Modern AI tools are displaying incredible levels of accuracy and can complete tasks that were considered to be difficult for machines until very recently. For example, voice generators based on Machine Learning are able to imitate any voice very closely, enabling users to create faithful copies of vocal performances or play around with the voices of their favorite artists.

Best Kanye West AI Voice Generators

Best Kanye West AI Voice Generators

Of course, when replicating voices of famous vocalists like Kanye West you should be careful not to commit copyright infringement. That’s why you shouldn’t use fake Kanye clips in an official capacity or claim they are authentic. For now, AI generators of this kind are useful just for fun and should be treated as such. If you just want to create a funny video for social media or you are messing around with audio production and want to sample Kanye’s voice, you will be able to do that using one of the AI tools with text-to-speech or voice-to-speech functions.

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Who is Kanye West?

As one of the biggest names in hip-hop music, Kanye West is a global celebrity with a deep catalog of songs and a large collection of industry awards. He is renowned as a legendary music producer and has a lot of smashing hits where his vocal performance is in the focus. At the same time, he is a successful businessman with his empire extending into fashion, shoes, and other industries. His fame and wealth are immense, as exemplified by his (now failed) marriage with Kim Kardashian.

Of course, if you have been following the news lately you already know that Kanye is prone to outbursts of bizarre behavior and highly polarizing statements to the media. Describing him as controversial would probably be too mild, as some of his unhinged appearances caused even his sponsors to terminate the relationship with the popular artist. Still, Kanye has a loyal army of fans around the world, so it’s not a surprise that many AI voice generators are offering to replicate his vocal characteristics.

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Top 6 Kanye West AI Voice Generators and How to Use Them?

There are 6 amazing Kanye West AI voice generators that can produce very realistic output based on your commands.


Vozard, the latest innovation in AI voice-changing technology, stands out in the crowded field of voice changers. It is a simple and effective Kanye West AI voice generator. Designed for gamers, streamers, and casual users, Vozard offers a unique experience that enables you to create interesting sound effects or add funny characteristics to yourself.

Kanye West AI Voice Generator - Vozard

Kanye West AI Voice Generator – Vozard

Groundbreaking Functions:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans:

User ratings:

How to Use Vozard to Generate AI Kanye Voice

Step 1. Download and install Vozard on your computer.

Step 2. After installing Vozard on your computer, click the Settings button to set the Microphone and Speaker.

Step 3. Go to the Real-time Mode tab, you will see the voice change area. With this mode, you can hear the voice-changing result in real-time.

Step 4. Choose the AI Kanye West voice effect in the library below. You need to install the AI runtime environment the first time using Vozard.

Step 5. Make sure to toggle on the Change Voice button, speak what you want to say, and you can hear your voice change in real-time.

You can also customize the voice effect by adjusting the parameters.

AI Kanye at Voicify

This cloud-based AI platform was one of the first to offer a simulation of Kanye’s voice, and it remains one of the best tools for this task. It’s very simple to create realistic Kanye West tracks with this smart toy starting from plain text or a song performed in another voice. It’s fun to test the limits of this software and use your own lyrics to create new hip-hop hits at a press of a button!

AI Kanye at Voicify Interface

AI Kanye at Voicify Interface

Groundbreaking functions:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: Access to all AI models costs $89.99 per month or $8.99 for 25 credits

User ratings:

How to Use AI Kanye at Voicify

Step 1. Go to the Voicify website and choose the Kanye West AI model

Step 2. Drag and drop your audio file or type the text you want AI to say into the appropriate field

Step 3. Click on the Continue button and confirm your choice to generate the song

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You can choose between thousands of artificial voices when you are generating content with VoxMaker, including celebrities such as Kanye West. This tool effectively serves as a replacement for any voiceover performer you might need regardless of the language, while it also gives users the possibility to make their own versions of Kanye songs just for fun.

