career coach is to assist clients in defining and achieving their professional objectives. A career coach is an expert who works with people one-on-one to help them achieve their professional goals, whether finding a new job, changing professions, or launching their own company. Coaching clients one-on-one to better define their professional objectives and pinpoint the roadblocks standing in the way is what career coaches do.

Because coaching can be done remotely, it’s a good fit for people who would rather not commute to an office daily or have other obligations preventing them from doing so. Moreover, career coaches may increase their reach by working with customers from all over the globe, thanks to the advent of remote career counseling.


A statistician is an expert in numbers and how they may be analyzed and interpreted. They use statistical methods to aid businesses and people in making well-informed choices. Healthcare, industry, government, and education are just some places you may find a statistician at work.

The field of statistics lends itself well to remote work, which has been growing in popularity in recent years. Many statisticians already do remote work, either as freelancers or employees of businesses that operate solely online. Working remotely as a statistician has several advantages, including portability, scheduling flexibility, and access to various clientele.

Software Developer

Most software developers’ jobs can be done anywhere with a reliable internet connection and the help of some productive developer tools. Thanks to the widespread use of virtual tools and the flexibility of working from home, developers can concentrate on fixing software problems while working from anywhere.

Tech applicants who are acquainted with cloud technologies may be able to make a case for remote work when negotiating a job offer as companies continue to invest in platforms like Microsoft Teams to improve communication for DevOps teams operating outside of the office.

Remote Project Manager

A remote project manager controls a project’s preparation, execution, and monitoring from afar. They are accountable for the project’s timely, cost-effective, and stakeholder-satisfying completion. Managers who operate remotely coordinate the efforts of a team spread around the globe via virtual meetings and exchanges of information.

Project management software, time-tracking tools, and virtual communication platforms are only some of the tools and software used by remote project managers to monitor the status of their projects. As a result of their tight cooperation with the team, they can allocate responsibilities, provide direction, and ensure that everyone is working toward the same objectives.

Remote Project Manager

Remote Project Manager

Customer service representative

Working from home is ideal for customer service jobs. A workplace with many customer service agents might be noisy and irritating, while an employee’s home may be quieter and more pleasant. Through cloud computing and online communication, remote or hybrid resources can be used to provide complete customer service.

These days, all a customer care agent needs is a computer and internet access to provide support through chat, email, or telephone. Remote employees are not left in the dark thanks to tools like Slack and cloud-based team management software that allow them to communicate with their supervisors and coworkers easily.

Social media manager

Businesses can reach their ideal customers directly via social media, significantly increasing sales and brand awareness. Brands may benefit from a social media manager’s expertise in marketing strategy development and implementation for increased lead generation.

If you’re a freelancer, you have the flexibility to work with many companies at once, enhancing their social media marketing strategies. You’ll need to show that you’re adept with various social media template platforms to impress customers looking to you for guidance on content creation and audience targeting.

Product Manager

In businesses, a product manager oversees the development of new products and services. The product manager may work with the marketing and sales teams when preparing a product for rapid growth. Product managers may research the company’s plans for the future of its goods and services.

As part of the management process, teams must establish routines and divide their work. A product launch plan may be developed, including revenue projections, subscription estimates, and an official release date.

Voice-over artists

Voice-over artists modulate their vocal delivery to convey the desired emotion, personality, or tone for a certain role. They may need to adopt a variety of dialects, vocal ranges, and emotional states in order to give life to the screenplay and also have to time their speech to an image, such as a movie or animation.

Thanks to technological advancements, professional-quality audio can now be recorded and distributed online directly from a home studio. They might be self-employed or hired by a production firm and work together with directors, producers, and clients to define the project’s goals and guarantee the final product is satisfactory.

Video Editing

To create a new work of art from preexisting video clips, video editors first manipulate and reorganize them. When editing audio or video, it’s important to make sure the audio and visuals are in sync and that the final product is polished. In addition to technical proficiency and creativity, this position calls on excellent communication abilities.

Video editing lends itself well to telecommuting because of the flexibility it affords its practitioners. Despite doing client work, video editors have a lot of autonomy regarding when and how much work they take on. They have great control over when and how much time they spend working on projects, making it easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Online Fitness Trainer

An online fitness trainer is a specialist who offers their services to customers online. Technology and the proliferation of internet resources have made it possible for anybody, anywhere, to get professional fitness advice. To assist their customers in getting in shape, online fitness coaches create individualized exercise and diet programs and provide moral and emotional support.

Having a relevant qualification in personal training, fitness, or a similar discipline is often required to work as an online fitness trainer. Many online fitness trainers also have experience working in a brick-and-mortar fitness center and may have academic credentials in sports science or exercise physiology.

An online fitness trainer career and location independence are key perks. You can run your fitness coaching business from anywhere globally, so long as you have access to the Internet and a quiet workplace. This makes it great employment for those who desire the flexibility to work from anywhere or have other obligations that prevent them from keeping a typical 9-to-5.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Digital marketer

Digital marketers may do their business from anywhere since their jobs are conducted virtually exclusively online. Digital marketers, like other top distant professions, may stay in close contact with their colleagues and customers using cloud-based collaboration tools.

The strain the pandemic and associated economic factors have placed on brands is one of the reasons this position is on the rise for 2023. During the height of the pandemic, many businesses saw their ability to attract foot traffic slow to a crawl, if not disappear altogether, forcing those without a strong digital presence to learn how to compete online. Even though the floodgates have opened, online marketing is still vital to the prosperity of businesses of all stripes.

Virtual Bookkeeper

Small company owners often use bookkeepers to maintain track of their financial operations. Regarding working remotely, bookkeepers have even more leeway than accountants do. Most businesses nowadays use accounting software to maintain track of their finances. When paper documents are required, they are scanned and stored electronically in a document management system.

Bookkeepers could be asked to vouch for their accuracy. Many companies are implementing electronic signature technology into their document management systems to deal with this.

Final Thought

The proliferation of remote work has created many new options for skilled workers in various professions. The jobs discussed in this article reflect the Best Remote Jobs 2023. There is a remote job out there for you, whether you’re an artist, a data analyst, a project manager, or a health and fitness nut. Moreover, if you know someone who may benefit from this post, have any recommendations for improvement, or have queries, please share it with them and leave a comment below.


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