Did you know the global market value for AI voice generators such as AI celebrity voice generators is projected to reach $4.9 billion by the end of 2032? This is because more people are using AI voice generators to provide unique and engaging content for the web. Advertising, games, animation, education, and even social media material may all benefit from their utilization.

AI Voice Generator Characters

AI Voice Generator Characters

One of these tools is AI voice generator characters. To understand the true nature of these artificial intelligence vocal producers and how they can be utilized to your advantage, this article will assess the top 9 such gadgets. If you’re searching for a fantastic narrator or a superb presenter, you can discover a vocal character here that suits your requirements. Let’s dive in.

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What Is AI Voice Generator for Characters?

AI voice generators for characters can create realistic and expressive sounds made by individuals, animals, robots, etc. These voice generators use natural language processing (NLP) and speech synthesis to convert written text into synthetic human speech, just like SpongeBob voice generators and Goku AI voice generators, and Jenna Ortega.

You can also modify the characteristics of the voice with these tools, such as the frequency or amplitude of their speech. You can use AI voice generator characters to generate unique vocal sounds for your projects without requiring a skilled voice artist. This can save both your time and money.

Top 3 AI Voice Generator for Game Characters

Are you interested in the top 3 AI voice generators for game characters? Numerous online AI voice generators exist, although not all are appropriate for crafting voices for games. We have compiled the leading three AI voice generators for characters, enabling you to choose the most appropriate option for your gaming projects. These objects:


Resemble.ai is an AI voice generator that produces authentic and expressive voices for video games. You can choose from more than 40 talking characters with different accents, languages, and musical styles. On top of that, you can modify the speed and manner of the vocalization. Replica Studios recently launched an update for Unity that simplifies incorporating AI audio into your game engine.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - Resemble.ai

AI Voice Generator for Characters – Resemble.ai

Resemble.ai Features


Replica.ai offers a free trial for beginners. However, most of their services are premium, starting at $0.006 per second for the basic package. For a pro package, you have to contact the company.


MURF.AI is an artificial intelligence voice generator that can generate adaptable voiceovers for your games. There are roughly 120+ voiceovers for video games to accommodate different personalities and situations. You can also alter the characters’ speed and frequency. With MURF.AI, you can incorporate background melodies and audio enhancements into your voiceovers.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - MURF.ai

AI Voice Generator for Characters – MURF.ai

MURF.ai Features

Pricing: You can use MURF.ai for free with limited features. However, for an enhanced experience, you can buy their packages, ranging from $19-$99.


PlayHT is an AI voice generator that can reproduce top-notch voices for your imaginary gaming characters. This software allows you to select from over 900 AI sounds that articulate various languages. Moreover, you can also alter aspects of the vocalization, such as the pace and dialect.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - PlayHT

AI Voice Generator for Characters – PlayHT

PlayHT Features


Like the above AI voice generators, you can also try this software for free with limited functions. However, to get the most out of this tool, you must buy its premium, which ranges from $7.2-$49.50 per month.

Top 3 AI Voice Generator for Anime Characters

If you are an anime enthusiast, you may have fantasized about possessing the voice of your favorite character. Well. With the advancements of AI, this is now possible.

Not only can you generate a voice in your desired character, but you can also communicate similar emotions and expressions. The following list presents you with the best 3 AI voice generators for anime characters such as Mario text to speech generators.


Voice.ai is a voice generator that uses AI to create realistic and emotional voices for anime characters. You may choose from over 40 anime voice modifiers in various languages, accents, and genres. You may also customize the voice parameters, including tone, pace, mood, and manner.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - Voice.ai

AI Voice Generator for Characters – Voice.ai

Voice.ai Features


Voice.ai is free to use for public use.

Koe Recast

Koe Recast is another AI-based software that can generate or alter your sound in anime’s voice. You can select from over 30 voice alterations that mimic individuals, aliens, and cartoons. You can include ambient music and other audio effects in your voiceovers using Koe Recast.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - Koe Recast

AI Voice Generator for Characters – Koe Recast

Koe Recast Features


The app has a free version that lets you generate 11 voices. The pro version ranges between $10 – $25 per month.


Speech-to-text software, like Speechify, transforms text into verbal dialogue. You can even provide the web address of any anime manuscript, and Speechify will transform it into an audio recording. Speechify utilized the power of speech synthesis to provide anime characters with authentic and expressive voices.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - Speechify

AI Voice Generator for Characters – Speechify

Speechify Features


This app is free to use for the trial version. The premium can cost up to $139 per year.

Top 3 AI Voice Generator for Fictional Characters

If you are a fantasy fan, you might have wished to listen to your beloved characters from books, films, or TV shows converse. With the apps like AI voice generator characters, this is now possible. The following list presents the Best 3 AI voice generators for fictional characters:


Uberduck is an AI voice generator that can create authentic and expressive voices for imaginary individuals. You can choose from more than 100 voice alterations to mimic the voices of Harry Potter, Darth Vader, and Spongebob.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - Uberduck

AI Voice Generator for Characters – Uberduck

Uberduck Features


Free trial has only 300 monthly credits, and that too for non-commercial use. The premium package costs up to $500 per month.

Voice Forge

Voice Forge is an AI vocal synthesizer that can generate expressive vocals for fictional characters across various genres. You can pick from a wide variety of more than 40 voice modifications that mimic the voices of famous individuals. You can also adjust the voice’s pitch, speed, emotion, and style to match your content.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - Voice Forge

AI Voice Generator for Characters – Voice Forge

Features of Voice Forge


The app costs $2 per month for basic and up to $20 for the premium package.


VocaliD has over 50 vocal filters that are accessible to accommodate multiple accents and voices. You can also alter your tone, speed, feeling, and manner. Moreover, VocaliD offers a complimentary tool for altering the voices of fictional characters, enabling you to engage in voice conversations, gaming, or live streaming.

AI Voice Generator for Characters - VocaliD

AI Voice Generator for Characters – VocaliD

VocaliD Features


The app can cost up to $30 per month.

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Faqs About AI Voice Generator Characters

Does character AI use AI?

Yes, Character AI utilizes artificial intelligence. It is an automated service that uses the NLP model to respond to written messages and participate in dialogue, similar to humans.

Does the character AI have real people talking to you?

No, you do not engage with actual individuals when you employ character AI. They have AI models that are trained on real persons.

Final Thought

This article featured the top 9 AI voice generator characters you can use for various projects. AI voice generators are incredible tools that can assist in creating digital sounds that are distinct and captivating. You can also create sounds similar to your fictional character or favourite anime.

If you enjoyed this article, share it with acquaintances and colleagues. Also, don’t hesitate to comment below to share your thoughts on this narrative. Which AI-generated character do you prefer the most? Share your experience with us.


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