Due to technological advancements, schools, teachers, and parents can now better communicate with one another than ever before. Apps like Remind allow teachers to send home instantaneous messages and updates regarding their students’ work and classroom participation. However, many options serve a similar purpose and may prove to be just as helpful in easing classroom communication.

Not only are these programs simple to use, but they also include a plethora of useful functions, such as instant group messaging, file sharing, event planning, and more. However, if you’re unaware of the best app like Remind, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll discover the finest Apps Like Remind, along with their features. Let’s get going!

What Remind App Is Used For?

Remind is a handy software designed specifically for teachers to send timely reminders. This software can be used for team communication and short talks. And it manages all the interactions between a class and its instructor. This software will provide effortless communication between users regardless of time or location.

The first step in utilizing the Remind app is to sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you may send out invitations to other users by sending them a link that contains a 5-digit code. The individuals you wish to add can get notifications through text messages. If the latter fails, the class code can be used instead of the link. You may begin preparing for class after you have added all the students.

The Limitations of Remind App

While Remind is a handy software for school communication, it has some drawbacks, which include:

8 Best Remind Alternatives

Looking for the best apps like Remind or its alternatives? The following apps have got you covered!

Gemoo Web

Using attractively organized documents, videos, music, and photographs, you can make your interactions with parents on Gemoo Web more productive, interesting, and simple. It provides a simple way to increase parental participation and communication. By skillfully integrating text, images, videos, and audio into your newsletter, you can effectively communicate classroom news, weekly updates, testing schedules, upcoming events, and any other important information that parents need to know.

Apps Like Remind - Gemoo Web

Apps Like Remind – Gemoo Web

Gemoo Web’s Key Features

Gemoo Web’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: Web


Brightwheel is a comprehensive platform for managing after-school programs, summer camps, and daycares. In addition to digital child evaluations, online enrollment, automatic reporting, paperless billing, and other features, this platform also facilitates comprehensive parent communications. Brightwheel provides complete openness to parents, with a real-time newsfeed that includes photos and commentary on their child’s day.

Apps Like Remind - Brightwheel

Apps Like Remind – Brightwheel

Brightweel’s Key Features

Brightweel’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

School Planner

The goal of Student Planner, a free, cross-platform planner tool for students, is to reduce the stress associated with managing a busy academic schedule. You may utilize Student Planner all year round, not just at exam time. Maintain a daily and weekly timetable and log assignments. In addition, it may serve as a calendar app tailored to students’ specific time management requirements.

Apps Like Remind - School Planner

Apps Like Remind – School Planner

School Planner’s Key Features

School Planner’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: Android and iOS.


TeacherKit is a registration app that makes managing a classroom easy and enjoyable. Keeping track of attendance, grades, and student conduct, managing the classroom, and communicating with students and parents is a breeze. In addition to facilitating evaluation and communication, this aids in facilitating helpful follow-up and increasing the overall impact of your effort.

Apps Like Remind - TeacherKit

Apps Like Remind – TeacherKit

TeacherKit’s Key Features

TeacherKit’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS.


Students, test creators, evaluators, and administrators may all benefit from WISEflow, a cloud-based virtual end-to-end exam and evaluation platform that facilitates the testing and feedback lifecycle. WISEflow makes designing, administering, and evaluating various tests and assessments simple, with additional features like feedback, analytics, and security.

Apps Like Remind - WISEflow

Apps Like Remind – WISEflow

WISEflow’s Key Features

WISEflow’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac


Classting is a web and smartphone app that connects schools, parents, and students. It’s a great tool for sharing resources with kids and keeping track of homework. Students may use Classting to work on group projects and turn in homework, while parents can track their child’s grades and contact instructors.

Apps Like Remind - Classting

Apps Like Remind – Classting

Classting’s Key Features

Classting’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS.

School Stream

Nothing beats School Stream, an all-inclusive communication tool when it comes to keeping tabs on what’s happening at school. Digital forms, immediate messaging with parents, cashless payments, a digital calendar, a translation tool, and more are some features packed inside School Stream. School Stream couldn’t be easier to use or more affordable for parents.

Apps Like Remind - School Stream

Apps Like Remind – School Stream

School Stream’s Key Features

School Stream’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS.


Until now, there hasn’t been a reliable group communication platform available, but Ringya solves all that. This is the ideal option if you have a big, complicated classroom with a wide range of students with varying communication requirements. Simply take a photo or upload a file through email, and the program will automatically calculate the optimal group size for you. When looking for an alternative to Remind, one of the finest applications with all the key services and functions to communicate is Ringya.

Apps Like Remind - Ringya

Apps Like Remind – Ringya

Ringya’s Key Features

Ringya’s Limitations

Supported Platforms: iOS

Final Thought

Parents and teachers can stay in touch through text messages with the help of the popular software Remind. Although Remind has helpful features, not everyone will be satisfied with its limitations or price. Due to this, people often look for Apps Like Remind to manage their classrooms. And we hope you’ve got the best app like Remind after reading this article. Moreover, if you’ve questions or experience regarding Remind alternatives, we encourage you to share them in the comments.


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