If there’s something important being discussed in a call, you would probably note down the essential details on paper! It’s time to toss away that pen and paper and record screen with audio in a smart way. It’s time to turn to Google Voice, of course!

But what is Google Voice? What’s all the hype about?

This article will show conventional methods to record calls on mobile phones and computers. And we’ll also see how to record phone calls on Google Voice. So let’s begin!

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How to Record Calls

How to Record Calls

How to Use Google Voice Recorder

Google Voice is a program widely used in the US by many companies. It creates a Google Voice number that can be used in business instead of one’s personal number. And while it offers many fantastic features, one of the most used features is call recording.

First, you need to create a Google Voice Number to use the Google Voice Recorder. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to create a Google Voice Number.

Step 1. Go to Google Voice, you will see two options on the website:

Step 2. Select the Web option and then enter your Google account. You can download the Google Voice app from the app store on your mobile phone and then enter your Google account details.

Enter Google Voice

Enter Google Voice

Step 3. After entering your account details, accept the terms and conditions of Google Voice and click the “Continue” button.

Step 4. Google Voice will then ask you to select a Google Voice number. Enter your city name to see which Google Voice numbers are available in your area. Enter your personal mobile number to link with the Google Voice number. Note: Google Voice isn’t supported in some countries yet.

Select City and Number

Select City and Number

Step 5. Google Voice will send a verification code to your number. Enter that verification code and click on the green verify button.

Step 6. Your Google Voice number will successfully be created. Click on the finish button to continue.

Verify Google Voice Number

Verify Google Voice Number

Step 7. On the main screen of Google Voice, enable the microphone, ringing, and speaker by clicking on the microphone icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will receive a notification to allow Google Voice to use your microphone.

Google Voice Settings

Google Voice Settings

You can also change the other settings from the setting icon in the upper right corner next to the microphone icon. Finally, Google Voice is set up and ready to use! Now let’s see how you can record these calls on your computer, Android, or iPhone.

How to Record Google Voice Calls on a Computer

Method 1. Using Gemoo Recorder

As a lightweight but powerful recorder, Gemoo Recorder can not only record your screen and camera, but also record the audio on your computer. No matter it is the voice comes from the system or microphone. It can also record high-quality Google Voice calls for you. Only one click is needed to complete the recording. In addition, you can also perform simple editing on the recording.

Now, free download Gemoo Recorder to start recording Google voice calls effortlessly as you want:

Step 1. Sign in to Gemoo by creating a new account if you are a new user, or you can log into it with your Google account.

Step 2. You can see there are 4 recording modes. To record Google voice calls, you need to select “Audio Only” recording mode.

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Select Audio Only Recording Mode

Step 3. Click on the Start Recording button to initiate recording. You can control the recording process and end the recording at any time.

Record and Finish Recording Audio

Record and Finish Recording Audio

Method 2. Using Browser

If you are using a Windows computer, follow these steps to record Google Voice calls:

Step 1. Create your Google Voice number and sign in, as discussed earlier.

Step 2. Now, go to “Settings > Calls > Toggle on Incoming Call Options.” This will enable Google Voice to record incoming calls by pressing “4” on your keyboard. An automated “Call Recording On” message will be delivered to both parties.

Record Calls on Google Voice Computer

Record Calls on Google Voice Computer

Step 3. To stop the call recording, press “4” again. The recording will be saved in the Voicemail tab, and you can download that from there.

Now let’s see how to record Google Voice calls on mobile phones.

How Do I Record a Google Call on my Phone?

The process of recording Google Voice Calls on Android or iPhone is mostly the same as on a computer, but you’ll have to download the Google Voice app instead of visiting their website.

Here are the steps on how to record Google Voice calls on a phone:

Step 1. Create a Google Voice Number for your Phone

Download the Google Voice app on your Android phone or iPhone. Launch the downloaded app and create a Google Voice number after signing in from your Google account (discussed earlier).

Step 2. Toggle on Incoming Call Options

Click on the three lines on the upper left corner of the screen, and go to “Settings > Toggle on Incoming Call Options.”

Step 3. Start Recording Google Calls

Now you can start and stop recording calls by pressing “4” on your keypad. The recorded call will be saved in the “Voicemail” option on the right side of the bottom bar.

Tips: If you need to record audio narration on Google Slides, you can choose to add audio or record video without yourself.

How to Record a Phone Call

The recording of a phone call is a bit different on Android phones and iPhones; therefore, we have explained it separately.

Recording Phone Calls on Android by Google’s Phone App:

Recording a call was relatively easy in the past, given the many apps for this purpose; however, when Android Version 9 came, Google placed multiple restrictions on these phone call recording apps.

But the good news is that Google created an in-built phone call recording feature in the “Google’s Phone App.” It’s not a top-notch feature like the ones provided by third-party applications, but it’s improving with every new Android version.

There are certain requirements if you want to access the phone recording function of Google’s Phone App:

If you have completed all the above requirements, let’s see how to record phone calls using Google’s Phone App step-wise.

Step 1. After installing the latest version of “Google’s Phone App,” make an outgoing call or answer the incoming call you want to record.

Step 2. Press the call recording icon to start the recording.

Step 3. Then press the icon again to stop the recording.

The recorded audio file will automatically be saved to your device. You can access that recording by taping Recents (if the recorded call is the most recent one); taping History (if you to play any previously recorded calls). Or you can also view any specific contact’s details to see all the recorded calls of that contact.

Tips for Google’s Phone App:

One of the best things about using the “Google’s Phone App” for call recording is that you can change the setting to enable:

For this, just tap the three dots icon on the top right corner, go to the Settings > Call Recording, and change the settings.

Recording Phone Calls on iPhone

All the iOS device confers a lot of focus on the privacy and security of the users. So recording a phone call on an iPhone can be tricky because it doesn’t allow third-party applications access to the microphone.

But it’s not like there isn’t any way to record a phone call. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to record phone calls on iPhone.

Step 1. Open Voice Memos and tap the red recording icon to start the recording.

Step 2. Now, when you are on a phone call on an iPhone that you want to record, enable the speaker of your iPhone and place it close to the iOS device running the “Voice Memos” app.

Step 3. When you want to finish your recording, tap the “Stop Recording” icon.

Record Phone Calls via Voice Memos

Record Phone Calls via Voice Memos

Check the pro tips to record audio on a PC without a microphone.

Alternative Methods for Recording Phone Calls

There are some external recording devices used for the same purpose, but they require Bluetooth connectivity. Using them can get quite technical.

Then there are a ton of third-party applications like; RingCentral, TapACall Pro, Rev Call Recorder, and Google Voice, all with pros and cons. So which one to choose? We recommend Google Voice!

Google Voice not only provides you with a Google Voice number that can be used instead of your personal number but also many other incredible features, including recording of incoming calls. With this tool, you can record calls on a computer as well as a mobile.

Therefore, we will take you through the process of recording calls hassle-free using Google Voice.

Final Words

Whether you’re using call recording for personal use or professional use, you’ll find a gazillion apps for it. However, the best option is to use Google Voice if you want to protect your privacy and keep the recordings safe. It is a quick, easy, and secure option that can record calls with just a few clicks.

In this article, we have gone over different methods to record calls on mobile phones and the steps on how to record calls using Google Voice on your computer. We hope it will come in handy!


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