VoxMaker Interface

VoxMaker Interface

Groundbreaking functions:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: 1-month plan costs $ 0.50 per day, 1-year plan costs $ 0.11 per day, Perpetual plan costs $ 0.01 per day

User ratings:

How to use VoxMaker

Step 1. Launch the VoxMaker application on your computer

Step 2. Type of copy the text you would like to turn into audio

Step 3. Select Kanye West’s voice from the online collection, and choose your audio preferences

Step 4. Execute the text-to-speech conversion and save the file


This is another smart piece of software that you can use to translate text into audio and to create impressive sounding audio content. It leverages machine learning to render the user-provided text as audio spoken in a chosen language. Above all, this is a very user-friendly AI platform that provides users with lots of smart functions to explore.

Speechelo Website Overview

Speechelo Website Overview

Groundbreaking functions:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: One-time payment of $47 is required to purchase this software

User ratings:

How to use Speechelo

Step 1. Run Speechelo and paste the text into the box for the AI to inspect it

Step 2. Select English language and the voice that most resembles Kanye’s

Step 3. Customize how text should be pronounced and where the pauses should be

Step 4. Click on the Generate button to produce the audio


Designed to help create high-quality voiceovers without a large budget, this software deploys AI algorithms to produce a variety of very authentic-sounding voices. It’s a serious product that also includes quirks such as celebrity voices, and it has plenty of tools that allow you to replicate Kanye’s trademark flow by controlling pronunciation, pitch, speed, etc.

AI Celebrity Voice Generator - Speechify

Speechify Interface

Groundbreaking features:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: Free trial is available, Professional plan costs $59 per month

User ratings:

How to use Speechify

Step 1. Install Speechify as a Chrome browser extension or mobile app

Step 2. Choose the voice you want to work with and select other parameters of audio performance

Step 3. Enter the text of your voiceover

Step 4. Generate custom audio clips at a click of a button


With this software, all features are optimized to enable production of deep fake videos that feature famous people. Not only its AI algorithm is very good at interpreting natural language, but at FakeYou there are prepared modules with voices of celebrity singers and actors, including Kanye. Just be careful not to abuse this powerful tool to create illegal content!

Spongebob Voice Generator - FakeYou

FakeYou Interface

Groundbreaking features:

Remaining limitations:

Price plans: Plus plan costs $7 per month, Pro plan costs $15 per month, Elite plan is offered for $25 monthly

User ratings:

How to use FakeYou

Step 1. Sign up for the FakeYou online service and log in with your credentials

Step 2. Choose the AI voice module you would like to try (i.e. Kanye West’s voice) or upload your own

Step 3. Enter the text into the appropriate field and hit the Speak button to head the audio

FAQs about Kanye West AI Voice Generators

Is it better to use voice cloning or pre-trained AI modules if you want a realistic Kanye voice?

The easiest way to create audio that resembles Kanye’s voice is to use AI modules that were already trained for this purpose. If your chosen AI voice tool doesn’t have a Kanye module, cloning his voice from an existing song or sound bite could be your best option.

How long does it take to create a new song with Kanye West AI voice generators?

AI algorithms used to create computer-generated voices are impressively fast, so an entire song or speech can be produced in less than a minute. Of course, this is contingent upon having your text already written before you access the AI voice generator.

Can I get in trouble for creating fake Kanye West songs using AI-driven software?

Obviously, you can’t just publish new material commercially and claim it was done by Kanye himself or you will be sued for a huge amount. Even less conspicuous utilization of fake Kanye voice could land you into some trouble, so you should tread very carefully if you are playing with realistic AI voice tools.

Final Thoughts

We are just scratching the surface when it comes to use of advanced generative AI tools, especially in the sphere of speech-to-text solutions. Software that replicates celebrity voices might not be the most serious application of this technology, but it’s certainly fun to explore. Some of the AI voice generators described above give users the possibility to produce audio with Kanye West voice, opening some amazing creative opportunities. Just make sure to clarify that what you are doing is a parody, or your experiment could suddenly expose you to legal liabilities.


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